What is your Las Vegas specific hack that you are willing to share?

  1. For a place with notoriously terrible schools and a general low emphasis on education, our library system is surprisingly awesome.

  2. Hell yeah and the east bonanza is the raddest one of all. You can record and edit music in their sound proof recording studio, , learn photoshop and pro tools, learn how to use a turn table, record video with a green screen, 3d print whatever, there's a teens only room with every video game console ever, including vr, and there's a podcast room with important equipment.

  3. One step further. Download the libby app and sign in with your digital library card. Incredible life hack.

  4. Some of the things I'd like to see added to our libraries: baking tool, gardening tools, and seeds (especially native wildflowers). Anyone else have ideas?

  5. Adding my additional praise here! The libraries here are legit! I was able to borrow a newly published Manning book on learning Unity (game development) from my branch.

  6. I went to summerlin library and was very very disappointed. Just a really small library with hardly anything I cared about. What are the best libraries in Vegas?

  7. Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra marginals if you are traveling north/south. I can’t tell you how many times the 15 has been a stopped parking lot while Dean is flowing freely.

  8. Just watch for the coppers waiting on Valley View because everyone goes 65 on that section because it feels like a freeway.

  9. I prefer Sunset. I’m usually heading towards things more that way anyway, but sunset makes it a dream to cross the strip.

  10. Bro google maps took me through there and I was like wtf this a whole ass freeway I never knew about

  11. Whenever one of the timeshare salespeople on the strip asks you “how long are you here for” always tell them you’re leaving in a few hours. They won’t be able to get away from you fast enough.

  12. I’m just a lowly tourist, my apologies, but I made the major mistake of buying water inside the hotel on the strip. I very quickly found out that you just walk to the nearest Walgreens or CVS and stock up for your time there. Also, fill your sink with ice if you don’t have a fridge. It’ll keep drinks cold, at least.

  13. I like to use the heavy duty plastic bag that’s in the closet for dry cleaning. Just fill that bad boy up with ice and set it in your sink.

  14. styrofoam cooler at walgreens too - refill it with ice every morning keep it stocked, mix your own liquor drinks (you can walk in/out around with open containers) gamble at your branch of casino (mgm/caesar's ect) and get room comps meal comps ect.

  15. If you’re gonna gamble, take only what you can lose, leave your atm card in your room so you don’t feel the need to take more cash out.

  16. They have cojones to charge you like $8-$10 to take out your own money that you’re just gonna spend there immediately. You’d think they’d make fees as low as possible to encourage you to take out more cash.

  17. I told my friend this, since I do like to gamble. "Could you afford to throw that money straight in the trash?" If not, you can't gamble it.

  18. That’s my ethic for going in October, my gambling money is straight lost. If I win something fabulous! However idm if I lose as long as enough to have some fun and get a few free drinks!

  19. Also, if you're with close trustworthy friends, create action on the side with prop bets, pool, chess, etc. Then tailor your bets so you can end up close to even at the end of the trip. It scratches the itch inbetween sessions on the floor. Some of my best memories in Vegas are playing $20 chess games in the hotel room drinking beer and watching football.

  20. Agree 100%. I think of it as an expensive video game. I usually take exactly $40 in cash and when it's gone it's gone, period. And if you are winning quit when you are ahead!

  21. Do you know where you found these? 2:1 blackjack sounds abnormally good, unless there’s some other hidden catch

  22. It’s 2-for-1, otherwise known as even money. Don’t be mistaken that the casinos are somehow stupid enough to pay better odds on the machine

  23. Tip the cocktail waitress or bartender great the first time and they’ll be on it with refills for you. Usually when I sit at a machine and the cocktail waitress comes by she ends up giving us two drinks at a time just because she knows we’re friendly and tipping. I’ll give them a fiver and then usually take it down to a few bucks at a time.

  24. Play the machine by the cocktails waitress entrance/bar area. You’re the last they ask and the first they serve .

  25. My first time in Vegas, I honestly thought they were servers performing regular drink order duties, as in you pay for drinks. My friend had to tell me they were free drinks, just tip your server.

