Dozens arrested in massive SoCal mail theft scheme involving nearly $5 million in losses

  1. so did these people work at the post office? people on here have been complaining about checks getting stolen. i’ve had birthday cards and holiday cards that came to me that were totally opened. what a shitty crime ring!

  2. Friend of mine used to work there and he said that small things like envelopes with checks or gift cards or cash potentially instead of throwing in the box of mail they would drop it between boxes so it drops to the floor, so they could just take it later 😒

  3. I had a package opened, and resealed and delivered with the wrong very cheap items inside. Definitely someone who worked for the mail.

  4. They stole our building’s mail every day for two months. We had to get usps to stop delivering until we replaced the mailboxes for better ones.

  5. Bro I sent a letter via certified mail and next day I started getting phishing texts asking me to certify my address, only place i left my phone was in the letter tracking thingy.

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