Fig is no longer a beta version now.

  1. You already have this and you don't have to install anything. Live autocompletion with lists of options and descriptions that update as you type, pretty much exactly as shown in this video. Built right into ZSH, yup. Been sat there all along, waiting for you to enable it.

  2. PSA: during installation Fig makes changes to a whole bunch of your dotfiles. AFTER that's done, it asks for you email in order to continue and use the app. If you decide to uninstall at that point, you're on your own to fix your files, since the app's uninstall option is inaccessible unless you give it your email. And you will have to fix your files to be able to use the terminal again.

  3. This does not seem to offer much that tab-completion in something like fish has enabled by default. But I can see use cases where this would work better

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