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  1. Imagine being in professional team building activity and they bust out the 'share something wild and unique about yourself'. You can bust out the 'my bellybutton is a swirl' which will lead to the inevitable 'can we see it', then boom - your suddenly the most popular guy in the office because Ma Nature was cool and didn't give you a turkey timer bellybutton like the others.

  2. That bellybutton looks like something out of a fantasy adventure. Like it’s a belly button only possessed by the descendants of the forest queen.

  3. This is literally my first post ever on reddit: My son, who is almost 7, has the exact same belly button. I love it so much and it is one of my favorite things about this tiny human I made. I tell him often. And now I tell you. ❤️

  4. Someone I know has one too! I thought it was unique but maybe it's just one in a billion. They are self conscious too, but it is really the coolest thing ever.

  5. I'm pregnant. I've wondered weather my baby will have an innie or outie but didn't care. Now I care. I want a swirl.

  6. This person has posted only about their belly button for three years on reddit, the attention drawn to it is borderline fetishization rather than insecurity.

  7. Look at all the submissions for their profile. They are not insecure about it and try to find ways to fit it into the context of every subreddit they can find. Shit is weird.

  8. Lol I actually remember the last post a few months back or whenever it was and was fascinated but then had this almost same thread of comments about how it’s an account only on the belly button. It’s already deleted but I know exactly what account it was lol

  9. For someone to push this hard on something so mundane makes me concerned for him, either he has a fetish or this is the only thing that is mildly interesting about him. Shame.

  10. I was just saying isn’t it a little weird to anyone that people got close enough to him at the beach to even notice? Unless it was your immediate group of friends which they would already be aware of your button since the whole world is but random people with eagle eyes spotted that thing? Nah I don’t think so button boy

  11. This guy isn’t insecure about his bellybutton he has a whole page dedicated to him playing with in and masturbating. He just has a bellybutton fetish and wants to see what people say about his bellybutton so that he can jerk off to the comments. Just a little FYI.

  12. Soon this will be a thing for the delivery room staff to post on Instagram just like baristas and their cappuccino art.

  13. Don’t be insecure! You have the coolest belly button I’ve seen and I kinda want one like it. Never even seen another belly button worth commenting on!

  14. There is definitely a market for onlyfans content centred around this. I don’t know what it would be, but I’m sure it exists.

  15. I just imagine the delivery room nurse tying your umbilical cord ito a cute little curlycue, chefs kiss, wraps you up and hands you to mom.

  16. Frankly that's the coolest natural feature I've seen on a navel yet. I hope you don't feel so bad about it anymore. It's really quite awesome!

  17. Why would you be insecure about your belly button? It’s a perfect spiral… it’s like an anime drawing… super cool…

  18. I’m legit jealous of your bellybutton and this is an entirely new situation. Never really thought about belly button attractiveness before lol

  19. THATS SO COOL! I’d be very proud to display such a feature! Congrats on the swirly button, that’s such a fun little physical quirk.

  20. Looks super cool dude you should be proud of it. Anyone who see's my feet for the first time get's weirded out aswell but honestly I like them and I find normal feet look stupid, the same way I think your belly button spiral is doper than the normal inner or other thingy.

  21. I’m literally jealous of your belly button. I want it! And if I had it I’d show it off all the time, it’s perfect!

  22. If it makes you feel better I hate all belly buttons. I hate cleaning it, I hate how exposed it feels. I hate that if I could somehow get rid of it, I’d look even weirder. Anyways, hope you had fun at the beach!

  23. The spiral is the most universe esq shape. It’s found in countless animals, galaxies, etc. You are a byproduct of ancestral, cosmic energy. I fucking wish I had a spiral belly button homie.

  24. You have a little cinnamon bun! That's so cute! Edit: I just saw that I'm not the only one with that association. But anyways - cute as heck!

  25. The sooner we realize people are, individually, different-the quicker we can come together and act as a proper apex species to confront our existential problems. Shouldn't be a problem for you, infinity bellybutton.

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