The George’s ❤️🔥

  1. “It's something that you need to have 'Cause when she leave yo' ass she gone leave with half”

  2. I’m staring at that apostrophe. Minutes wasted just glaring at it. It’s plural, not possessive. I’m fuming. This off-season is making me lose my mind. I’m going for a walk.

  3. I feel your pain. The rise of the plural apostrophe is definitely a result of autocorrect ALWAYS doing it. But I’m legitimately concerned that plural apostrophes will just become part of the norm such as the phrase “could not care less” being corrupted into “could care less”

  4. Didn’t PG supposedly sleep with his then wife? Maybe it wasn’t true or they just said bros before ho’s???

  5. She looks like an Instagram creation. All the procedures make girls look the same. Good for him.

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