Just want to mean pile on Teslas since their just jerks

  1. I believe this is the Sherman Oaks Galleria - home of the absolute all-time worst parking ever achieved in civilization. Most people who park here treat those white lines as mere suggestions and clearly not for independent free-thinker titans of the entertainment industry.

  2. Also where each spot is about two feet too narrow. Even if everyone parked perfectly centered it’s difficult to get in and out of your car

  3. Maseratis are the PT Cruiser of the pseudo-luxury car world. Almost as douchey as white bmw’s, they are unreliable, hard to fix and any bro dork who buys one deserves what they get.

  4. Yes, but also another mean pile to the idiots who wrote those rules requiring parking spaces to be smaller than cars.

  5. Meh. Not disputing that Tesla drivers are jerks, but the parking lot is clearly not full and the compact spaces at the Galleria are some of the smallest I've seen. This one's pretty low on the jerk scale.

  6. It has nothing to do with people who own teslas, it has everything to do with what person it is, they'll act like that whatever car they have

  7. Yessss let's generate more arbitrary hate and bias towards certain groups of people because we don't have enough of that already.

  8. There’s no way a car could park next to the pillar. So instead parked in the middle and gave the car next to him even more room. You’re complaining. Guy did a favor.

  9. I’ve always gotta laugh at IUD-mobiles. You can always tell when they don’t have a woman in the room when they design a logo.

  10. Normally is be with you but it looks like one parking space has a retaining column in it. I don't think any car would fit in that one. Still didn't need to be full asshole and could have just taken the full spot.

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