I don’t remember seeing any photos about the puddles lights on the 22 models so here’s mine.

  1. I have these installed. Fair warning to some folks. When I get home and open the door in the garage, I think something is coming out from under the car and I do a double-take. I've had the car for 10 months and still jump every now and again.

  2. Pretty sure they're only on the drivers side mirror, correct? (At least when looking at the Cooper SE...)

  3. My ‘21 SE Signature Plus has one on the drivers side. I wanted the Harmam Kardon stereo and sunroof, but I didn’t want the leather seats. I thought it was from the side mirrors and not the handle though? I’m probably wrong lol

  4. You are correct. There is a quite bright light in the door handle and the underneath of the door too as you can see from the floor. But there projection is coming from the underside of the mirror.

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