How safe is Downtown these days?

  1. I live else where now. But as a long time resident of Lowell, I’ve never had an issue in downtown, and I would spend a lot of time there. Having an apartment on Market St, my gf never had issue walking to the building from the Garage. I have seen my fair share of scuffles break out but that was mostly drunks coming out of The Smokehouse or Blue Shamrock. You’ll find more trouble from the bar patrons at night than you’ll get from any homeless (from my experience). It’s as safe as any other city, but yeah the homelessness is an issue for the city and the solutions aren’t there yet.

  2. I live on Thorndike across from the park and I can say that yeah the unhoused population is noticeable. That can lead to some people feeling uncomfortable, sure, but I always feel safe (I am a 30 year old white dude tho, so take that with a grain or whatever level of salt needed).

  3. I live right near the transitional living facility - I wouldn’t say there’s more than there has been in the past - but what I’ve noticed is that the brutal heat of this long summer has created a situation where most of them will spend a lot of the evening and night outside. I don’t think they have much AC in the building, so it forces them to hang out in the alley and in front of the building. They’re pretty tame - the biggest trouble you find is, sadly, the very frequent ambulance visits.

  4. I think statistically speaking, that’s when emergencies and crime occurs most. Do you live near any elderly housing or retirement homes? My EMT friend based in Lawrence spent most of his time picking up old folks who needed ER treatment .

  5. I’ve walked back home (University Ave) post the bars closing at 2 multiple times. It’s safe! You’ll see cops at every corner around that time.

  6. Had a gun pulled on me by a group of kids at folk fest, right in front of Middlesex. All over some kid who threw a beer can in the canal. The youth are a problem in Lowell. And it's a shame, since I'm usually the one advocating about how great Lowell is. Generally, it's safe so long as you mind your own business, but unfortunately still can be rough.

  7. I hate to hear this. Would you say DT has gone downhill? Use to work in the area a few years ago and loved it.

  8. I've lived in Downtown for the last 4 years and this summer has been really bad in terms of homeless people. I think all the festivals brought them around since more people = more potential money sources?

  9. The homeless have been in DT for awhile now and I don’t think it’s the festivals that bring them there. The shelter is located DT for one. Secondly, there used to be a homeless camp near UML, along side the canal, Centerville area. When the City and UML torn it down and cut away the brush, the homeless had no where to go other than DT.

  10. I think some of the issue is that the unhoused have been cleared out of so many areas within the past year that downtown is one of the only places left.

  11. Downtown is garbage I worked for the city for 7 years and cleaned downtown with the street vac for 3 of those years, junked everywhere, homeless dudes pissing on the side walks, randoms talking shit to people to walk buy, drunks, homeless harassing people for money, don’t even ask about Appleton to summer st and south common. It’s a fucking literal zoo there you’ll see people shooting up in broad day light and fights and stabbings. Anyone who says different hasn’t spent much time there

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