  26. Cosmo pool allows you to bring drinks in from outside, you just have to pour them into a plastic cup they give you. Just buy a few drinks at CVS or Walgreens so you dont have to pay $18 for a beer at their pool (not sure if other pools do this)

  27. What?? That's awesome. I've never stayed there, but I definitely smuggle drinks into Caesars properties. MGM properties don't seem to really care, at least based on my stays at Vdara and Mirage earlier this year

  28. Pai Gow poker is the best bang for your buck if you're looking to sit and get free drinks. You push a lot in Pai Gow and the game is slow. Great to just keep getting drinks and enjoying the gambling experience.

  29. I’ll one up you and say craps is the best bang for your buck and get free drinks and have fun. If the table is crowded but not full, you can stand there with chips on the rail and not gamble a single dollar for 30-60 minutes at a time and get free drinks and also join in on the excitement when the shooter’s hot

  30. If you stay at Paris there is a CVS right next to the hotel, so getting alcohol or food or water when you aren’t gambling is much cheaper.

  31. People ask in this subreddit all the time if the $20 trick works (handing the front desk an extra 20 when checking in), and most answers are that it doesn't work (and I believe that).

  32. Like most hacks, it takes certain variables. You might be working with an inexperienced clerk or a clerk that plays everything by the book. You might have a supervisor nearby monitoring. Sometimes the "upgrade" is just unavailable. The hotel might be booked up due to a convention on site or major event. You may be arriving late and most of the rooms have already been assigned. Something like moving up to a suite from a standard can be done but if it's a busy weekend you bet that you're going to be "outbid" by someone else toting a Franklin. Now maybe switching to a different tower or view might be far more acceptable.

  33. My buddy worked front desk at aria and if someone tipped him he would always hook them up with something. If he couldn’t get them an upgrade he would add a food and beverage credit to their account. But of course you need to get get the right person and usually the tip needs to be more than $20. At least give them a $50. Fold it and put it under your id while you give it to them.

  34. I have found that front desk clerks have the leeway to offer upgrades at a more economical price than booking directly with the hotel. My approach has been to BE NICE, act like I’m just thrilled to be in Vegas like it’s my first time (I’m definitely not), and asking if they happen to have any upgrades. If it’s my first time staying at that property, I’ll say so. Please, thank you, and empathy go a long way with the clerks who deal with rude people all day.

  35. It only works at hotels with capacity. Really high demand hotels like the cosmopolitan/ceasars don’t have unused capacity except for like a Tuesday on the worst week of the year. Hotels that aren’t doing as hot are going to have more comped tip upgrades available. Someone on here said TI for instance, that makes sense.

  36. If you absolutely must gamble, at least learn the relative odds of the major games and avoid the really shitty ones (keno is the worst, usually).

  37. My motto. Watched coworkers gamble their rent away & ask me to borrow money, when I was 18. Taught me a huge lesson to live by. Been here 25+ years & barely ever gamble.

  38. Unless they are super busy and ran out, strip hotels will have humidifier and will bring one up if you call housekeeping. Having one running 24 hours will prevent super dry skin and bloody nose. For Bloody nose, I also put some vasoline in my nose the night before.

  39. For tourists who don’t have a car, get the deuce bus pass, it’s like $24 for 3 days and it will take you anywhere on the strip and to Fremont street, way less than Uber or Taxis

  40. YUP. Used it last Oct and will use it again at the end of this month. A little slower than Lyft/Uber, but ALOT cheaper!

  41. If you made the unfortunate decision to book at the Flamingo because you thought it had cheap rates and then found out everything inside the resort is over priced. Ie. $7 bag of chips in the shops. You can walk out the back exit onto Linq Ln. Turn right, walk to Flamingo and turn left. Walk down to the Shell gas station where they have a mini mart with everything from breakfast cereal and milk to all the snacks you want to have in your room for a fraction of the price. It’s only a ten minute walk —> Shell (702) 893-1126

  42. Open a free online checking account with Charles Schwab (has to be linked to an investment account but no minimum balance,investment or continued use is required) and you get all ATM fees refunded. Never worry about pulling cash out at a casino

  43. Take a sweater or a light jacket with you to the movie theaters or to a sit-down gambling room; the indoors can get downright chilly during the summer months on account of the blasting air conditioning.

