Am I the only fan who's not excited about the revival?

  1. I'm in this boat. Any other showrunner I would be nervous but Judge and Daniels are leading the project and I think they will do a great job....I hope.

  2. How many reboots/series continuations have you seen that were anywhere near as good as the original? Be honest with yourself.

  3. For me it is good news , because if they have new episodes they will bring the whole series to the streaming services (I'm in Latin America). So even if they're not great I can watch the classics.

  4. Exactly. No one is forcing anyone to watch it. I hate the argument of "dont remake anything, dont reboot anything". They act like that erases the original series. Nothing can hurt an original. My enjoyment of anything does not rely on whether or not a reboot sucked.

  5. I’m here with you. One of the biggest things that makes KOTH timeless was that it never became a social commentary on current events. Every other reboot I’ve seen has been hyper-focused on political issues to the point that they lose everything that made the original show popular to begin with.

  6. It's also animation, so if they go SNL style chasing current events, the turnaround is so long that the material is stale long before it releases. South Park has had this problem for a long time and their animation turn around is lightning fast by industry standards.

  7. And this is EXACTLY what will happen. Throw in a few political episodes and you’ve pretty much predicted the entire new season. That doesn’t excite me at all.

  8. Yes. This so much. I don't want them to focus on current events. Maybe a joke here and there but I hate what South Park turned into. current South Park feels like it's made for a new generation and not long time fans. I quit watching it like 8 years ago so maybe it's different but I didn't like what it turned into at all.

  9. Like the millennium or the current election of the time or immigrants or gun rights or the state of public schools or religion or the military or drugs or racial relations? Many many episodes had commentary on current events, and it would be completely untrue to the series for them to puss out and make more episodes about how Hank has a cousin in ZZ Top.

  10. This is the one thing I'm worried about. I don't want it to be political commentary. It's my escape from life. And I'm total leftist so that says a lot.

  11. I felt/ feel this way about so many of my favorite show, specifically thinking of Futurama- once something is done, just leave it be.

  12. I guess this is the unpopular opinion. But I am extremely excited to see a reboot. Do I expect it to be as good as the original, No. But even if it sucks, it doesn't take anything away from the original IMO. Godfather 3 doesn't affect my love for the first 2. I don't see this as anything different. I also fall in love with the people making the show. So seeing what Mike Judge comments on now is extremely interesting to me, even if it ends up not being great television.

  13. Idk, they've never let us down before with Beavis and Butthead and KoTH, its Judge and Daniels, I whole heartily trust them.

  14. I’ll give it a shot but it’s going to be hard to make a good reboot. This show was made in an era where it’s humor worked but a lot of things won’t hold up anymore. It’s either going to live and die quietly where only super fans bother with it, get burned by our current cultural standards or lean into those standard but ruin the characters in the process. Honestly id be happier with just a movie or a limited series of five or so episodes. But I’m still holding on hope that it will be good if and when it’s made

  15. Yall are just overthinking it. king of the hill wasn't some sacred masterpiece with impressive lore that needs to be left alone for the sake of quality and nostalgia, There's no reason to treat it as such. And honestly if you feel that way the reboot still couldn't possibly ruin anything, it's a separate entity. If you only care for the original series it's still a win for you because the original koth isn't going away, and the reboot will be new content that you haven't rewatched 15 times. You might like it you might not, but there aren't any real cons to it.

  16. I think Judge can pull it off and even if it isn’t as great as prime KotH I don’t really even care, I just miss seeing the characters up to new stuff and would like more, it’s a comfort show at the end of the day.

  17. I think Futurama’s revival was excellent - they didn’t skip a beat. I’m hopeful for this. Mike Judge is dope.

  18. Frankly there is no actual confirmation it is in production at all. The last that either creator mentioned of it was this

  19. I’m curious, but extremely apprehensive. It seems we’re in a weird reboot phase right now where all the good shows we grew up with as kids are getting revivals (ie. Fuller house, powerpuff girls, teen titans, the rugrats, etc.) and it’s not like this is the first time people have ever wanted reboots, when i was a kid they were remaking the popular 80s movies like I remember being 7 and hearing about ET coming out and being excited only for my stepmom to go “no it’s been out since I was a kid here’s the vhs if you want to watch it.” And that’s the version i saw. Maybe I’m mistaken but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly a cash grab and a way to “introduce to a new generation of audiences”. There was even a south park episode back then about the integrity of films and how films are art and art shouldn’t be changed.

