On duty sniffer Lab gets a smol break from work

  1. "I'm holding my own leash! I'm free to do whatever I want! I can go wherever I wish! YEAH! I can go over here! I can go over there! I'm free! OK. I'm back."

  2. That’s what I love about working dogs. We call them “working dogs” but for them, their lives consist of “wake up, eat, play play play play play, eat, sleep” and it shows.

  3. We had the opportunity to adopt a 6 years old belgian shepherd that used to be a sniffer. Oh man I loved that dog so much. He was an angel shaped as a dog.

  4. The last sentence reminded me of when I has to get my Boston put down. She had this major seizure she wasn't coming back from, and a week or so later, the vet sent me a card with her paw prints on it and a poem about the rainbow Bridge.

  5. "I am good boy I am good boy I am good boy. Ohhh look...my leash...I am good boy I am good boy weeeeeeee. Okay back to work"

  6. I know someone who had a retired drug sniffer dog. It’s great on walks. People get so excited when the dog gives them loads of attention…

  7. I love this, just like an American worker. Seriously serious for work, okay I am off work? Play play play, drunk, but we don't have 4 legs, so fall down and deny tomorrow.

  8. I love how precious this is to us viewers when these two guards are chillin saying “yeah we’ve seen this way too many times”

  9. What a good worker! I hope he is well compensated for the hours he puts in. If hes just making minimum wage this is a travesty.

  10. "Alright, go on then. Just don't do anything embarrassing. Remember we're here to do work and people respect disciplined authority. Do you understand private?“

  11. I am having a hard time understanding what makes this "ragebait". I thought it was so cute; nothing bad happened, cute doggo gets a fun little mini-break to dance around a bit. Can someone please help me understand? Thanks.

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