SeNaToR, wE RuN aDs

  1. Unfortunately the cops had a warrant. That meant that Facebook was legally required to hand over the information. There was no legal way that they could refuse.

  2. Saw stuff like this coming. Did that a loooong time ago. Use vpn's. Use encrypted chats. It's not paranoid, and this is an example of that. These companies (Reddit included) DO NOT care about you, your rights, your privacy, or your LIFE. When the boys in blue come knocking they're out for their investors. Not you. Please be careful out there guys.

  3. Back in 2010, a college buddy of mine was able to hook me up with a job. Before his boss met or interviewed me, he made my friend show him my Facebook profile. I had a joke image as my profile picture at the time, and based on that image alone the boss decided he wasn't interested in hiring me. It was at that moment that I realized anything you put on Facebook will bite you in the ass.

  4. Have no doubt: Facebook (including WhatsApp) have made it clear they will cooperate with law enforcement and provide them with your messages/DMs, even the 'encrypted' ones on WhatsApp. The only companies that won't provide this information are those that can't (a-la Signal who are unable to read user messages).

  5. Whatsapp does have end to end encryption like signal. So, their servers should not be able to see the content of the text messages. Hopefully, that continues to be the case and doesn't become like imessage.

  6. It's been like this always, it's just now going for what used to be a protected group. Like we can't say that Muslims weren't having their chats fully inspected for the past 20 years or that armed black groups weren't being monitored.

  7. Right? Not even five months pregnant not even 18 years old. “Abandoning a human body and concealing the death.” Holy fuck.

  8. They're going to make an example of her because there have been babies that made it at 23 weeks, often with lifelong issues and millions in pediatric care. The majority don't though.

  9. I think people just need to realize that Zuckerberg is a fucking right winger. And everyone who uses Facebook is subject to his right wing beliefs.

  10. We’re aware. Reasonable people are doing our best. Honestly, I’m trying to get people registered to vote and at the same time I’m desperately trying to pay my bills and keep my health insurance.

  11. FB lawfully had no choice here; they were given a search warrant that they had to legally comply to.

  12. My heart aches for that poor girl. At that point she was fucked, either she had a baby she was not prepared to care for (either mentally or otherwise) or she would be arrested for aborting it; either way, her life is now ruined.

  13. Stand up, eat the lawmakers of your screwed up country, and rip the people who wants to restrict other people to shreds. Seriously - you NEED to protest and you NEED to get the people who wants to enslave women and girls off this planet. Its the only way to be free

  14. Damn. I knew it would happen but I figured the techbros would try to lay low for a little bit and not do this when the light of god was focused on them still.

  15. I still can't believe that there's not a law against this, in a sane world DM's would fall under the same law as private correspondence through the mail system.

  16. I wonder if stuff like this is what some of the SCOTUS justices were hoping for when they were nodding to privacy rights precedents and closely related topics in their Roe reversal.

  17. Facebook is awful for a million reasons the press won't dare cover, but here in particular they were complying with a court order.

  18. Let's say someone absolutely needs a transplant from your body and you're the only possible donor. Say they need a kidney, the part isn't important, and that they'll die painfully tomorrow if you don't agree to do it. Say it's your sibling, even.

  19. I do not want to abide a state sanctioned evil such as this. Is this not what the 2A is for? Fighting against government evil? Anyone doing that to get her freedom in this case certainly is doing no wrong. There's a lot more of us than there are prison guards at whatever shitty Nebraska prison she ends up at....

  20. I have a real question, honestly. I’m in no way trying to be rude. Does it have to do with the fact they waited til she was 24 weeks along, and why didn’t they terminate it earlier? Again, I feel like the mom and daughter were targeted, just a lil curious cuz I’m not from Nebraska

  21. Yeah, damn those republicans who force people to not kill their babies. What a sick world this is to not let women choose if they want to keep or kill their baby.

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