  20. I desperately want to trust Mike Judge. He did so well with the Beavis and Butthead revival, I really hope it goes well. If not, we can always appreciate the original run.

  21. Im mainly worried their gonna try and retcon too much stuff about the original and make the show to topical like having an episode all about covid or tiktok. A continuation with the 3 kids, Bobby, Connie, and Joseph in college could work or maybe even them as adults living as neighbors like Hank and his friends. Again i think it could work so long as they leave most of the old show behind.

  22. I'll admit. I'm not super excited about the revival. Will I try to watch it? Absolutely. I love King of the Hill. It's one of the few shows my father and I made a point of watching together (my mom, for reasons I completely fail to understand, finds the show to be "disgusting." Her words.) I would love to see new episodes, provided they're as good as they were before.

  23. Judge has been talking about a revival for so many years. I’ll believe it when it actually goes into production.

  24. I’ll be interested to see if Kahn gets a new voice actor. I hope not. But lord knows we can’t have actors acting

  25. No, I love this show and I am against rebooting it. That's all that everyone wants to do, reboot loved IPs instead of making anything new or original and most of the time it deviates so far from the source material to appeal to modern audiences and trends that it just ruins the charm of the original.

  26. It was weird going back to season 1/2 Family guy and actually laughing. Wasn't ever really a good show, but it had some timeless jokes.

  27. I'd rather see them fail with their new original shows than be proficient with new KOTH. I don't know enough about the industry to be confident in this theory, but could be a tactic to generate excitement/bring in new revenue to support the rest of the new company. Or maybe not. Either way, I'm against the reboot and likely won't watch. The reboot mindset is becoming a cancer that's eating away at the last sliver of legitimate art in the popular culture space. It's a manifestation of American decadence and I'm really disheartened by it.

  28. I love the show and have been openly against a revival. However, it's relatively promising that Judge and Daniels are doing it. I'll wait until the reviews come out before I decide to watch.

  29. why not accept it for what it is.. a fresh few episodes of a show we seem to all love. you dont have to watch it..

  30. I don't have great expectations for the revival, but I also don't feel like it'll make the original series any worse. It's not going anywhere

  31. I believe the reboot should be maybe 1 season. Just give us a general rundown of how the characters are doing and what all they’ve done with their lives. If fan reception goes over well then they should keep going from there. Best to just test the waters first before you make a big leap.

  32. All I want is for them to age up the characters. Put them in new situations. Don’t reboot the show fresh “for the modern age” like the original never happened. Let’s see how Hank reacts to Bobby’s style of parenting.

  33. I'm nearly 50 so I don't know if I just play into the old man stereotype but last 10 years has been overtly political for comedy. There are late night shows that in my opinion have been transformed into political diatribes.

  34. I'm just worried that they will change Cotton he's my favorite character and I don't know how many people this day an age will be ok with someone as crass as he is.

  35. If nothing else, I’m definitely tired of seeing post after post about THE REBOOT!!!! Even if it’s true, which really, no one knows, not everything needs to be rebooted.

  36. As of yesterday we do know it’s true. Mike judge and Greg Daniels confirmed they started a new production company and this is one of many projects they have in the works.

  37. If they can make it as political as the original, they’re solid. Too many shows are purely political and it’s exhausting. In Judge we trust

  38. i hate this why can't the leave it be its a god damn masterpiece, why stop here the mona lisa would look better with blonde hair lets change that to /s

  39. I could say so much about this, but no, I don’t want more king of the hill. They know I’m going to watch it… maybe it will even be funny or “well done.” But I’m not asking for this. I would prefer it never happen. It’s already perfect… I don’t want to potentially hate the characters. This is my family show, my childhood show, my after-work wind down show. It’s my comfort. I don’t want it disturbed.

