Is it me or are tourists even worse now?

  1. Was pulling out of Starbucks in Weho the other day. I was already in the exiting drive, look left to see no more cars and continue to pull out. Some pedestrian starts yelling at me from outside that I almost hit him, except I was already pulling out and he should have gone BEHIND my car, not in front. I make hand gestures for him to do so, he then proceeds to chase my car as I pull up to the stop light nearby. He starts screaming at my window for me to get out, calls me "a little douchebag" then proceeds to punch my window. This man is most likely in his 50s and out for a run, definitely not under the influence living in the streets. Some guy on a bike rolls by and tells the guy to chill out and he then proceeds to yell at him. I drive off. This man had SERIOUS anger issues for absolutely nothing and meanwhile Im just trying to enjoy my espresso with my girlfriend in the car on our anniversary

  2. I have to go to Hollywood regularly for work, and I agree. People all around have gotten worse. Tourists, drivers, just everyone in general. People are worn out and angry about it, and it shows.

  3. Damn glad I’m out in west LA away from all the crazy tourist. They don’t seem to interested in Westwood/Sawtelle

  4. It could be worse. Some local shot a door dash driver twice at a stop sign last night. Poor lady was out delivering food and got shot at a stop sign for existing.

  5. Yea I think it’s people in general. Last week I was on Hollywood Blvd and that guy Scott something was filming a video and his camera guy literally pushed a lady coming up the stairs from the Metro just to get a good shot of him on video dancing on someone’s star on the walk of fame. Just like driving on the freeways, after Covid, for some reason things got worse.

  6. a large portion of people in society are going off the deep end. we’re at a very strange place in history. lots of blame to pass around, from politics to capitalism, to smart phones - imo.

  7. On Saturday a chick walked in front of our car in the middle of traffic in Hollywood, almost getting hit by our car bc she was on her phone posing for a selfie in the middle of the damn street omg

  8. I avoid that ENTIRE area. I can’t deal with ANY tourists. They bug, and I have no patience for their slow ass walking.

  9. Found Bobby Flay and was like box in life checked. Getting a whiskey and back to Long Beach found all I needed in Hollywood

  10. Now imagine you're in another country and have to put up with these people (Americans). That said, "tourist" is definitely not a word I have positive images of anyway.

  11. I miss international tourists. They calm down tourists from America that act stupid af. It's like they just watch trashy tiktokers and youtubers and pretend they are all that.

  12. Having waited on countless international tourists, most of them are no better behaved than Americans. I’ve seen far too many push and shove, cut lines, yell, and make huge messes.

  13. They are definitely getting worst at Hollywood and Highland, especially since they stand in the middle of the crosswalk. It’s very frustrating, especially since that area is a headache to drive around in the first place.

  14. I just tell them b-actors and TV East, movie shit is west by that Chinese theater. Look for that one hooker midget; she’s the dividing line.

  15. I work in an airport out of state and I can tell you the caliber of passengers has gone down since the beginning of the pandemic. We have a higher number of older and poor/low class types than usual probably because tickets got cheap for a long time and people bought them in advance. Business travel seems to be down significantly and people are more combative than ever, getting violent over nothing.

  16. That's it. I've been wondering what the hell is wrong with people lately. The asswipes were always there, just diluted.

  17. Have a family suddenly walk out into the crosswalk when they're not supposed to while you're doing 35 and see if you don't react similarly.

  18. You’re an idiot if you think standing out in the street taking a picture with minors in the middle of LA traffic is not dangerous.

  19. There’s a star finder if you Google it. It gives the address of the star they’re looking for. I don’t mind tourist questions on the street in Hollywood. But driving in Hollywood or any tourist area is crazy. We live in Marina Del Rey and it’s a lot of confused drivers making last minute moves combined with A-hole drivers trying to race somewhere.

  20. I definitely have noticed that the Hollywood/Vine area is a lot more like the Fremont Street Experience than it was before. The crowds look trashier and drunker. People just don't give a fuck.

  21. LOL you can look them up and it has the address, which will get you in the general area. Had to do this for RaceLA once - find a specific star.

  22. Don't mind the tourists as much as the out of state jackasses moving here that drive like complete imbeciles on the freeway.

  23. Yes they're annoying, but they bring much needed cash to our buttfucked economy. We live in a tourist destination, if I couldn't handle it I'd live somewhere boring. Gotta take the bad with the good.

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