Vandalism in LA is getting out of control af right now

  1. I covered tags for caltrans specifically for freeways around Pomona and man. It took months for them to quit hitting the same spot every weekend and they took me off the special project so if y’all see freeways around Pomona start looking like ass again in 3-4 weeks it’s not my fault 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. I had to do graffiti removal for public service. It was actually kinda fun… But yeah… it’s a losing battle

  3. yes I am wondering if these people are new to LA. I was born and raised in LA (Hollywood/West Hollywood) and during the early 90s we couldn't go passed la brea as we would probably get robbed or killed. I mean LA is pretty bad but I remember it a lot worse.

  4. Instead of solely relying on "rates," we should also be checking out location. Because IGAF what that chart says, freeway signs are getting tagged like crazy in both the front and the back. Just this week alone, I've made repeated trips on the 110 and the 10 and each and every fucking exit sign has been tagged.

  5. I understand why people don’t like it, but the graffiti has never bothered me. To me, it’s part of the city and connected to a larger culture(s). Again I understand why people don’t like it, but it does seem a little precious and pearl clutching to me.

  6. "People tell me we're out of control now. People told me we were out or control then, too, but they tell me we're out of control now as well."

  7. It's LA!👀 I think the scene has actually calmed down. Although maybe your talking about huge gang letters on neighborhood walls or murals.

  8. I’m in east Hollywood and there’s a fucking tooooon of shitty MS13, white fence, and Armenian pride tags popping up daily. They look like shit and make the neighborhood look like shit.

  9. That probably depends where you live. I doubt they’re jumping to clean up same day graffiti in panorama city, MacArthur park, south central, etc.

  10. Unfortunately it doesn't work in areas around East LA. I wanted to use it the other day and got a notice saying my area isn't supported.

  11. This is normal. Though I am waiting for the studio city tagger to continue this tale of conspiracies he keeps tagging everything about.

  12. We took Amtrak a couple of weeks ago, and as it headed East through LA, we saw a ton of graffiti. It was fantastic! The industrial scenery was bleak -- concrete flood channels, cinder-block structures, mile upon mile of containers. But the graffiti was lively and colorful. It's cheering that art will fill every available space.

  13. The other one would be those cunt ms-13 gang members tag everything in sight which is not as delightful to see.

  14. You guys are actually insane. Can I please come tag on your door? Or your business with my art? I’ll make sure to avoid the windows and scratching where you like to make a distinctions

  15. This battle is never ending. I think the best thing to do about graffiti is just Jackson Pollock every wall with beautiful colors. Whenever someone tags it you just blast it with fresh paint real quick and you’re good to go. Much quicker and better looking than the painted over style that is current popular.

  16. It’s been like this since like the 90s, lmao graffiti is part of LAs culture now. Love seeing a sick piece go up on a freeway bridge. No gang shit, talking about artist

  17. It's been this way since at least the 80's. Shit, I'm a white girl from the west valley and just the other day I wrote out my tag on paper to show my almost 20yo daughter what it looked like. 😂

  18. So tired of people trying to spread fear on here. If you're afraid get off 'nextdoor' and actually go and talk to your neighbors in person and take care of each other.

  19. Not even close to how it used to be this sub is so over dramatic LA is NOTHING like it was in the 80s/90s/early-mid 2000s stop looking for shit to complain about and just enioy the city…. You all sound like spoiled brats to most natives and people who’ve been living here for decades

  20. I really don’t get why people care when we have proud boys stalking downtown, gangs operating with impunity, gangs in the LASD, and some of the worst corruption of our lifetime. It just seems like some angelenos are primed to be always triggered and it makes me very nervous about how we would as a city, handle a real crisis not one manufactured by Fox News lol.

  21. Because it’s easier to point blame at our lowest members of society, and because it’s easier to blame them rather than the environments this society has helped create for them.

  22. Why do you care so much that others care? What's up with the Care Police trying to dictate what we can care about? Not all of us live Downtown, but graffiti is rampant everywhere. Not all of us live in the district of ASD, but graffiti is rampant and everywhere.