  40. I am expecting the original Khan voice actor will not appear as he is a white man voicing an Asian character. Everyone is woke now so expect them to find a real adain to play the part

  41. You're not alone. Pretty much every single revival and reboot in the last five years has been majorly disappointing, and I feel like the show's finale left off in such a perfect place. Bringing it back just to add more subpar episodes or add in modern-day politics would just be doing the show's legacy a disservice. I mean, it could be good, but the odds are stacked way, way against it.

  42. Idk what if they mess it up, I'm worried about how'll they handle Luanna and Lucky and both their voice actors passed away. Personally I wish Hollywood would quit with the reboots and focus on original programming

  43. You're definitely not the only one. But taking all that aside I'm still skeptical. Because the final seasons of the first run were mostly hit and miss with more misses and the writers flanderizing the characters and losing that deep rooted subtlety. There's also the fear of using trash flash for the new seasons.

  44. I don't think a bad reboot or bad later seasons of a show takes anything away from what was great about the golden age of the show. You can just pretend it didn't happen or it doesn't count as canon if you don't end up liking it. I don't think about season 30 of The Simpsons when I catch an episode from season 6, you know?

  45. not really... most revivals aren't great, and koth was already kinda pushing it in the final season - the quality, while good, did not live up to its peak, not that it necessarily needed to. it was moving into "overdone" territory, and i'm glad it ended when it did.

  46. I can't say I'm excited, but I am a little curious. If it actually happens, I'll probably watch at least the first few episodes just to see what it's like.

  47. I feel the same way, reboots of old shows/movies are always screwed up. I have little faith that the King of the Hill reboot would be any different. I’ll listen to some reviews from people I trust but if it’s anything less than stellar, I won’t even watch it.

  48. Are you talking about the recent misleading story floating around that claims to be a revival then is actually news about a new Netflix series Judge and Daniels are producing?

  49. I’m excited for it. If they carry iphones and touch on current events I won’t be upset at all. Or if they still act like it’s the early 2000’s I will enjoy that too.

  50. I'm not excited yet but I'm hopeful. A lot of reboots have not lived up to the originals or the hype put on their development. I cite super troopers 2, jay and bob reboot, beavis and butthead reboot. They still have a little ways to go before it's even likely to become a show that will air but we'll see.

  51. I just don't see how it can be good, unless the characters are not aged up whatsoever but just magically find themselves dealing with a modern setting, a la Simpsons or Family Guy.

  52. big agree. KotH is a great show for the past because we can more easily pretend that people like the Hills existed. In the present, I just totally doubt they do.

  53. I’m not excited but I’m not gonna complain about people who are. KOTH is a masterpiece and even a shitty reboot can’t change that

  54. Literally said the exact same sentiments yesterday regarding this show being fabricated due to today's social and political climate being radically different

  55. I'm kinda halfway in between here. I'm happy to have more KOTH, and I trust Mike Judge and Greg Daniel's, but i'm hoping this doesn't end up being another Star Trek Picard.

  56. I don’t think the current day is the issue. The problem is that the show already exists and ran its course. They ended it for a reason, and reboots never seem to capture the charm of the original shows. They always end up just being worse or lazily make constant references to old episodes and jokes that they made before

  57. I don't think judge will fail. But most revivals don't make it too far so we'll see. KOTH imo was ended off at a good time, and it never felt like it needed a revival of any kind, it was a good one run show.

  58. Much like Luann, I need to hear Unca Hank and Aunt Peggy's advice in these trying times. I agree, there's a good chance it could suck, but I'm glad they're trying anyways.

  59. I think it will be like RECENT Simpsons and futurama reboot. (I think simpsons was terrible until like 2017, of course I love seasons 2-9). I think he will kind of get back to the basics of the show, and try to avoid creating these overdeveloped characters. The last seasons of kind of the hill were saturated in this kind of overdone and over the top stuff. Shit like, “of courrssseee dale would do this wacky stuff!” I dunno just my opinion

  60. I’m skeptical but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It was so good as it was I would hate to get a bad taste in my mouth with a shitty comeback.

