Thousands of Germans, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, masked and unmasked, march through the streets of Kiel in a peaceful protest against vaccine passports, united in their opposition to segregation and their refusal to demonize their fellow humans.

  1. It’s disgusting how the Leftist media spins anything not them as Nazis, diluting the actual abhorrent behavior of the Holocaust. If anything. The media is acting most Nazi-like with their evil lies and branding of people seeking freedom. I am of Austrian Jewish descent. The mainstream media needs to be crushed.

  2. Wait wait wait! That's not a peaceful protest!!!! Look, there's no burning buildings or people throwing bricks into windows so they can loot err I mean protest more! Silly Germans don't know how to protest peacefully.

  3. This could be something that brings the world together against the tyranny of those who want to establish the new world order.

  4. Often thinking back about how it was before as we were closer together, as we had freedom, without keeping distance, today people check first who is one of their tribe, loneliness, people only think in black and white, longing for freedom, no more distance, longing for humanity, etc.

  5. You'd think after the Berlin Wall, Germans wouldn't have tolerated any of this "papers please" policies in the first place.

  6. What that’s not any thing like out mostly peaceful protests. Where’s all the fire and I don’t see any looting those krauts really need to learn a thing or two. /s

  7. BLM terrorism has shown us that rioting and violence seem to be what changes things in your favor and peaceful marches are laughed at behind closed doors by the elites

  8. Is it really peaceful though? CNN taught me you need burning buildings, looting and violence to have a peaceful protest.

  9. Aren’t there some places in this world already where you should, and sometimes have to get shots to go there?

  10. This is awesome and I just love it!! Unvaccinated/vaccinated, masked/unmasked - in UNITY. The ordinary citizens aren't the enemy - it's the power drunk government officials and elites pitting us against each other while they slowly chip away at our rights and freedom.

  11. Peaceful protests don't work, as both governments and the other people only care about massive destructive and violent ones. No matter I you have all the country outside. If you are not annoying you are completely unhearable. And silenced like, a lot.

  12. I have seen funerals more lively than this. They definitely look defeated and downtrodden. The leftist government has beaten them into the ground. This is what oppressive tyranny looks like. They will quietly fade away as their political elites dance in the streets over their graves ! Until conservatives are willing to risk it all and get violent as their leftist counterparts the left will continue to win the day!

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