Aristotle fired?

  1. Jerry Minor had way more screen time than Aristotle and was let go, so anything is possible. Same for Paul Brittain.

  2. Someone here mentioned that those two sketches were used in his audition, and that none of the writers seemed to want to work with him on new material.

  3. It’s the time of year where contracts are renegotiated, and it feels like a subtle way of saying he has a lot of new found time on his hands.

  4. It would be weird for the SNL instagram account to do a birthday post for him two weeks ago and then for him to be fired. But also Instagram probably isn’t the most reliable metric? Idk. But I hope he gets to stick around.

  5. Gang, we really need to cool it with the speculation on who is/isn't coming back. Not just picking on OP. The whole sub needs to step back and maybe watch a few old episodes to get their fix during the summer. We will mostly likely not know anything until shortly before the next season starts.

  6. I saw him live in Austin this year at MoonTower Festival. He did the same elaborate bit in 5 different sets and it was hysterical every single time, not only the entire setup and execution but the slight variances between the sets were very impressive too.

  7. I'll be pretty bummed if he gets let go after a season and a few great bits whereas punkie has done barely anything in her multiple seasons.

  8. hope he sticks around. dude is an underused player who should get a chance to break out. not his fault he was part of maybe the best freshman class in SNL history.

  9. I hear Musadir is looking for someone to hang out with, as Salman has taken over as ‘best friend’.

  10. I hope not. He’s my favorite cast member. That robot bit had me wheezing. I love the singer character, too.

  11. Please, please find something better to do during the offseason than overanalyze offhand tweets from comedians

  12. I started five months ago. It rules. I would go apeshit if there was an SNL disc golf sketch. It's already made me runback Seinfeld's "Summer of George" since he gets into frolfing

  13. I have started starring at people and when they ask if I’m okay I pretend I’m blind. I think that’s a great hobby.

  14. I love Angelo and can't remmeber anything else he did. Also I really hope Lorne isn't seriously considering ending the show at season 50.

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