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  1. A lot of people commenting here didn'tsee the skit, whetherit was due to being out seeing Spider-Man remains to be seen.

  2. Or weekend update, when Jost said Biden's press conference was two hours to list everything that's gone wrong.

  3. My God, can you imagine what the 2020 debate sketches might've looked like if they'd hired JAJ a season earlier? 50 percent of it might've been pre-recorded. Dana Carvey did pre-recording when he was doing both Bush and Perot in the '92 debates, so there's precedence for such things.

  4. It’s a weird relationship that SNL and the redcaps have… these folks probably don’t watch the show, they just see it made fun of Trump and snap back to reacting like we’re back in the days of the Baldwin/Trump beef

  5. I thought that the debates on SNL where hilarious. Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin nailed the obnoxious characters of both. Both sides get roasted as should be. Too many people literally put politicians on a pedestal or next to a deity for comparison. Blows my mind. How does anyone think that a bloated, arrogant, soul crushing billionaire, who couldnt gives two shits about the little guy, is anything like Jesus?? Or that an old senior citizen whos dementia ridden, 2 brain surgery having, 4th time running for pres from being caught lying is a charm and is better than the latter?? If people aren't laughing at this whole circus and wondering what the hell happened to reality, there isn't any help for them at all.

  6. Every weekend update has at least one decent, deserved dig at Biden. But that assumes these people even watch SNL, which is probably not the case.

  7. They made fun of their guy like every other President’s been made fun of. But the other side is the snowflakes

  8. As with everything else, they’re persecution fetishists living in a delusional outrage bubble. No opposing facts or arguments allowed, only cherry-picked evidence of their imaginary oppression.

  9. Decent? Nah man. They’re light at best. They went in on Trump, but they’ve been pulling punches on Biden.

  10. One goodhearted dig at Biden. It is kindof funny. And in good fun. You motherfuckers best believe that when a Republican president gets elected it’s fucking scorched earth again motherfucker. This is SNL motherfucker. But anyways that was a good Biden joke, right?

  11. I guess I'm one of, "these people" you refer to. I used to be a registered Dem. I'm old enough to remember the original show. We watch SNL. I want to see the music acts, the guest host, the cold open, Weekend Update, etc. There are plenty of people who are conservative who watch the show. I think SNL missed a huge opportunity to bring in more of an audience. By clinging to Trump, Ted Cruz, etc, SNL is not staying timely and relevant. The gaffs by Biden and Harris are huge and are ripe for humor...but crickets from Lorne and crew. One dig at Biden in a 90 minute show is weak. JMHO

  12. I loved this, it was so funny and such a perfectly apt response to the Trump camp that seems to believe he was the first and only President they ever made fun of.

  13. I’d did seem more good natured in the past. Like the President being laughed at might have laughed along with the skit. But they have definitely been making fun of the presidents for ages

  14. Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Candace Owens complained about Ego and insisted she was much better looking. Cue dozens of Black women dragging her edges.

  15. What a cancerous person. I can't believe the gall of winning money for suing on racial discrimination only to make a career harping about how systemic racism doesn't exist

  16. Very rude and unnecessary response from her. Real women don't have to tear each other down based on physical appearances of all things. Especially with a totally subjective comparison of looks. Just respect other people.

  17. So funny when these asswipes are like "no one watches SNL" yet they constantly mention it because they see it on the popular/trending page of a platform. Also, if SNL isn't popular, why do most of their videos get over a million views on YouTube?

  18. These people don't watch this show, and even if they did they'd be stonefaced during Trumps sketches. I feel like a huge majority of us can laugh at JAJ playing and shitting all over Biden too because we're not in a cult and are capable of criticism and humor.

  19. Who the hell seriously think that Biden or the USA has anything to do with Russia meddling with Ukraine?

  20. pretty stupid of them, given that he'd done a hilarious Biden bit a week earlier. But, I really despise trump, and would honestly prefer if no one ever impersonated him on SNL again. Even when/if he ends up behind bars, just make fun of it on WU.

  21. And yet liberals get upset when people mis-pronoun them, correctly and scientifically point out the delusion of gender identity, they get offended by “cultural appropriation” during Halloween, and many more.

  22. The thought process of some of these people. Yes, our president, in office for just one year now, is the reason for inflation and the reason for Russia invading Ukraine. You guys got it figured out.

  23. I am surprised they are not saying that Benghazi and Hillary’s emails somehow are responsible for the Russia Ukraine fiasco.

  24. Well yeah. It goes with the territory. Trump was blamed for every American problem on his first day in office. At least Biden got a free year.

  25. How in the fuck is Biden creating a war between Russia n Ukraine tho? These ppl are absolutely delusional!!

  26. lolol yes because Biden is causing the potential war between Ukraine and Russia - these people are such idiots.

  27. I know right. If trump had gotten away with stealing the election and was somehow still president, we'd still have inflation, he would probably be helping Russia invade Ukraine, and we'd still be dumping 100s of billions into Afghanistan. Biden would have accomplished a lot more if republicans would actually govern rather than strictly obstructing and waiting out the mid terms

  28. The twitter posters are complaining that SNL doesn't make fun of Biden. The pictures in between are taken from sketches making fun of Biden, proving the complainers wrong.

  29. They litterally have the same guy making fun of both of them nearly the same way. What more do these fools want.

  30. They’ve obviously gone after Biden somewhat, but the fact is that a normal politician just isn’t that much fun to make fun of. Saying someone is old and having a senior moment maybe works one time, but Biden isn’t a crazy person. Clinton, Trump, and Bush are just crazier people and do silly things to mock. Kamala Harris is a more interesting person than Biden.

  31. Some people can’t fathom the idea that you can dislike more than one president even if they’re…gasp…from different political parties.