  44. Free pool entry at top golf for 21+. I don't have a pool at my house so it's nice to have a free body of water to piss into lol

  45. If you drive to Vegas, buy your alcohol and snacks, and honestly, any meals, at any convenience store or restaurants that are away from the Strip. Also, you can get a big cup of ice (.80), and a big bottle of water, at any convenience store for max $3.50 (try and bring a Hydroflask or something similar if you will be outside, the summers are brutal).

  46. We live in Panorama Towers and we’re all (mostly) nice!! Been here over 10 years! One person’s bad experience doesn’t define 100s of other people.

  47. I take public transportation just about everywhere I visit, including Los Angeles which is can be a real challenge, but I've always found it hit or miss in Las Vegas. Going somewhere off the strip? Usually fine. Taking the Deuce? It's crowded, it's slow, and you'd think people would grasp the general concept of taking a bus even if it's not their usual mode of transportation back home but for some reason people getting on that bus don't seem to get it and I find it generally uncomfortable.

  48. Yes. Set a loss limit AND a win limit. Divide your bankroll into session envelopes. When the cash is gone the session is over. When the money has, say, doubled or tripled then the session is also over. Put whatever money is left from the session in an envelope and either pack it away if you have self discipline or mail it to yourself if you don’t. Never gamble when you are impaired—even a little. Sleepy counts as impaired.

  49. I never buy liquor by the bottle at the Bellagio if I can avoid it. I like The Dispensary NV for my weed, never had an issued there

  50. My favorite place to pick up supplies is the Target at Flamingo and Maryland. They have everything you need to stock up. If you forgot toiletries, or a cute outfit chances are they have it.

  51. but by all means - AVOID this area - especially after dark - there are always lots of homeless & junkies everywhere - anywhere by Maryland & Flamingo is a BAD part of town

  52. If you come from a more humid part of the country/world Vegas can wreck your airways because it’s so dry. For me sleeping at night in Vegas is like breathing fire. Simple hack someone told me that works like a champ.

  53. If you are staying in a hotel, just ask them to bring you a real humidifier. Run that sucker 24/7 until you have to leave. If you are not staying in a hotel, bring your own or buy from Walgreen and CVS, $20/$30 will go a long way to keeping your room humidified.

  54. i always recommend people buy a saline nose spray, they're a few bucks at any drug store.

  55. Can confirm. Had my first random nosebleed in a decade last FEB visit. I think all the flying dehydration didn't help either

  56. Old timer told me to fill the bath tub with hot water every night and drain it in the morning. Bumps up the humidity level overnight in your room

  57. After I moved here I was getting daily nosebleeds. Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. It was absolutely awful. I think my nasal passages have adapted though, no nosebleeds at all this summer!

  58. I always bring my own alcohol to start the night when going out. Usually bring two beers with me. Walk in drinking one, and the other in my back pocket. I’ve even sat down at bars with friends and pulled the pocket beer out. I’ve also carried a flask and done the same with mix drinks. Flask won’t be allowed into concerts etc. but if your just cruising around works well and saves you a ton of money. I’ve never been stopped and never had an issue.

  59. Is that place still around? I remember going 20yrs ago lol a bunch of us used to go and get kicked out because of our childish giggles.

  60. Whenever I take the bus, the people who walk out in the street every 2 minutes and look down the road drive me nuts. When I drive, the people who dart across the street to catch a bus piss me off.

  61. For tourists and natives trying to get away from the heat, Mount Charleston has cooler weather to enjoy during the day, plus some things to check out up there too. Trails, geocaches, snowboarding at Lee Canyon, the newly rebuilt Mt. Charleston Lodge, and just beautiful sights.

  62. If going to Fremont park in a Casinos structure. Then get your ticket validated at their bar after buying a water for 2.50.

  63. I always pack a flask. Then stop at the liquor store and buy my favorite whiskey. Fill it and carry it around in my pocket. That way I’m never without alcohol.

