Call me crazy, but the DMV in LA isn't half bad?

  1. I think COVID has helped a lot. It has reduced the crowds and that has improved efficiency. I had to register a car recently and it was quick and painless - they saw me right at my appointment time, no waiting.

  2. Yeah, covid made the DMV enter the 21st century, it's not that locations in LA specifically got less terrible. You used to be able to do next to nothing online, and renewing registration was just about the only thing that was tolerable. Now they go out their way to steer you to do stuff online, and it's actually kind of working out.

  3. The problem with all that is setting up the appointment. Most of the timeframe for DMV documents is 90 days or 3 months; based on where you live, you might not get an appointment for your task until 7-8 months down the line. This, especially for people who aren’t able to try going to another DMV with a closer appointment time.

  4. Pasadena is a really well run DMV, even 20+ years ago. It was a spot that people drove to to get tasks completed. The DMV has gotten considerably better in California. I remember spending my teenage years queuing in line(2006-2009); I don't understand how adults put up with it in the past.

  5. I agree. Pasadena is my local DMV and for the rare times I need to go it's not terrible. (I mostly do everything online now or at Arcadia AAA)

  6. It’s so hit or miss! I love the one in Glendale, hate the one in Culver City, Santa Monica was surprisingly good, San Pedro was chaos. I’ve learned to check the times on line before deciding where to go. The one in Whittier was good too. Dang, I have been to way too many dmv offices.

  7. Westminster is really good too. I was in and out in 20 minutes with an appointment for drivers license renewal.

  8. one time my friend sent me to stand in line for them at Santa Monica. but when I got there, there was no line. I was so confused

  9. I went to the Hollywood location to get my ID updated after I got married and changed my name. It was an absolute nightmare. But this was pre-covid, maybe it’s not so bad now.

  10. Went to Torrance yesterday. Had appt. Was in, and out in about 20 mins for license renewal, before the people in the no appt line got in.

  11. With Covid, less people go, and more services can be done online. I once waited 6 hours at the Glendale DMV. Three hours outside in the summer heat, three more hours inside, and then resolved my issue in about ten minutes when my turn was called.

  12. The one by USC was an absolute nightmare. I went to get a real ID and registration. Took me three hours to get the ID and I bailed before repeating the process for the vehicle registration. Why you couldn’t do it at the same time is beyond me.

  13. In New Mexico they put DMV branches in some supermarkets. My mother said she has gotten a driver's license renewal in minutes. At the grocery store. California couldn't even give you a license at the DMV office when I first started driving, they had to mail it.

  14. I have a license only DMV down the street in Pacomia. However, the DMV in Van Nuys is atrocious. I actually make the drive all the way down to Simi Valley DMV to avoid the crowds and get a nice breakfast at he egg house

  15. Yeah I agree. I've been to the Pasadena one a couple times and both times everything was well run, the employees were friendly and chatty to me and I was in and out of there pretty fast

  16. Culver and DTLA have both been smooth experiences for me. Made appointments both times and rolled in and out in less than an hour. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. In DTLA the security guard was one of the most knowledgeable folks and she helped answer a lot of questions and direct people.

  17. The man who took my picture there spoke 8 languages! I heard him speak Spanish, Korean, Mandarin and English. I asked him about it and he told me he spoke 8! I can’t remember the other 4, but I was very impressed.

  18. The funny thing about languages is that the more you know, the easier it is to learn new ones. I've heard that once you speak 4 languages fluently, you can learn a new language in a matter of a year or two.

  19. Went to Inglewood today for new plates. Signed in online. Probably waited a total of 20 mins. Woman was super nice and asked how I enjoyed my car.

  20. Considering how many millions of transactions the DMV does every year, the vast majority are completely smooth.

  21. I've had pretty good experiences in the past myself (pre-covid). Seems a lot of them now have kiosks. I need to register a new car soon, anyone have experience with those things? Website says to just show up and take a number.

  22. Even pre-covid, I always had a decent experience at the Winnetka DMV. Just go in the morning and stand in line before it opens. Most of the time it only takes 15-20 minutes to finish at a window after it opens.

  23. I went to Van Nuys office multiple times. I think the modernization of their systems (millions spent) made the difference.

  24. It's been a mixed bag with me personally. A few times, even after I had made an appointment, I had to wait in a sea of people, crowded together in uncomfortable chairs waiting for an assigned number/letter combination to get called. Other times I just waltzed in and was done in no time. Anything major I need from them means I make an appointment, block off time from work and cross my fingers. Although I will say that the registration renewal kiosk is an absolute godsend.

  25. I live near one and see the lines every day. Since the new year they’ve been really short. I’m assuming most everyone has gotten their realIDs by now so the demand is low

  26. If you make an appointment, and have all the paperwork (clearly labeled on their website), DMVs process are fine.

  27. Each DMV has its own personality. Some are better than others. Also covid really made the DMV put shit online. There's so much stuff you don't need to come down to the office for.

  28. All I know is that at that DMV there was a test evaluator that was absolutely brutal on the behind-the-wheel test. Talked to like 10 people in high school who that guy failed, and he failed me as well lol.

  29. Idk, I went to the hope st (DTLA) DMV and it was a terrible experience. No signage for lines outside, and the employees just yelled random stuff at us I couldn't hear anyway.

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