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  1. That’s how I got my pumpkins to survive squirrelmegeddon last Halloween. Rubbed ‘‘em down with Franks Red Hot. I really do put that shit on everything.

  2. It's rosemary essence or oil or something and you can always use it to keep cats from chewing on things and it's awful. It's so bitter and awful. And I was just collateral damage from spraying it, I didn't even get it in my mouth

  3. Well. Film it. And when he is 16/17 and start having girlfriends over......your revenge starts. You: look at this silly silly boy, we tried everything to stop him. Hihihihi. Muahahaha.

  4. Like my Dad got mad at one of my little sisters because she was still drinking from a damn sippy cup from the age of 7 and so he got a fish head and rubbed it on the sippy cup and told her drink and to this day she hasn’t drank from a sippy cup.

  5. How do you even get him to stop? I can't even imagine how he figured it out in the first place, let alone come up with something to convince him to stop.

  6. Thank god my kid isn’t the only one that does this. He’s 18 months old. He’ll drink a little bit from his cup then proceeds to dump it on the floor and try to drink it🤦‍♀️

  7. kinda rude to censor their name tbh, it's on Reddit, so not really a case of privacy. just yoinkd the karma with no credit

  8. What if the kid is on to something... Mommy or daddy might have a secret cocaine addiction and are always accidentally dropping it on the kitchen floor.

  9. Everyone saying the kid's stupid, but he actually isn't tho, well he is. But the kid wanted to drink from the floor, parents introduce an obstacle to prevent kid from drinking from floor, kid figured a way to drink from floor nonetheless.

  10. My niece will take any kind of food (usually bread) and just smush it into the floor or any where really. My sister-in-law calls it seasoning 😂

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