How many shots I would need to sleep with these champs.

  1. I'm fine with him being a furry cause same, I'd smash kindred. but at the same time he wouldnt smash the other furry ones with more human features. mans sus

  2. The fact that he think he needs to take shots for characters like sona, Janna and akali, the list should have been how man shots they needed before even considering it haha

  3. I’m amazed asol isn’t in sober. If you’re smooth enough to bag him you’ll have one hell of a story about it.

  4. bruh i thought he meant shots as in chances to get with and i was like aint no way you're bagging Kai'sa when she's fully sober

  5. Most European countries have an age of consent at 14-16. Some African and Middle-Eastern countries have no age of consent at all.

  6. Ima be real with you homie.. There’s a lot more champs in there that are “no choice” than what you’ve selected.. you wouldn’t have a choice if Aatrox wanted to smash or not. Same with Darius, Sion, Garen, Sylas, Asol, Shaco, Sett, LB, Swain, Camille, Sejuani, Orianna, Alistar, Mundo, Jax, Renekton, Rengar, Trundle, Zed, Olaf, shit even Draven could force himself on you. And why isn’t Galio in the “not possible” tier? Dudes literally the size of a mountain. All that would stand between the list of people and your booty, Is morals.. and let me remind you the “good guys” are Demarcia, and they’re racist among other things. So morals don’t seem the be that high on the mainland.

  7. straight to banging demons and animals while still debating Irelia after 5. Sounds about right

  8. Orianna is "comprised entirely of clockwork" and qualifies as possible but our boy blitz out here getting shut down.

  9. You my guy, have an awful taste. Not to say mine is better, I would bang half of them while sober. But at least Lux, Sona and Jinx would get the loved they deserved

  10. Imagine thinking you would need a shot to sleep with the likes of Sona, Irelia, Karma, Akali etc. lol If you wouldn't fuck Karma sober there is something wrong in your head. The question should rather be how many shots they would need

  11. Imagine gross rapey bug sex the first time, but with each time he just turns into sexy monster girl because it's easier to do it like that.

  12. The fuck is wrong whit you? ain't gay but if taric slaps my ass I'm gona cum in my pants and suck his dick. The fuck is wrong whit people this day

  13. Wtf man I need 0 shot to sleep with fiddle. He keeps the others demons away while i can jave a nice sleep. Same for sleeping with malphite : who doesn't like sleeping on a montain.

  14. I LOVE the "Never" and "Imposible" tiers, i mean, i understand that "imposible" is for, well, imposible, Blitzcrank, fiddlelsticks... But, thresh? Yuumi? They fit better in never, if you put yuumi in imposible because is a Cat, lillia and Friends too, thresh because is dead? Kalista, hecarim, viego..., He would kill you? Evelyn, Aatrox, probably kayle if looks where rell and seraphine are...

  15. Im guessing you're talking about Viktor from Arcane, but seeing him in 1 shot and the rest being female champs made me choke on my spit

  16. Tell me you hate yordles without telling me you hate yordles. Never for Lulu really? She can change the size of shit. Do you understand the implications?

  17. I don't know about 90% of these characters, but I look at never and there's a bunch of "looks female enough", yordles, and furry-looking creatures. So I guess I'll take some of those, if that's alright.

  18. picky af i see, almost every humanoid champ should easily be on the fully sober..... unless you wanted a reason to drink of course

  19. This man lost all credibility when he put the champ with tentacles in the "not possible" category....there are terabytes of hentai that say that is a lie.

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