Is this breaking down compensation taboos or just bragging that he makes a shit ton of money?

  1. American tech salaries are so fucked up compared to Europe. Here I am making 40k a year working in tech for 4+ years

  2. This. Even if he was doing it to brag, talking about wages is always good for workers. I don't really care what his motivation was

  3. Nah fuck this guy. Absolutely all his posts are TMI and/or weird flexes. If he wanted to be helpful just go on Glassdoor and and enter that data for people to be able to search. he just need constant reassurance and it’s really depressing to watch.

  4. Good luck finding a house in a decent area under a million in that area . Average house prices are 1.5-2 M. Tides raises everyone, as they say. These companies do pay very well, but details also matter. It’s one thing to have a million bucks and another to be a millionaire

  5. This is a bit wild even for Silicon Valley standards. From 2014-2020 he never had less than a $50k/yr raise and was averaging 40% raises annually like clockwork.

  6. He also moved from Utah to California so I actually buy the figures. But he says “total compensation” which usually includes stock with a multi-year vesting schedule for these companies. That goes away if he changes jobs, so his actual comp is likely half what he claims.

  7. This isn't wild at all. I have a friend that went from 200K to 750K and was interviewing at 1.2M within 5-7 years. The $400K to $750K happened in under 2 years.

  8. also as an engineer in big tech, check my reply to loldiosusmio55 but he (most likely) isn’t. At Facebook and Google stocks vest over 4 years with senior engineers getting packages from one to multiple millions. base can be 180-360(amazon increased that recently) and the stock vests every 3 months so sure you can argue there’s a slight illiquidity aspect relative to pure cash. Netflix pays 500k+ all cash. I’m surprised you live in the bay and haven’t seen these packages. My manager is an M1 and makes north of a million a yr all in. Discretionary equity is a crazy thing.

  9. Nah, leads and seniors make bank at Netflix. Here's the average salary breakdown, including stock:

  10. How is he being dishonest? He says total comp, not salary, and total comp of 575k isn’t atypical for senior eng at big name tech.

  11. You got no idea what you’re talking about. His salaries listed is what he makes per year. His complete stock comp is probably around 1.2 million over 4 years.

  12. Bro you're a complete dumbass, you clearly work for some shit tier startup. Netflix doesn't even pay equity so he was making that amount in straight cash. Also TC is discussed as base + bonus + stock/year, he's not including the entire sign on stock. 500k+ per year is very normal, a bit low even for a senior engineer at bay area FANG.

  13. Thank you. If those are actually salaries they are total bullshit for the positions listed. No one makes that much in salary without being a Senior Director or VP or higher.

  14. So this guy makes a post just to list out his salary change over the years, without any commentary whatsoever at the bottom? What a douche.

  15. Wow how brave of him to brag about his salary like this. I hope he starts a new trend on LI. Can't wait to see what Tessler and some of the other loonies make.

  16. To be fair, this isn’t salary. This is total take home comp which is typically salary + short term bonus + equity award at the time of grant

  17. I’m totally fine with him sharing hard numbers. Yeah, it’s definitely a flex, but discussion about salary is important.

  18. I like this in the abstract but a white male software engineer bragging about salaries in this day and age is simply corny and douchey. This is a whole different conversation but I bet a not so insignificant chunk of that change is tied up in stock, which always, always, always matures in value rolls eyes into back of head

  19. I don’t know, he’s paid enough that people will likely want to eat him now, but he’s not even close to super rich. Why make yourself a target like this when there are much richer people.

  20. it's actually good but holy shit those are some insane salaries. i've been in the workforce since 2016, highly educated, and i make 26K EUR net.

  21. I wonder if he got tired of only seeing Zach Wilson of the New York Jets on his Google alerts. The man knows how data works and how to manipulate it. Don't think THE Zack Wilson will be psyched about ever being mistaken for this dude though. That comes off as insecure bragging.

  22. We need to not judge people and rather appreciate the transparency. It'll help people know their worth based on their skillset and demand fair wages

  23. It takes serious cojones to admit being one of the few losers responsible for the industrial disaster called AirBNB, smh...

  24. It's total compensation, so for that job he made 60k as a junior engineer as he made 110k the previous roles, at least that's what it implies, he's done it in a really annoying way to be honest rather than just listing "Salary of X + Bonus Y" per role.

  25. ? Shit ton? Looks like normal TC for a high-performing SWE/DE with 7-8 YOE at FAANG/unicorns. OP has literally 0 reason to be bitching lol

  26. Also I call BS on his salary as a lead data engineer. Half a million a year? Nah. I would say closer to $150-$200k and the rest is probably in stock options. Though even then he would be pushing it.

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