I hope she said no.

  1. The real question is why is Poison Ivy out here laying rose traps in LA, when she's supposed to be in Gotham?

  2. As someone that's tried a few times to create a backyard compost. Just because it's biodegradable doesn't mean it will biodegrade in any reasonable amount of time unless in the perfect conditions.

  3. I did pick up the can and some other items they left. Not the petals though. I dgaf about those.

  4. In the same amount of time OP took to snap a picture and post it here...they could have picked up the can and walked to the Trash Can in the background...just sayin.

  5. They look like rose pedals no harm done really. People really out here trying to find things to be mad about.

  6. They're fucking petals, not some plastic garbage. Wtf are you mad about? Get a hobby, you have nothing better to do

  7. Maybe this was one of those 'baby reveal' moments. I think the red signifies that your baby is going to be a commie.

  8. This isn't shit. You should see the people just kick all the McDonald's and Jack in the Crack trash out of their cars right on the street in Malibu before they split, if you think this is bad. West winds will blow those pedals into the hills by nightfall.

  9. I will 100% catch a fade when I see people litter on my beach. Shit isn’t just ugly it fucks with marine homies too like the dolphins and the fish. Selfish asf

  10. There’s a weird trend I’ve seen on the beach lately we’re people will pay to have someone come setup a luxury chill space. Bed, pillows, umbrellas, chilled drinks, etc. People then lay around and insta-tik tok themselves looking like giant douches.

  11. As someone who proposed at the beach, how does this even add anything? You don’t need party city props to make the moment 😂

  12. As someone who proposed at the beach with flower petals, trust me they add a lot. People have different opinions on what is romantic.

  13. Love the hipsters, get mad at mostly likely tax paying citizens making a little trash, while feeling sorry and empathy for non tax paying hobos producing non stop pollution throughout LA lol gotta love it.

  14. This person gets it. Props to you for your sane levelheadedness . A true rarity against the anti litter hordes in this sub.

  15. I make so many jokes about us and damn they are all so damn true. I hope she said no and told him there's some one else 😂

  16. It’s a strong assumption of blame that whoever proposed, also drank the seltzer, a glass bottle of whataver, and plucked a chicken. There’s trash all over LA beaches. That could have been anyone who came after. Who knows how long those pedals have been there.

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