The Smashing Pumpkins performing Today during SNL rehearsals in 1993.

  1. Man I was 13 when this came out. Great time for bands then. Middle school and high school years had some of the greatest bands.

  2. I was 11 and totally agree. I don't remember being THAT young when Smashing Pumpkins were in this era, but I guess unlike music today it resonated for a good decade after

  3. That is brilliant live. How often you see a band that’s so studio based that they sound like ass live.

  4. Interestingly, there was a post recently asking redditors about their best / worst groups to see live, and Smashing Pumpkins was a really popular response for "worst"

  5. I've seen SP around a dozen times, starting in 1996. I've always thought they sound great live. Their album recordings would have Billy overdubbing the same guitar part dozens of times to give it that thick sound. Live they just crank it to 11. By far the loudest band I've ever hears.

  6. You've gotta be kidding. The smashing pumpkins sound consists of like 8 different tracked guitars and massive layers of effects. Their entire sound is studio polished.

  7. I met Jimmy Chamberlin once and resisted the urge to ask him if he ever got his walk-in humidor; I don't think I could have dealt with the embarrassment when he'd have inevitably asked what the fuck I was talking about.

  8. I downloaded this on LimeWire back in the day. I always wonder why this rehearsal footage was out there but not for any other bands.

  9. God I know, it’s like part of it was grunge and part of it could have been in a 90’s romcom like never been kissed. Threw me back a few decades that’s for sure in a good way

  10. One of my all time favorite songs. Takes me back. Man. Great memories. Cranking it driving my first car wherever the fuck I wanted to go. Lol. Thanks OP!

  11. Oh so much, book full of CDs and 89 cents a gallon gas. Just wandering around with our own thoughts. Waiting in parking lots for our friends to finish up work so meet up to go wait in more parking lots for other friends.

  12. You just zapped me with the nostalgia gun, windows down hair blowing, CD player turned up to 10 and not a care in the world. I hate driving now because 90% of the time spent in my car is a commute. Kids are always going to take youth for granted and old people (44) are always going to romanticize it, the circle of life.

  13. Did this yesterday. Drove 8 hours to Playlist of Pumpkins, RATM, various Chris Cornell bands, and anything 90s to about '02. At one point, I was whipping around mountain roads during sunset to NIN with the windows down. Amazing, AMAZING day.

  14. This episode was my first exposure to SP. I thought they sounded kinda bad on SNL and it left kind of a bad taste in my mouth for them for a while. As a Gen Xer, I of course, fell in love with the pumkins not long after this and have seen them many times. This music still holds up well, in my opinion.

  15. She really wasn’t on the album either, Corgan didn’t like her playing because it was sloppy so he recorded the parts himself and used those on the record.

  16. Went to see them with my son back in the day. Spent the whole show watching D’arcy. That girl can play. In a moment between song guitar change for James Iha Billy played a bar of Stranglehold it was so cool and surprising then disappointment, he was just messing around. It was apparent if they had done a cover of that song it would have killed.

  17. Huh, that is one of the best live performances i’ve heard from Billy Corgan. I love his voice, but he often struggled live. Struggled a lot. Not exactly a natural singer.

  18. After seeing them twice about 8 years apart, with both being pretty bad shows, I no longer care to see them live in-person. The first show was the end of a tour and he sounded awful. The second show was all new music in 2010 or so, with the only older stuff being Bullet with Butterfly Wings and something else I can’t remember.

  19. Their early stuff was great in the studio, but seeing them live? Horrible. Mostly because Billy was such a bore and wanted to talk waaay too much about drivel, but also because their sound seems hard to get right live. Probably the most disappointing live performance I've attended. (and I wasn't the only one feeling that way -- I've never heard so much booing from a crowd at a concert. It didn't help that the Beasties were coming up next, iirc)

  20. I'm thinking about seeing them in a couple months with Jane's addiction. Should be a total trip to see the audience just as much as the bands lol.

  21. Man I dunno when you saw them but I thought the exact opposite. Couple years ago, insane stage show and presence and I don’t think Billy talked once but for the end maybe. I was expecting to see a dead and dying rock band but it blew me away.

  22. Completely agree. They were the headliners and Beastie Boys came out before them. The Beasties were far better and we left midway through the Pumpkin’s show. This was Lollapalooza’94.

  23. Their recorded guitar sound is impossible to reproduce live. As a teenage guitarist my dream was to replicate that buzzing roar. Years later I found out Corgan’s trick was to use dozens of different guitars and layer up to a 100 tracks. Great sound, can’t make it live.

  24. I agree with you. I saw them in Montréal and it was my 2nd worst concert I attented (worst was Marilyn Manson, 3 hours waiting for 50 minutes concert). Billy spoke a lot, they played all the songs from Oceania before playing their famous ones. They "forget" to play 1979. No booing but the crowd wasn't amazed either.

  25. His voice was heavily processed in the studio, which made it sound unique and amazing on their albums. But in a live setting it just sounded like he was shrieking.

  26. I never saw them in the 90’s, but did when they ‘reunited’ and toured. Saw them in a small venue in Asheville, NC, no seats just standing room and it was amazing. Saw them again in an indoor theater in Charlotte, and it was sub par. I guess some days are better than others.

