New characters in Geats

  1. Apparently Niram (niramu 睨む) is translated as "to stare at" or "to glare at" which is interesting. Or it could be a red herring

  2. Nah I'm betting my nipples and foreskin that it's him. Girori means like your eyes shine and turn to look at something, Tsumuri means you close your eyes, Samasu means you wake up, and Niramu means you glare at something (and perhaps Win (Punkjack) is supposed to be wink). All of these DGP staffs' names are deliberately made to be something to do with eyes and whatnot so it's not a coincidence. If a character whose name literally translates to 'glare' turns out not to be the identity behind Kamen Rider Glare it'll be the biggest fuckin troll in Toku.

  3. Watch him be one of the card Riders and he's just introduced early, meanwhile someone else becomes Glare because Takahashi wanted to troll us.

  4. DGP's board members? Now this is getting interesting + I'm not sure if the GameMaster has more power or if the board does, but if the latter then things shall be getting interesting.

  5. These characters appears next episode though, I feel like Nilam will be part of the third faction that the new Rider, Kamen Rider Glare and probably Archimedel are a part of.

  6. I feel a foreshadowing that one of them will get the cursed arrow that guarantees one of them a painful death and the curse will pass on to another innocent victim

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