Anyone have experience creating an internship at a target company?

  1. I did at a very early stage startup. Had to network in to the CEO who also had an MBA. My school offset part of the salary so it was inexpensive for them and didn’t hit their burn. Interns are usually a pain in the ass and a distraction, you need to convince them why you’d be valuable. I don’t know if I’d go as far as putting together a proposal but just try to understand what they’re trying to do and any niches you can help out on. But yeah, a lot of networking and finding MBA’s help since they know what you can/can’t do, also be flexible on the salary. All startups are different so not sure if this works everywhere, just worked for me and I got lucky as well. Oh also, depending on the company size they may not be interested in even having an internship conversation until spring.

  2. That's super interesting! How early stage was the company you looked at? Also what company size would you say is the threshold for spring internship conversations?

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