Amazing landlord

  1. Imagine if one of the messages is from the boss saying times are tough and they're reducing $200 from the salary

  2. Being good tenants? Ones that don’t have the police called on them every other weekend, or cause the whole building to be evacuated because they thought 24 minutes seemed like a good amount of time for microwave popcorn, or decided to cook lutefisk inside their apartment for the holidays, etc. Tenants that don’t cause problems are worth appreciating.

  3. Not sure why you're getting downvoted. You're 100% spot on. Their rent was likely still more expensive than it should have been after that $200 reduction.

  4. Right? I didn't want to make my own post and be the one ungrateful person. But only $200, when their rent is probably over 1k? Man I hate landlords. Let em just have the month free and allow folks to possibly be 1 month ahead on rent? Allow folks to use that money for a car emergency or something. Because in these times there is only enough money to cover 1 emergency at a time if any at all, for most folks.

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