Why the obsession with pruning trees like this?

  1. Because they cause property damage, and most insurances don't cover unmaintained landscape that causes damage.

  2. Our eucalyptus just dumps stuff most of the year. So much biomass. It’s either trim the tree or sweep it off the ground.

  3. We have a huge pine tree in our backyard. My wife had it pruned. I was pissed. It looked like a Dr. Seuss tree with puffballs on the ends of the brances. And theeennn...now, just a month or so later, it looks so clean, it's so much safer, it's dropping less detritus over the property line so my elderly neighbor feels like we are listening to her (which we are), the power lines aren't touching any branches. My wife really hit it out of the park on this one. I have a whole new attitude about keeping trees properly maintained because she did ten minutes of reading about what needed to be done. PS: My wife is the best ever. You can't even imagine.

  4. Yeah same! I'm not in AC, but close enough. I have to get the trees trimmed every other year or so. I didn't do it like the first 5 years here and just let them go, then a big wind storm happened and a massive branch from one of my trees broke my neighbor's fence. I fixed it and made it right with them, but now I trim the trees every other year. I have these awesome cypress trees out front that I got topped last year because I could see them swaying in the last storm. Trees are fucking dangerous!

  5. Good for the trees and all the plants underneath it. Also, maybe the house has solar panels. It will all grow back in short order. Healthy trees are pruned trees. Yes! Even in the East Coast… watch This Old House!

  6. It’s basically a haircut. It all comes back. This promotes new healthy growth and a better shape. It also eliminates the rouge branches that could fall on someone. Every 5 years I have my sycamores trimmed. Did them 4 months ago and now they look amazing.

  7. Lion’s-tailing is over-pruning a tree by removing a large number of inner branches. The tree limbs will appear “long and slender” with a “puff” of foliage at the end like a lion’s tail. Lion’s-tailing can increase the risk of branch failure by weakening the tree root and eliminating the dampening effect that interior limbs provide when branches move during storms.

  8. Honestly, both those tall trees should be taken out, but pruning them so that they won't blow over onto the building is a good thing.

  9. This kills me. The whole point of treees is the green stuff for shade and for turning carbon dioxide into oxygen. This is so disgusting to me and so prevalent. The landscaping everywhere is thoughtless and hideous. It is CONFOUNDING

  10. I'm no arborist, but as I understand it, pruning trees correctly can be beneficial for the tree, can make it healthier, and even promote growth. Some branches, for instance, might be "suckers", which can deplete the tree of nutrients even though they may never yield flowers. Obviously flowers are important to our ecosystem, because they give pollinators something to do. Pruning can stimulate growth on lower areas of the tree by reducing the nutrient loss on these high branches. I could go on, but not as much as an expert could.

  11. Why is the entire LA Metro area obsessed with pruning trees so that they have little to no leaves and no longer provide shade? Isn't that the whole point of having trees in urban areas?

  12. they come back in like a month or two thick as hell. pruning keeps things shapely and allows for new growth to keep coming in.

  13. Desert. Fire control. Non native species. A tree thst is double or triple the roof line, if caught on fire will start many many fires in the surrounding homes.

  14. It's literally because people just don't know any better. Ignorat as all hell. And hell-bent on staying that way

  15. I moved here from the east coast where everything is green and lush. I’ve fired one landscaper and yelled at a second one because they are obsessed with trimming and pruning with no aesthetics or taste. I guess it’s how they justify their paycheck.

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