  61. I’m honestly excited. I trust Mike Judge a bunch, I hope they do an episode where Hank has to get ANOTHER new truck and we can explore how he reacts to the ridiculous size of trucks and truck culture today.

  62. Nope, my good friend and I are diehard fans and we both are upset over the announcement of a reboot. It's unnecessary and honestly seems lazy. I know everyone is working hard on other productions from their new company, so why not just focus on the original ideas and leave a perfect thing well enough alone.

  63. I stopped getting excited for reboots or revivals or reunions after the 4th season of Arrested Development. I think the main issue as fans and superfans, expectations are so high, but if it’s not the same as the original it won’t be good. It’s just a lose lose situation. It has to be perfect but the same, it’s not possible to please the fans.

  64. I share your sentiment - Revivals are usually a cashgrab banking off the success of the original series... They seldom add anything new or valuable.

  65. Will the characters have aged? Will there be Luanne and Buckley? Is Buck Strickland somehow still alive? I'm staying neutral until anything becomes more solid but I'm not holey against it either.

  66. I mean, compare the writing of the first 8 seasons, with the last 5 Not that the later seasons are bad, just not as memorable, and I’m pretty such the new stuff will be like that

  67. I just hope they keep the animation the same way... if they try to make it look realistic or anything like that it'll ruin the nostalgia

  68. I figure, why hate something before it comes out ya know?? If it comes out and it’s bad, it won’t ruin the beginning for me, so let’s see what they can do!

  69. People have a funny way of viewing new iterations, versions, or sequels of things they love. Nothing can change the original series. It's yours. You experienced it and nothing will ever replace that. King of the Hill could come back and absolutely awful and it doesn't change that in anyway. It doesn't tarnish its legacy or diminish the greatness of the show you watched in any way. At best, it can add to or compliment your enjoyment of the original but it can never take away from what already is. These characters are ultimately not ours, they belong to the creators. If the creators have more stories to tell with them, so be it.

  70. I’m not pumped but I’m certainly going to watch. Rewatching all the episodes carried me through when I had Covid. Let’s not over invest and try to have fun with it- and if it sucks, we always have the original.

  71. I hope it's more of a halfway revival/spinoff that's a little different in tone. That way it can be forgotten if bad and celebrated as an innovative new take if good.

  72. The last few seasons of the OG were weak imo. I can really only imagine that the reboot will turn out like disenchanted kind of soul less, just kinda going through the motions.Plus, no one can ever capture Brittany Murphys amazing voice acting of Lueanne. Id be more open to a new project

  73. I hope they focus on the main characters and only the neighbors that were always in it from the start like Kahn. The final seasons of the original were watered down by introducing too many random new people and Hanks reaction to these new people. The classics always revolves around Hank dealing with Bill, Dale, or Bobby and Peggy getting in over her head. Peggy/Bobby side stories were always fun. Dale centric episodes were usually great. The final few seasons got away from that. I rarely watch past season 9.

  74. I feel the same way. But I still going to check it out. I wouldn't compare it to the Simpsons of Family Guy run. Cause these shows never went off. So their material would get old due to no stoppage. But with KoTH coming back, there leaves room of new and good content.

  75. I just have hope, nostalgia gives you that. But it was a good show, and it never really had a clear end point per se. It just ended with learning about Khans manic depression.

  76. I'm not too thrilled but that isnt saying that there's not potential for it to be good. Maybe if they did two seasons to actually put it to bed? but idk how they do that without Tom Petty and Brittany Murphy. Lucky and Luanne's voice won't be the same without them. I ain't hating on the revival but idt it'll touch the original episodes, esp if Mike isn't taking the reigns

  77. I just hope it takes place years after the original series and not just the same. I really want to see Bobby, Connie and Joseph as young adults and Bobby as either a stand up comic.

  78. No.....I'm not either...KOTH needs to be left in a time capsule in the 90s with its original cast. We don't need new episodes, especially not episodes made now with a new cast. Leave it be

  79. Divided or not, Mike Judge is pretty talented when it comes to social commentary in comedy. He knows how to handle hard topics.

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