  64. avoid freeways in especial the 15, and 95 by charleston and mlk, always take less know streets way faster to move around the city.

  65. Historically the surface streets have always been faster and easier than sitting in freeway gridlock, and that's probably still true for most of I-15 and 95 east of Decatur. But 215 for the most part is still the better route than any surrounding surface streets.

  66. As a local, always have your camera ready. The views of the mountains and rocks are something to see. So damn breath taking. And it never gets old.

  67. We have pretty amazing parks and trails throughout the city. The gaming revenue really does pay for some nice residential benefits. The libraries are pretty awesome as well

  68. Those aren’t “showgirls”. Vegas doesn’t have those kind of shows hardly anymore. That chick you just paid 20$ for a picture with is a stripper or an escort. Which in a way is much more Vegas.

  69. No it’s not. It’s just their job I know girls that do it and they are in no way strippers or escorts. You just pay an agency a cut of your tips for the costume. Maybe don’t answer the question if you’re a tourist and don’t understand how it works.

  70. Tf are you talking about lol, there are businesses that basically rent their costumes to them for a cut of their profit.

  71. Go with a local… They don’t pay cover charges, they don’t wait in line, they don’t pay the valet, plus many other discounts along with all the insider knowledge… Find your lost uncle or aunt that lives out there

  72. I don't think this works most of the time. Most of us locals avoid the strip like the plague. We'll just be like hey let me know when you're free to meet up after you do all that tourist stuff.

  73. A local who specifically knows people and places. I can't get you in without a cover any better than any other tourist. Someone you happen to know who knows the doorman might.

  74. Unfortunately a lot of the strip has stopped catering to locals. Not a lot of places with free pool access or parking anymore. Most places at least wave the resort fees on stuff

  75. Rather than pay outrageous atm fees I signed up for the check cashing service (I think called VIP services) at TI and can “write” an electronic check for up to my limit (which is 5 times higher than my daily ATM limit) for free. And they have locations at casinos all across the country. Some charge a fee but the ones I go to haven’t.

  76. If for whatever reason you get arrested keep your mouth shut. DO NOT SAY SHIT except I need a lawyer. The police will try to help you craft statement to incriminate yourself. Tickets and online classes to satisfy a probation is Joe they make money.

  77. Many visitors to Vegas hotels have a really hard time with no coffee in the rooms. I struggled at first with this, waking up and not being able to have coffee right away, washing my face in misery, going down to the hotel Starbucks just to see a huge 30 person line, and I just wanted a coffee without a BS hassle. Problem solved now, before you crash for the night make sure you have fresh ice, have a few of those Starbucks ice coffees in your room, when you wake up you can be drinking coffee within 1 minute, this literally saved my Vegas experience in future years.

  78. Upon check in when handing over your CC and drivers license slip $40 underneath the cards and simply say “I would greatly appreciate it if there’s anything you can do to make my stay here more memorable” THIS WORKS!!! I’ve used it at the Palazzo, at SLS, Luxor, and at Palms. Whether it be an upgraded room and/or lounge access.

  79. If you want to get to the top observation deck of the strat and also plan on stopping by the bar don’t buy the ticket to the observation deck. Tell them you’d like to go to the bar, buy your drinks, and then you can get to the observation deck for free after that.

  80. Oh and Henderson based but for the love of Dog, avoid Stephanie Rd if at all possible..I swear that road is cursed with construction and poor light timing

  81. When taking a taxi from the airport they’ll try and take the 215 loop to the hotels/casinos on the Strip because it is a more expensive a longer route. It’s less expensive to go University Center Drive -> Tropicana -> Las Vegas Boulevard probably up until Flamingo or so, if I remember correctly.

  82. If you’re a SWer, mark you location as Paradise and as long as (ATTN CLIENTS) they’re searching with 5 miles of Vegas, you still come up without the astronomical rate!

  83. Always travel with a women or a group of women. Never bring a sausage fest to Vegas. As crazy as it may sound, it's hard to get laid on the strip. Unless you like spending money on hookers and escorts.

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