What are the other riders you think are more capable than the first Rider?

  1. when you say " capable" in what terms? fight other riders? he's from the start always hard time killing other riders. fighting monsters? he's quite natural in monster killing.

  2. Specter is more or less on the same level as Ghost because of his movie, and I think that Makoto is a better fighter overall compared to Takeru

  3. Well just because Gai is ruthless compared to Aruto's approach doesn't mean bad traits are inherently more intelligent/capable.

  4. Definitely Fuwa, Aruto is only that strong because Hiden Tech is BS but Fuwa has always been the muscle of the Zero-One Riders and yet achieves more impressive stuff than Aruto while using less impressive upgrades.

  5. Meteor seems more capable than fourze if we're being honest. Ryusei gets the advantage in being extremely smart and tacticle comapred to Gentarou. While Gentarou is not an idiot, Ryusei manages to analyze and figure things out things quicker than Gentarou. He understands how the rider systems work and the advantages that are granted because of him. Whenver someone is tricking them, he is often the first to figure it out and put a stop to the plan. Aside from his intelligence, he is also a much better fighter. He uses less gadgets than fourze does, relying mainly on his own martial arts ability. It's implied he is a threat even outside of rider form and could at the very least be a match for the weaker Zodiarts. His martial arts is also advanced enough that apparently Inga who is a mercenary, has learned the exact same martial arts as he has and that Ryusei heavily holds back when fighting since Inga Blink was able to wound him heavily with a punch, something Ryusei likely knows and can do as he recognizes the move instantly. This means he has much more advance and dangerous martial arts skills that he refuses to use either out of concern for safety or to not blow his cover

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