Urgent I had 20 hits of blotter in pocket while sitting down outside and I got soaked in the rain. Tingling sensation on my thigh can you absorb through your skin?????? I'm kind of bugging out not sure what to do worried for my brain

  1. Vitamin B3 - Niacin will supposedly stop a trip. It’ll also cause a “flush” effect which can be uncomfortable and alarming if you’re not ready for it. But it’s safe.

  2. Didn’t Albert Hoffman himself state that his first ever trip may have occurred due to him getting some of the liquid on his skin? He synthesized the damn thing

  3. great so my acids ruined and I didn't even get to eat any..... I must have gotten some of it into me somehow because im definitely in the space where those thoughts you forget exist come to you.. not 20 hits tho!!

  4. I heard Jimmy Hendrix put a tab under his bandana so that during a performance he would sweat and begin to trip Also met someone who's spilt it on their hands before and tripped for days (probs spilt about 100 hits)

  5. I know plenty of people who used to take liquid acid by dropping it straight on their skin at festivals and raves and they’ve told me it definitely works

  6. I think you’ll be fine honestly. No way of it getting into your blood stream from just soaking on your skin right? Makes me wonder if you’ll trip if it soaked into a cut on an arm lol

  7. I mean it's possible I'd assume? If you drop a couple mgs of fent on yourself I'm pretty sure you'd die so if you get 2mgs of lsd on your leg it's probably possible that it affects you

  8. Jimi Hendrix apparently used to make a small incision on his forehead, and place a tab on it under his bandana during concerts. Don't know how true that is tho.

  9. Isn't this a scene from SLC Punk? Fuckin' Devin Sawa and his mom turning into a demon bull or some shit.

  10. No very unlikely unless you had an open cut maybe or touched your eyes or nose after touching the water, and even then it’d have to be a very small puddle for it to not be diluted to much

  11. You won't trip.. the tingling on your thigh is either completely unrelated to the acid, or it's psychosomatic (when the physiological effect originates from your brain.. e.g. placebo effect)

  12. You absolutely can. My first time tripping was because I found a sheet, put it in my cigarette pack, and every few minutes I would rub it to make sure it was still in my pocket and not a dream. Did this for about 2 hours before I started a nice chill trip. With it getting wet, it definitely can absorb through skin.

  13. I know that sweating while on LSD does not absorb into another, but it could through your skin, especially if there was enough direct contact. What kind of pants were you wearing and WTH didn’t you take better of so much?!

  14. You can absorb it through your skin but I don’t know how it really works, I’ve just been told to not touch the tabs as much as you can

  15. Most likely you absorbed zero amounts of acid or maybe a very small amount. I would be more worried about those hits being lost :(.

  16. The first acid trip was when Dr. Hoffman accidentally spilled a few drops on his wrist where his gloves and coat did not cover his skin. You can absorb through your skin, but it's impossible to say whether you aborbsed a decent amount or not. Most of that LSD is soaked in your pants, and not your skin if I had to guess, but thats not to say you didn't absorb any.

  17. Is it possible yes, I knew a dude who had a few sunshine’s under his sack, sweat had em tripping balls! This is just something I’ve heard however when handling tabs I would try to minimise as much contact as possible, the fabric of your clothes probably took the hit but

  18. I mean if the rain has fallen through the sky it's very likely picked up minerals, Plus LSD has been found to not be able to absorb through skin.

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