I believe this

  1. Same dude. For years my go to plan to cop when in a strange city was to hang out behind a restaurant and offer a line guy a cigarette when they come out after the rush.

  2. I like the sentiment... but no. I work my ass off on the kitchen, but I wouldn't have this gig without the company. I tried running my own place for a year, the work/life balance was shit. I'll happily be a EC for corporate cafes. Great pay, weekends and nights off, benefits.

  3. Man I’ve spent just as many hours in kitchens as any of you, but I don’t think you guys realize how difficult being a CEO actually is lmao

  4. Carnegie was born in a one room cottage, grew to revolutionize the production of steel that led to unprecedented growth of railways, bridges and buildings in America and then gave 90% of his wealth away to cultivate arts, science and education.

  5. Carnegie was a decent dude for someone of his position and all, but he still depended on everyone who ever worked for him or any of the ventures he invested in.

  6. Money that he’s exploited from his hundreds of thousands of employees over the years. Donating a portion of it back to society doesn’t fix that issue.

  7. right! That food, medicines, cars, trucks...pfftt they dont amount to anything compared to a guy who serves me a under/overcooked slab of meat on a sawdust bun from a plastic package.

  8. Hey out of curiosity why are you even here if you don't have any respect for kitchen workers? All you ever seem to post is negative shit

  9. when your entire livelihood is tied to whether you can make an order quick enough for everything to topple in front of you, you get incredibly efficient at not going home with a paycheck while maintaining a coke addiction and unrealistic expectations.

  10. I just watch the taco bell man octopus out some orders. Line was like a 30 second wait for everyone... Honestly taco bell needs to stop messing around with these chalupa supreme pizza quesarito quattro boxes and let them serve up some simple fast tacos queso in point.

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