Customer caught walked in on staff dancing while cleaning

  1. The second episode is where, later, she pushes him out of the way of a bus, causing her to be injured, and he comes to meet her in the hospital, but his mother doesn't like her, of course, because she owns the store where she was cleaning.

  2. Highkey though, ITZY choreography is one of those where it looks easy to do but if you don't have the right attitude, it'll look like a hot mess

  3. I don’t mind staged videos at all, what I do mind is staged videos being portrayed as “caught footage”.

  4. That concept is why I have such a hard time letting my kid watch a lot of what's on YouTube these days. It's all this very scripted stuff played up to seem as if it's real. Fictional content disguised as "family vlogs." I worry it's distorting his sense of being able to determine reality vs fantasy.

  5. Same, they can be fun, but the fact so many people fall for them/ believe them is a pretty big problem. Shows how many people have a warped sense of reality and can fall for something kinda obvious

  6. Seriously it’s wild. Like totally get the fact that this is fun, but it’s completely staged - and obvious at that.

  7. Are people just so clueless on natural human reactions or why is it that people dont seem to spot these staged videos. I have always wondered about this

  8. Reddit wants to be fooled. Because the imaginary world one where shit like this just happens spontaneously and is perfectly filmed, is a lot more fun than the real world.

  9. Has anyone explained why these staged videos are so much more popular and/or common in Asia than elsewhere? I know there are plenty from Western social media users, but it's not such a widespread phenomenon - of making scripted videos and passing them off as unscripted, I mean - that it has its own subreddit, for example. Are we just racist? Or is it actually more common in Asia?

  10. A woman pretends to be a cleaning lady right after setting up to high definition cameras that are never used for security… In order to go viral on Reddit. There you go. I fixed it for you

  11. Lol hd cameras are cheap as shit. Why would I want grainy impossible to see security footage. It's been 2 decades since 2000 bro. Not saying you're wrong.... But you are an idiot.

  12. This happened to me lol! I worked as a security receptionist in a Microsystems company in Sunnyvale, CA. I worked until Midnight and would do my hourly rounds. I thought everyone had gone home around 11pm when I completed my last round I saw no one. There was a large lobby area with big long windows and I could see my reflection. I would put music on the computer and dance around a bit. This time I’m into grooving when I see in the window reflecting a woman making her way down the stairs behind me. I stopped and walked back to my desk in a hurry. She giggled as she walked to the lobby door. I was so embarrassed lol.

  13. I doubt it. Some of the folks I knew in Korea would practice kpop routines all the time there were classes for it.

  14. When u are having a bad day, this one is the best thing to ease up ur mind. Yeah, just dance, it's gonna be alright

  15. Seems to be happening to often that whatever Asian countries these videos are coming from that someone is dancing in camera footage that is arguably 4K if we looked at the original source and someone happens to show up and then the ‘security footage’ is retrieved and makes it’s way on to some social media platform.

  16. In america you have staff urinating in soda dispenser's at self serve machines.. This is wholesome... embarrassing, But not a health concern...

  17. Hahahaha japaneeses. This little clap clap And thé « oops sorry🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

  18. I love videos like this where no injures, no gotcha or anything dumb. Just an awesome dance move going on and then a oh!!! Granted, she was probably embarrassed beyond belief, but she got a long applause so, that’s a big plus! :)

  19. The amount of people in the comments that ship them is amazing. It's like they expect a real relationship to blossom this easily. Y'all watch wayy too many shows, and can't tell reality from fantasy. But I guess it's good to dream and all.

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