What are some of your favorite hikes within 1h 30m of Longmont?

  1. Go north of Estes park in RMNP, less people awesome trails. Red feathers area. Pawnee grasslands. Horse tooth. Everywhere except boulder area for me.

  2. I've been out to the buttes and did some camping nearby, it's really nice out there. Are there any other spots in Pawnee Grasslands that you can recommend?

  3. Depends on what you want to do. For most tourist access, absolutely. If you're going up high, just avoid Bear Lake Rd, and head in early. Lots of parking at Wild Basin at 5:00am

  4. Awesome, thank you! I actually checked out Brainard Lake area last year, but didn’t know I had to make a reservation so I had to park a decent bit away. Didn’t get to check it all out so I’ll definitely need to go back this year with a reservation.

  5. I second brainard it's absolutely stunning!! Also recommend green mountain in Boulder, it's a really nice pretty easy hike (the last bit is straight up hill)!

  6. Brainard is great except you have to be at the parking lot at 5am. I was at the ranger station at 7am on a weekend once and had to use the overflow lot. Added 4 miles to the bike. If you go late bring a bike.

  7. One of my favorite hikes is the Ceran St Vrain trail near Jamestown. About 40 mins from Longmont. So peaceful and serene and not too difficult. Lots of wildflowers. I’d recommend going during a weekday since the weekends can be very busy and hard to find parking.

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