  27. Yep yep yep. They were always pretty dependent on production. Butch Vig made him actually sound pretty good on Siamese Dream. Corgan started taking singing lessons around the time of Machina. You can tell, but nothing could change the fact that he does not have a good voice. I remember reading stories about how thought Siamese Dream was better than Nevermind and they should have had the place that Nirvana had. He’s such an arrogant prick, I hate how some musicians would talk shit about Nirvana thinking they were owed something. I can’t imagine being in a band like that. Corgan actually re-recorded all the instruments except for drums on Siamese Dream. It’s no wonder he couldn’t keep the band together. James Iha eventually joined A Perfect Circle, I hope he was happy there.

  28. I saw them 4 years (Reunion tour. I THINK it was 4 years ago. My Covid math may be wrong.) ago because my favorite bands, Metric, was opening up for them in Dallas. I took my 4 year old because she loves them as well. I’d seen the Pumpkins when I was in high school, in the early 90’s and wasn’t impressed. I was going to stay for the beginning of their show, but decided to stay the entire time. It was incredible! He didn’t talk non stop, his voice sounded great, and it was a great show. I’m NOT a big fan at all. Never bought an album, but this show was definitely one for the best I’ve ever been to.

  29. I remember when my neighbor introduced SP to me, he just give the 2 tapes of Melancholy and the infinite sadness, and from there i start collecting all their Cassettes tape but sadly, only adore, gish, Siamese dream And melancholy

  30. Sound quality has remained relatively similar of the years. Video quality in the other hand… oof

  31. My first tattoo was a Smashing Pumpkins tattoo with the lyrics to Bodies above the heart. They inspired me so much and Mellon Collie/Siamese Dream will forever have a special place in my heart.

  32. So I signed up for peacock streaming for the bands....all the episodes at least the older ones are edited out...including some opening monologues...Why is this?

  33. Some realness in rehearsal. In the second run-through, Billy missed one of his notes in his arpeggiation in the intro and is laughing at it...

  34. Siamese Dream is such great record. So was Gish. I have to say, I saw them at the Boston Garden in 95?, and the sound was so bad I didn’t even know what song they opened with until they hit the chorus. Really disappointing.

  35. Back in the day I had a monster cassette collection. When cd's became a thing I held out. I didn't want to replace all my tapes. Way too much $$. So I held out for a few years. When I finally gave in, this was the 1st cd I bought.

  36. I was more of a rap kid back in those days but had some really cool neighbors I scored a ride to school with. She played this song one morning and they (3 sisters) had a good laugh when I about jumped out of my shorts when the song dropped!

  37. 14 year old me was deeply in love with D'arcy. It's sad how things ended up for her, while the rest of the band just kept on going.

  38. Smashing Pumpkins got me into playing guitar, man that fucking tone they had was unreal. Just insane how good the sustain is.

  39. I wish we could see more of the old SNL music performances, sucks that that can't be included in the episodes on streaming platforms.

  40. I Remeber watching this and being so happy that I nailed the opening riff when trying to play this song myself prior to seeing Billy playing it

  41. It’s lovely and brings backs so many feels, but why are we listening to the rehearsal over the actual live performance?

  42. So I remember as a teen thinking Billy was cute/handsome but as an adult I looked back and couldn’t fathom why I thought that.

  43. Worst concert I've ever been to. Smashing Pumpkins at William and Mary Hall 1994. Billy is a complete douchebag.

  44. One of my favorite bands from that era....but they suck live. Not just this performance....I saw them play live during the Melancholy tour.....horrible. It was a real letdown.

  45. You're right. But this was actually the first time I'd ever heard them and I loved them. I remember people saying how shit they were. Fast forward a few years and they were the biggest rock band in the world for a bit.

  46. I was 15 hanging out with all the hot chicks are you 9 10 11 12 year olds wish you were lol speaking of hot chicks I never realized they had a chick in the band

  47. The op always post these oddly specific “ hey I once had access” kinda posts all the time. Eeeeeeeewwwwww weeee what’s up with that??

  48. Man, I saw Smashing Pumpkins (with Superchunk) at a tiny club in Boston (TT the Bear’s Place) around 1990ish on the Gish tour…they totally blew me away. The first time I heard Today it also rocked my world. What a great sound!

  49. I still remember the first time I heard this song. And it still makes me feel some kind of way when I hear those first guitar chords, even to this day.

  50. This was their peak. They didn't nosedive after this or anything, at least not until the "reunion" which was really just a Smashing Pumpkins cover band, but they were never this great again.

  51. I saw them live when I went to the 1994 Lollapalooza. So many great bands on the main stage and the side stage. Their performance was insanely great.

  52. That really sucks they head to play it twice. It must a really hard head-space for them all to get back into together. They shouldn’t had them play their second song before trying it again.

  53. PCP came to my town during this erra, it came in capsules & you dumped it out an railed it...that's all i think of when i hear this. Grew up in a small town where drugs we cheap, clean & easy to get...good times.

  54. I was a sophomore in HS when this came out. It took me a bit to warm up to corgan’s vocals but Siamese dream is such a great record. If you ever have a chance there are some interesting articles floating around online with Butch Vig who talks about the recording process of that Siamese dream that are good reads.

  55. I’ll never forgive James Iha for those lazy bends that don’t ever reach the note. He should have listened to how billy did it. I remember seeing them live in Minneapolis and being so disappointed at that time.

  56. Man I'm with you. And I hate to talk shit about him b/c I actually think he's a solid guitarist - very talented, very creative, etc. But I never liked the way he played the lead parts that Billy himself wrote/played in the studio, especially the bendy bits, as you point out. It always feels like he's choking the notes off way too quickly, and the bends themselves are way too quick, almost jerky-sounding.

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