[REQUEST] How do I chug a can of beer as fast as possible?

  1. Can you explain how to hold your throat open? When I think about trying it I imagine the beer going down my windpipe instead…

  2. This, also be sure that you are throwing the ball better than the opponent. Even if they drink faster, if you hit the water bottle (or whatever you play it with) more often, you get more turns to drink.

  3. no, because as soon as the opposing team sets up the kingpin and is at their start maks again they shout "STOP" and then you have to place the remaining beer in front of you. if you spill something of it (what would happen when you shotgun the can) then you have to drink another penalty beer

  4. Make sure that your drink isn't ice cold or cold. The best temperature to chug something is a little below room temperature so you won't get a brain freeze and stop drinking. Also tilt your head and drink a little up so your drink comes down faster!

  5. Just practice chugging water, and you’ll figure it out. Controlling muscles is really hard to learn by reading, you have to physically try.

  6. Open the beer, place it on the table, and use your elbow to push on the opening tab until the top of the can cracks. This will allow you more airflow so you can chug faster.

  7. Strawpedo my friend. Sip from the straw, hold it to the side and chug. Science or something helps you destroy that beer.

  8. In the Netherlands we also play this game. Some things that help are squeezing the can so more beer flows out, and just taking as big gulps as you can

  9. Take can in none dominate hand take house key. Lay the tip of the key on the backside of the can. Like the exact opposite of the whole you drink from. Punch a hole in the can to allow for max airflow into the can while chugging.

  10. Haha, just got back from studying in Denmark as an American and was taught this game. Great fun.

  11. Practice sucking air into your stomach to belch really loud. Once you can "inhale and exhale" you'll have better control of your esophagus and will be able to chug a beer as fast as it can be poured out. Source: I used to bartend and would bet customers $20 that I could drink faster than them.

  12. Late to reply but I have extensive experience with this (or with pints not cans) and the biggest factor for most people is the level of carbonation of the beer. Do not choose something like a lager or pilsner for speed drinking, go for an unfiltered beer (unfiltered beer only has natural carbonation) or something with nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide.

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