TIL Pepperdine used to be in South Central (81st and Vermont) but left due to racial tensions.

  1. Plus 1 to this. They pointed out that USC chose to stay in the hood (and do a whole lotta good) while Pepperdine went off into the beautiful fucking campus it has today...

  2. I always thought it was oddly placed, right smack in the middle of South Central where there are tons of other churches literally a couple dozen yards away. Apparently no one shows up from what I’ve been told.

  3. To add to this , years later when trying to decide on the location for a university and originally deciding on Palos Verdes, plans changed and they added Cal State Dominguez Hills to be made in Carson largely due to Pepperdine’s exit/the need for a higher education presence in the community

  4. I got stuck attending Cal State Dominguez for my junior year, what a loser location. They opened the school before everything was ready and they had not put in sidewalks yet, you were walking between buildings through mud puddles (it was not a drought year). Then to top it off, at the time they were using something called a trimester system.

  5. One of the past presidents of Pepperdine also killed a couple of innocent people while drunk driving on PCH. I think they have buildings at the Malibu campus named after him still.

  6. Seems to be because of killing of a black youth by Pepperdine Campus PD and the nearby Watts Riots (and probably just white flight in general):

  7. Wow. I didn't know this. As a kid my family attended Crenshaw Christian Center which is a predominately African-American church that also bought another part of the Pepperdine campus at 7901 S Vermont Ave.

  8. I mean, worked out in terms of $$$$. That Malibu campus property must be worth an obscene amount. A billion maybe?

  9. USC and UCLA both considered moving due to white flight also. UCLA moved to Westwood (originally LACC campus). However, USC actually stayed.

  10. UCLA moved in the 20s before white flight existed. Hard to flee from a neighborhood on Vermont that was mostly empty. The University needed more room. Westwood 20X bigger.

  11. I remember the President of Pepperdine at the time, Bill Banowsky, lead the vision to move the University to Malibu. Many struggles ensued with building and zoning permits but they got it done. It would be nearly impossible to accomplish that today with all the various commissions, county and city gauntlets required for such a massive program.

  12. Is that what it’s called when campus PD shoots a black kid in the chest with a shot gun? Because that’s what the article is about.

  13. Not sure if still true, but they used to be one of the few schools that would down mark your application if you applied for financial aid.

  14. I wish they were still there. Malibu would be great regardless if Pepperdine was there. But having Pepperdine in south central would be a great anchor for the region. Look at how nice the area around USC has gotten. I would hope that the same could have happened down there.

  15. The main draw of Pepperdine is Malibu (and conservatism) though — don't think the school would've become as prominent if they stayed in SCLA.

  16. FYI the USC area ( West Adams) was a wealthy area in the early 20th century ( hence the former homes and other remnants).

  17. And now it's a creepy Scientology building in the middle of the hood. Very peculiar to me that a money-grubbing organization would find itself in a low income neighborhood far from all the celebrities.

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