My Dog survived Parvovirus, a dangerous virus that attacks rapidly-dividing cells in a dog's body. I'm so happy about this and wanted to show someone!! (OC)

  1. Awe!! I JUST got out of the hospital for human Parvo virus and let me tell you, as an adult it’s no fucking joke. So glad this good boy is recovering well! ❤️🐶

  2. Wait, What? Human Parvovirus? WTF? How are you feeling? How did you feel? I hope and pray you have a speedy recovery and are fully restored back to good health.

  3. I worked for humane society and vet for number of years. Parvo no joke. Will never forget that smell of blood and poop and death that comes from them. Worst was we had about 5-6 puppies in a run once. One was a jerk and had to be removed. The others got parvo and we had to euthanize. The butthole still got parvo but not as bad and survived. Being an asshole saved his life.

  4. My now 5 month old puppy had parvo when she was 3 months old. She got emaciated so quickly, like in days. The smells were awful. Thankfully she recovered.

  5. Our first family dog my brother got from a puppy mill (he had good intentions but I suppose he learned his lesson). The pup was like 6 weeks old at the time (now I know it's too early) and I bet it wasn't taken to the vet at all before being brought home. Poor guy got Parvo. It was a matter of a weekend (not sure if at the time we had any vets open in the weekends, I was 10) and he didn't survive. Since it was summer time, I was able to spend the most time with him so I hope at least he felt loved in the brief time he spent with us. The smell was indeed horrible. : (

  6. It doesn't matter, parvo is like the flu. It mutates every year. Some puppers are just unlucky Mine survived, he's the most loving derpy dude you ever did see, but he is stunted (he's a dane).

  7. In the US I believe it is legally required. The parvo vaccine is certainly one of the "core" vaccines for dogs. But theres a window in puppyhood where mom's immunity is wearing off but the puppy still isnt old enough to be vaccinated. Parvo can survive an extremely long time on some surfaces, like I think years in dirt. That's why you shouldnt really bring puppies outside for walks until they're fully vaccinated (this includes boosters, you cant just get 1 shot and call it a day) so they dont just randomly pick it up while walking around. But a lot of people dont seem to know that so parvo can still spread. Also spreads amongst stray dog populations so if OP's dog was a recently rescued stray then that could explain it, since it's clearly not a very young puppy.

  8. Dogs must be vaccinated for Parvo once they are old enough. Dogs can inherit some resistance so long as their mothers are vaccinated.

  9. He had it as an adult? wow thats pretty rare but they have a much better chance to survive as an adult than a young pup.

  10. We went through that just over a year ago with a puppy wet brought home from my sister in laws wedding. What a stressful week that was. The vet said she had such a high viral load he didn’t think it’d even be worth it to admit her as he was sure she would die. But he knew my wife had done some fostering work and told her he’d let her have some of the sub-cu fluids so we could try to keep her hydrated. So we did. She looked like a little camel with all the fluid on her back. She’s now the most energetic, stubborn, adorable pain in the ass. Congrats on your victory as well

  11. Reminder for everyone reading this to vaccinate your dogs at the appropriate ages! It is HORRIFIC to watch puppies die from this, it is awful to see adult dogs that should have been properly vaccinated against it die from it. Get your dogs and cats vaccinated. If you don’t have verified proof of vaccines assume they don’t have it and start over. Small cost compared to treatment or death. Glad this guy made it through.

  12. My puppers survived it too because before we even knew him some nice stranger paid for his treatment and now he's the best puppers I've ever known.

  13. They call this parvo. And I lost a good friend to it. So glad you got him to the vet in time. Parvo sucks d

  14. Bitter vet staff here. I hope you learned your lesson and will be vaccinating all your future pets. It’s a basic, well known “requirement” of having a dog. Minimal research would have told you this. The fact that I have to hold dying puppies from parvo when it could have easily been prevented for $35/vaccine makes me angry at you. I feel bad for your dog. And this DEFINITELY isn’t a mademesmile post.

  15. Ike was adopted. The previous owners told us Ike had every required vaccine. We are very angry at the previous owners but have not been able to reach them yet. Thank you for caring.

  16. So question - is there any harm to getting your dog a second parvo vaccination? Like say i adopt a dog and absolutely do not take the previous owners at their word and i am not handed any documentation so i can’t call the vet and verify. Say previous owners did vaccinate the dog, but i took the dog for vaccinations anyway due to being unable to confirm, is there any harm to the dog’s health getting a second one?

  17. I was given a puppy who ended up having Parvo. The breeder was a vet tech who hadn't vaccinated her puppies and likely brought the virus home.

  18. Parvo is devastating. Im so sorry you have had to handle dying puppies, part of the reason i could never get in to that field of work the dying animals or mistreated ones would crush me. Thank you for the work you do.

  19. You’re Kinda being a dick considering every time I’ve had a dog that had parvo, it was a dog I got from the shelter

  20. Nah, I just think it isn’t true. The dog is too old to have parvo, even if it was vaccinated minimally in its life it wouldn’t have gotten it. The titers last a very long time. Are we to believe this dog has never been to a vet before, and then when it finally got sick it went through hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of vet care? I don’t.

  21. my pup got the vaccine and still got parvo, survived tho. i am not saying it wouldn't help, the vaccine made it probably a lot less heavy.

  22. So I just recently had to get my dog tested who is vaccinated for Parvo because dogs who are vaccinated can still get Parvo and my dog was having symptoms similar to Parvo. His doctor told me it's rare but completely possible for any dog who has been fully vaccinated to still get infected because of different issues that can arise, the dogs own immune system not producing appropriate amount of antibodies for one or the vaccine not being properly stored and being ineffective, Just saying.

