State study finds I-64 widening near Seneca, Cherokee parks not 'feasible'

  1. Glad to see them mention that they are prioritizing extending merging lanes, that's really what causes the backups. If people would accelerate to highway speed before merging and allow a merge space between themselves and the car in front of them at the critical point, it would fix the backups caused by Westbound Cannons, Eastbound Story/Mellwood, and Grinstead.

  2. Drivers are still absurdly selfish and often distracted, so even with longer merge lanes, people will still find a way to cause phantom traffic jams by slamming on their brakes for no reason or getting offended at someone who wants to get in front of them. Longer lanes will probably help shorten the rush hour backups but not solve them.

  3. Based on what we saw on I-65 the cheapest solution would be to charge a toll to use the tunnel *without* making any investments in the infrastructure at all. The regressive tax from tolls alone will reduce traffic volume.

  4. I heard from someone that whoever allowed 64 to go through their property insisted on the tunnel leading up to Grinstead. They did this with the intention it would be near impossible to widen it beyond initial design. Anyone know if there is any truth to this?

  5. The tunnel was put in there to minimize the impact on Cherokee Park - which (along with Seneca Park) already gave up several acres on the other side of the tunnel for the original highway to run through.

  6. No, the tunnel was forced by protests in the 1950s by a group called "Save Our Parks", which claimed 25,000 members in 1958. It was apparently a big deal at the time, there are about 100 articles in the 1950s mentioning the group in the Courier-Journal archive.

  7. I'd actually prefer a regional rail line. It could handle the commuters more easily and actually puts the costs of maintenance on the people using it, which means that it's self-funding for the future. At least in part.

  8. “Public opposition and cost” were reasons listed. That stupid park shouldn’t hinder progress imho! It’s a shame that stupid house in the east end created millions spent to tunnel underneath it.

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