The Kirby Cycle

  1. The only thing I feel is wrong and outdated is that Sonic's friends are considered a bad sign when most of the modern fandom wants them to be playable and relevant again.

  2. Kirby is the demonstration that a game can be good even if it's targeted to a younger audience (yes, game freak apologists, I'm looking at you)

  3. Ironically enough, I've seen someone somewhere else compare Kirby fans to GameFreak apologists for being happy with easy games and say that Kirby "NEEDS" difficulty options. No argument against difficulty options but I'm wondering why he didn't just go look at another game instead of one that's literally advertised for being approachable and easy.

  4. I really hope it’ll have a length similar to that of super mario odyssey, galaxy 1 & 2, 3D world… so at least 10 hours would be ideal

  5. It really does look like it. in the trailer there were about 7 stages on the Natural Plains world and quite a few on the Beach world. We're not quite sure how each stage ends but I think it'll be similar to Mario Galaxy with Waddle Dee cages serving as power stars. There could be 2-3 Golden Cages per stage, so each level has different paths.

  6. Everyone is happy except non Kirby fans because they think that it's a carbon copy of previous games because it isn't soul crushingly difficult and they didn't even bother to finish the game nor the side modes

  7. I mean it’s a Kirby game we shouldn’t be expecting Dark Souls in terms of length and difficulty. Story wise though yeah, pretty close.

  8. You can be sure that no matter what comes of the new Kirby game, I’ll be listening to the soundtrack all day as soon as it’s uploaded on youtube.

  9. I just hope there is enough content for 10 hours or have enough replay-ability to warrant playing it multiple times with different characters. Star allies eventually had lots of characters

  10. You are right, I did a typo, sorry. Anyway, that's not the only error in the picture, I actually messed up the background and for some reason it's semitransparent and there's a line of transparent pixels at the top and left sides of the image. I fixed those errors but can't replace the picture without deleting the post completely.

  11. At first I was pretty skeptical of the game when it was announced but the new trailer makes it look like a fun romp! I haven’t owned the newest kirby game since SSU on the ds, but I might get this one.

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