I know Rick Caruso sucks and all, but we shouldn’t forget Karen Bass’ past advocacy for Cuba and Scientology.

  1. I think it takes a certain type of person to run for positions of power in the first place. I’d love to see a regular person/activist run but as someone who would never do it myself, I’m not surprised it’s uncommon

  2. Rick Caruso is spending all his money on texts apparently...I mean I wasn't 100% behind Karen Bass, but I do think her overall political connections are definitely winning her favor she's already gotten most of the endorsements from local LA groups that'll boost her regardless, but also our choices don't seem that great this year at all.

  3. When the Varsity Blues scandal at USC broke…. Guess who was on Rick Caruso’s YACHT?? OLIVIA JADE, the kid whose parents BRIBED USC TO GET INTO THE SCHOOL.

  4. Chances are they’ve never been to Cuba either. It’s an incredible country, with a rich and troubled cultural history, and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

  5. She's been my rep forever and I've always appreciated having her. People looking to lick another billionaires boots is so ridiculous.

  6. Yeah that's gonna be a no to putting another billionaire in a position of power. Let him spend his shit money as much as he wants. Bass is 100x better. Im not licking another billionaires boots.

  7. If this is the worst people can dig up on her she’s a thousand times better than Caruso. I hope Angelenos can see past the wealthy brigade of propaganda pouring from that sexist developer’s pockets and elect her.

  8. As always, you aren’t ever voting for the best candidate. You’re voting for the least awful candidate. Do not vote for Caruso, vote for literally anyone else. Just make sure Caruso doesn’t get 50% or more of the vote this round. If he does, he automatically wins.

  9. Great to know. If you want things to stay the same in Los Angles, vote for Bass or any of the other politicians. If you want to see positive change, vote for Caruso. Only the East LA and hipster commies are fighting to keep Caruso out.

  10. Really? The majority of the country lives in poverty and they obviously don’t have free elections, or freedom of speech. Not sure how anyone can support that.

  11. so.... is this supposed to mean rick Caruso sucks, but bass = Cuba = socialism = oh noez thats way worse than rick Caruso?

  12. Even though the candidate's position on Cuba holds little importance to a Mayoral position, Cuba is the boogeyman of the capitalism, just mentioning that there was "support" is enough to scare away some voters.

  13. Yeah, I don't understand the problem with being pro-Cuba, but then I was born in Canada where every college kid spent their spring breaks getting drunk on the cheap on the beaches of Havana.

  14. Cuba is based? Gtfo here. If you like being a citizen in a country with no civil rights, Cuba is for you. If you want to be a citizen in a country that assures it’s people are starving, Cuba is for you. Take it from someone who was born there and lived through it, Cuba is an abject failure of a country.

  15. She and her team were dumb for going to this event and saying what she said. Her excuse that she "didn't know" scientology was a corrupt organization is also laughable. But I would hardly call this a track record of "advocacy".

  16. Thanks for sharing. Now I’m going to vote for the billionaire who hosts Brentwood kids screaming the nword on his $100m yacht instead

  17. The amount of people supporting cuba and castro in these comments is insane. All of you must be ignorant to the fact that most people lived in poverty under his regime and he killed anyone who opposed him. He also claimed to live off a small salary but secretly lived a billionaires lifestyle. How can anyone support that??

  18. We were friends with Cuba for a long time before Trump screwed it up. Lots if people approve of Scientology. Let's not forget that Caryso is a stealth republican with grandiose plans and no way to pay for them. That he's lying about his accomplishments he's claiming we're group efforts and not his alone. He's just another egomaniac rich guy who want more power.

  19. What is with the Caruso hate? Just hurr durr he’s rich? He’s literally the only candidate that is taking a hard stance and putting forward a real plan for homelessness and crime, with every other post in this subreddit talking about how bad homelessness and crime have become. Everyone should be insta voting for him if you want problems solved in LA.

  20. Has nothing to do with him being a rich dude. It’s the anti-abortion, Trumper, real estate developer side of him that’s bad. Also what “crime”? There’s already been several posts about how the spike is fictional. And you think a real estate developer actually wants to help solve homelessness? Okay lol

  21. Yeah, just hurr durr he’s a rich white guy. Everyone brings up Trump because Democrats can only win races when they run against Trump.

  22. It’s not that he’s rich. There’s plenty of rich people who aren’t fucking pieces of shit. He’s rich, but he’s also a fucking piece of shit.

  23. I don't live in LA anymore, but I'm watching this race a bit. If Karen Bass gets elected it will make me sad. Please don't make me sad. Thanks!

  24. I can’t believe they would consider her for Biden’s running mate reading this. He and Hillary lost Florida after Obama won the state twice — it’s practically turned from a swing state to Republican. Number one way to alienate Floridian voters is cozying up to Cuba. I mean hell, dem support in Miami dropped like 15% in 2020 IIRC in a winning election.

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