  23. holy shit this is passive aggressive. Hope you don't blame every owner who walks in for their pet's condition. I helped my pup through parvo despite the previous owner confirming he had all of his vaccinations

  24. We had a Brittany Spaniel that got parvo as a puppy (she was a few months old) and my parents were preparing us for if she died because they really didn’t know if she was going to make it. Thankfully she did and we got to spend many joyful years with her. She sadly passed away at 9 while on a hunting trip with my dad and brother. She went to retrieve a bird and didn’t come back. After walking the fields looking and calling for her, they finally found her and it looked as if she had just laid down and died. My dad stayed behind and buried her in the field. We were all devastated but also grateful she got to go out doing her most favorite thing. I’m so glad you’re getting more time with your sweet pup. Here’s to many memories in the years to come!

  25. My cat required a $7000 surgery that I'll be paying off for a year but I'm so fucking happy to have him back.

  26. He is obviously so happy and can tell how much you love him. Give your puppy some extra snuggles and treats from his new internet friends!

  27. I work with a local rescue and Parvo is getting horrifyingly more common. I don’t know if climate change is helping spread it or what’s going on but it’s scary.

  28. Parvo SUCKS. So happy for you and your boy. Mine had his like two days after I adopted him from the shelter. Had to be hospitalized for almost ten days! I was a wreck and awful. But he came back through! Been with me 8 years now. Has had two knee replacements. 🫠

  29. Same happened to ny dog when we brought her to our home. Just after 4 days, she starter vomiting. She was just 6 weeks old at that time. Parvo is no joke. She was pooping blood. She became so thin and weak, that she was not able to lift herself. She even peed while lying down, without ecen moving. It was winters too, so cleaning her with water every time was also dangerous. Those were tough times. Even doctor said that if she continued vomiting, i dont think she will last. Even we lost hope. My father who loves dogs so much, was heartbroken, looking at her face, he always starts to cry. But she had a strong will. She survived the disease. I cant even imagine what was she going through that time. After she was out of danger and her vomiting was stopped, she was still weak. So she cant even bark. After a week or so, we heard her bark for the first time after the disease. We all felt so happy. This was in 2018. She is now a pampered pup, lol. We love her so much. We have spoiled her so much worh love. Glad to know your pup is okay too. Dogs are the best thing that has happened to us. They are sweet angels.

  30. Hey man congratulations ♥️. Parvovirus is a fucking nightmare for any dog parent, but especially for one in a third world country like Pakistan where not ONE Vet clinic is equipped enough to keep a dog over night. Four of my pups contracted the virus a few months ago. We lost one. It was nothing short of a miracle here. What was the treatment like at your end?

  31. Glad your boy recoverd! Parvovirus is typically seen in young, under vaccinated puppies. It's less commonly seen in older dogs that are fully vaccinated. If they are, they tend to not get as sick, and recover more quickly. Its endemic in my area, and more concerning, we are seeing it in fully vaccinated dogs more and more often in vet clinics.

  32. That’s such a huge relief. Parvo is such a dangerous virus and I’ve known several labs that passed away from that :(. It’s also a huge burden on the dog owner to try to get the dog through the symptoms. So happy for you both!

  33. Yayyy!!! My dog got parvo at 1.5yrs old. It was a complete shock and I almost lost him. I remember every second of that feeling. Wishing you and your dog many happy years to come!! (Coop and I are going one 10 🥰)

  34. Our dog Mabel survived, it was a terrifying ordeal and she had to stay in a pet hospital for 2 full days because she was losing so much fluids. Glad your pupper held on through it, Parvo is no joke!

  35. Man, I'm so happy for you right now. I don't know you, but you seem to have one of the happiest dogs in the world right now. Congrats bro.

  36. Lucky boy! We’ve been there, our German Shepherd spent 3 nights in an intensive care facility with k9 Parvovirus when he was ~3 months old. It is no joke & very deadly if not treated urgently.

  37. My puppies both caught it at a very young age (only few months old), they almost died but they pulled through. I share your happiness and I know how relieved you must feel rn

  38. Congrats man. Parvo is a hard fight and I’ve known too many dogs who have lost it. Your dog deserves as many treats as he can get.

  39. I had one survive parvo. The vet told me to come tell him good bye because he wouldn't make it through the night. The next day he turned the corner. He lived 14 years after that. It is a brytal virus.

  40. I work at an animal hospital and it’s always so amazing to see dogs survive parvo!! He is such a good boy!!

  41. I lost two st.bernard pups to that when I was a kid, they were the last dogs I had until a month ago when my kids talked me into a labradane rescue. I'm happy he made it, you wouldn't happen to want a year old labradane would you? (Jk, he's family now)

  42. One of my pups also survived parvo! He is a happy and healthy five year old right now and I do not regret spending a single penny to save that young man’s life.

  43. He looks so happy! Glad you got him better. Keep an eye on him/his behavior. Idk much about it but it had everlasting effects on my dog. She would guard any food or water we put out. But we more so had to worry about it because we had other dogs.

  44. Woo-hoo! I know how deadly that virus can be and am happy the little fella overcame it. ♥️♥️🥰🥰 PS: I know he’s actually not little, but still.

  45. I am so excited for you and your dog. How wonderful. Also, I probably sound completely inappropriate with this comment, but you are beyond adorable.

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