  23. Mfs should go home and play video games or something. Oh wait there are no good games rn in the market -.-

  24. I grew up in Highland Park and it was common in 90s and 2000s but greatly decreased in 2010s to now. It happens still but less frequent and gets cleaned up fast.

  25. This sounds like a problem non-Angelinos feel. Yea it’s ugly🙄 sometimes. Yeah it’s gang related 🙄, sometimes, but who gives a shit. We live in a large metropolis where community engagement and community union is non-existent because folks from “nice” midwestern, etc. areas aren’t used to it, or you’re the local who has no clue about life or what is going on in your community and don’t intend to know the community.

  26. I’d rather look at graffiti than murals solely created for influencers to have photo shoots in front of tbh.

  27. Foreal and everyone eating this shit up! focus on the real problems, “I want the city to be pretty” then gets jumped or harassed by homeless lmfao

  28. Growing up my whole life, I know my folks always though it was ratchet. But I’ve always loved and appreciated tagging as you drive on the freeways. That appreciation, whether gang related or not, hasn’t wavered.

  29. im pretty sick of all these shitty tags. with this pandemic you wouldve thought they got to stay at home practice and get gud at their craft but no its always the same dumbass shitty ass tags. taggers fucking suck at art holy fuck

  30. There’s a difference between graffiti pieces and gang tags. Graffiti is that awesome street art that takes immense skill and creativity.

  31. For this city to be like any of those cities it would take a huge shift in cultural and societal values. Not just in LA but the entire country would need a paradigm shift from "ME" to "WE" and thats not happening this century.

  32. I'd much rather have the graffiti and less litter everywhere. There are too many people who believe it's someone else job to clean up after them

  33. I'm a left wing Sanders AOC liberal and even so there's a part of me that thinks that lunatic sheriff in Arizona didn't necessarily have the wrong idea when he said that taggers without thumbs can't hold spray cans.

  34. I don’t mind the ones that do nice big pieces, but the ones that just scribble words that looks like a child wrote it are sooo ugly.

  35. The worst fix has been the 110 tunnels to Pasadena. Instead of cleaning the tile Caltrans just paints over it. It looks bad

  36. Good art and murals are one thing, but the taggers make Los Angeles look like total fucking dog shit and most of them have zero artistic talent. They should honestly have their faces spray painted.

  37. I sort of “get” why the gangs do it. But I don’t get tagging culture otherwise. Why do they do it? It seems sort of expensive and boring.

  38. I never get the initials they use. Like UFS, ABG, etc. Like no one knows what that means aside from their own jerk off circles.

  39. Because teenagers. It's the same type of mentality that gets people to spend a ton on cars/clothes while living with their parents and racking up debt.

  40. Oh you guys are art critics then? Can you comprehend that something can be both art and Vandalism, or is that too much to wrap your head around? I’d love to hear more of your opinions about art!

  41. It can be, but 90% of the stuff I see around is hot garbage that looks like someone was drunk and tripped while holding spray paint.

  42. Don’t get rid of it just disrespect their tag by gasp daring to make art out of it and that will really piss them off.

  43. It's funny, Lowe's keeps their spray paint out in the open, but Home Depot has a better selection that's usually locked up.

  44. Most cities in Europe like Barcelona and Berlin barely enforce graffiti laws but I’ve never felt so safe walking in areas I wasn’t familiar with.

  45. It sucks when they cut their shitty street name on a mirror. I don't want to see "skittles," "queefMastah," nor "Smiley" whilst I'm washing my hands!!

  46. 311 it and it will be gone in a day. Nothing more depressing to taggers coming by to see their work painted over in a day.

  47. Gang tags keep on getting tagged here in Van Nuys and friends. Seems to have increased a lot more, I see crosses out on some of thr x3 tags so seems like some are feeding a bit here.

  48. A meaningful percentage of taggers will respect an existing mural. There are tons of painters who want to jumpstart their careers for a low price, get on it! Or, have it subsidized:

  49. I drive by this white building on the corner of Mission and 1st on my way to work and it always gets tagged up with the dumbest shit. The next day, it's painted again.

  50. I don’t do graffiti, saying that I have so much other shit to worry about other than that tbh, homelessness is a better topic

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