  32. I think Republicans assume that Democrats behave like them. They wouldn't dream of insulting their party leader (at least not in public). Democrats, on the other hand, will and do insult the president.

  33. I mean Biden is just really boring when it comes to creating jokes for a sketch comedy show. With Trump there was always some new insane thing week after week that he said/did.

  34. I have seen the sketch aaannnd not a fan, not a fan. I think you all know that... they are fake comedy, no laughs, I've never laughed. In fact, I prefer Mad TV if we're being honest. Great show. Many laughs. They have this guy, Kenny Rogers, hits people with bats. It's funny but it makes you think, and quite frankly, it's beautiful. I don't know why they call it Mad TV, no one's mad, they're never angry. I turn on CNN, nothing funny. MSNBC, not funny, all these shows and no one's laughing. When I created The Apprentice, the number one show of all time on that loser network, everyone laughed all the time, so many laughs. We had the most laughs of any show ever created in the history of television. They put my picture on the cover of TV Guide and friends, it was their number one selling issue. Many, many copies. Sold. People would tell me all the time, they'd say "Donald, we laughed at your show so much, why was it cancelled?" and friends, it wasn't cancelled. I left. I chose to leave because, frankly, NBC wasn't big enough to handle the show. I said you need to combine networks, I told them you need PBS, CBN, TNN, all the networks. Build a giant channel, build it, and make Univision pay for it.

  35. Not 100% what happened but I just watched all of reddit flip from hating on trump to being totally fed up with biden within the last 2 days.

  36. Part of the major appeal of Biden is that he's boring af. And after Trump people wanted that. All he does is read que cards and occasionally stumble on words or get confused. Trump was a comedy gold mine every. single. day. and if those idiot commenters can't see that they should burn their TVs in protest. Because they're that dumb and it would probably improve their lives.

  37. Biden is actually bad and not boring there’s a war getting ready start high inflation high crime and the Afghanistan debacle he’s not a boring president

  38. Name and shame. Why hide their info? These shitfucks want to “tELl us whAt CoMEDY IS”

  39. Lol SNL isn’t the news it’s a comedy show…they decide what’s funny…not the audience hahahahahahaha

  40. They’re so pathetic! 😂 And very stupid, too. Didn’t know it was Biden causing war between Russia and Ukraine, and not the…you know, ex-KGB mad-man who runs Russia and has a history of this kinda thing. Trumpturds can’t possibly be this ignorant.

  41. If SNL was aired in Texas, they would be making fun of someone else. With how soft the world is today, they definitely don't want to crud in their own backyard. 🤷

  42. You can get a sleepy Joe.... No one is stopping you. Do you need that done for you as well or are you capable of anything? You don't get enough of it on fox or whatever tabloid news you eat up?

  43. I love how all the snowflakes are upset that people make fun of their master. Proof conservatives are just mindless sheep.

  44. This is one of the few occasions where I actually agree with him. SNL has a history of mocking the current president. Trump is barely in the public eye now, so unless there's some major news surrounding him it's a bit hackneyed just to drag out the corpse of Trump for cheap laughs when Biden's presidency is rife with good material.

  45. Yes, THIS. I don't want to see him in any capacity. I get that JAJ does a good impersonation and they want to show it off, but god please give us a damn rest, and truthfully he hasn't done anything newsworthy enough in a given week for them to justify even featuring him.

  46. While I don't believe that the people in these screenshots watch the show, I have heard and met people who I think have pinpointed the difference in the issue with coverage. You can tell Baldwin hates Trump, you can't tell that JAJ hates Biden, because he likely doesn't (my guess is he's indifferent). This touches on a critique Norm MacDonald made in the last few years of his life in an interview about his thoughts on the current issues with the political aspect of the show. With some rare exceptions you can't have a truly great impression while HATING someone. It can only be mediocre at best. You can't find all the subtle nuances that make for funny things to grip onto if you are blinded by hate which puts you in an emotional state. I have no doubts that JAJ leans left, they wouldn't have let him through the door if he didn't, but he doesn't seath at the thought of the people he is impersonating, it gets in the way. He also correctly chooses to primarily have his Biden and Trump say non political things often which makes the impressions more fun compared to Baldwin essentially just airing his grievances for clappter.

  47. SNL has been swinging on Trumps and in general, political Scrotums for so long the show is unwatchable. Idk why this shit keeps showing up in my feed.

  48. Remember when they continued to trash Obama a year after he left office? Oh no? Hmm maybe they’re just spewing partisan bs that nobody watches any more. SNL peaked in the 80s and 90s

  49. Remember when Obama still campaigned and held rallies a year after he left office? Oh no? Hmm maybe they're just being relevant and you're upset that they're digging on your guy

  50. I want to see JAJ’s Biden and Trump in wackier situations. Even Alec Baldwin’s Trump did more creative stuff. His impressions are great, but it’s starting to get a little boring that JAJ’s Trump is just wedged into a random Fox News parody.

  51. I know I shouldn’t, but I gotta ask—how is Joe Biden causing war between Russia and the Ukraine? (Or is this person’s President Vladimir Putin?) (While we’re on it, who is doing the Putin impresh now that Beck’s gone?)

  52. Shit not lit (snl) is a crazy leftist pundent show and all they really do is dump in the right. They do weak left dumps but mainly aim for Republicans. It’s a shit show now and that’s why viewership is down immensely.

  53. Yeah I like when they make fun of everyone. They need to definitely add in some sleepy Joe Biden as well as Trump

  54. He wasn't the best they could produce. Even Bernie would have been better right now. I'm hopeful we'll be able to choose someone that's below 60 years old and has a grasp on what the people he/she represents want.

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