Mom names her newborn daughter after her best friend

  1. When I asked a chicken-raising friend of mine if they had silkies, they bought two at auction and named them BOTH after me. Heck yeah I was amused and pleased!

  2. My best friend named her daughter after me. I damn near cry every time I address a birthday card to her…and I’ve done it 13 times already.

  3. I remember reading a tweet from Duncan Jones, whose father (David Bowie) used to call him Zowie. He named his daughter Zowie too and now at Christmas he always tears up because he writes on labels To Zowie From Dad, just like the presents he use to get as a child.

  4. My daughters middle name is my best friends name. Said best friend then went out the day after she found out and got my daughters birthday tattooed on her arm ❤️

  5. Weirdly what made me tear up is how fucking small that baby is in her hands. I feel like I would react similarly, just placing her on my lap because of how delicate she seems. So touching and intimidating all at once.

  6. It's the most amazing thing in the world. My son just turned 4 months and I look back at his newborn photos and tear up because I can't believe how tiny he was. It was so recent that he was that tiny, fragile little burrito that I was terrified I'd hurt and who didn't do anything. Now he smiles when he sees us and plays peekaboo and goes absolutely ham in his little bouncer. It's just amazing how fast it goes and how fun it is seeing them develop.

  7. Worked at a Gyn unit as a guy... The nurses had the annoying habit to just hand me some new borns. I was always afraid to break them and they where just: na just put them on your forearm and keep on working.

  8. Man, my son was the huge monster sized behbeh. This gal is teeny weeny. I’d feel like I’d break her because I’m so used to my robust little baby lol.

  9. My daughter turned 16 months in Dec and it’s still amazes me how much she has grown. She’s still a tiny human, but I remeber being so scared to hold her in the hospital. My wife and I still look through her pictures all the time to mention how much she changes month after month.

  10. I had this thing with my best friend that whenever he would come over I would make burritos for dinner. When my first son was born I send him a message “look a this burrito I just got” and after that send him a picture of my son all swaddled up

  11. My son is named after one of my best friends who unfortunately passed away before he was born. I did get to tell him before he passed if I had a son, he'd be named after him. My buddy's biggest fear was being forgotten. Now my little dude gets to grow up hearing story after story about the person he's named after. Never forgotten.

  12. My son was also named after one of my best friends who passed before he was born. He was a stand up dude who rescued us in troublesome moments more than once. He had heart problems since birth and his health tanked. There was fluid built up in his thoracic cavity and he died in surgery at 21.

  13. Not sure I'd want to hear story after story about a person I'm named after. It would feel like you're never able to live up to the name you were given and I'd question if I was even loved at all or if all my parent cared about was keeping the memory of that person alive instead of making memories with me since I'd always be compared to that other person.

  14. “One of my best friends who unfortunately passed away before he was born”- I had to read this several times before it made sense to me

  15. Hey me too! Mine is a little weirder. My best friend died in his senior year of high school and at that time I decided I’d name my first son Brandon after him. I ended up marrying a guy with kids, and his oldest son’s name is Brandon. When their mom passed away, I adopted them. So I kept my word, just not how I expected.

  16. She's crying because she knows she now has to name her daughter after the mom, and she hates the name Gertrude.

  17. You gotta calibrate the battery properly so you leave it a while on it. Wouldn’t want it to become a lazy meat bag who runs out of energy immediately like me

  18. We named our first born after my wife’s brother (Oliviero -> Olivia). His reaction wasn’t as teary-eyed but still wholesome from a goofy Italian man 😊🤌🏼

  19. I was three years old when my brother was born, just weeks after my birthday. I remember being in the hospital, and my mother asked me what my brother should be named. I didn't know what to say, so she started throwing out various names.

  20. When my older sister had her first born, she chose my middle name to be her daughters middle name. I got mine from my aunt (who is our favorite aunt). Even though I was the first person she told she was expecting to, she kept this part secret from me. I went to visit them the day she was born and that's when my sister told me. To say I cried is an understatement. I absolutely bawled my eyes out.

  21. My great uncle named his son after me (yes you heard it right, my mom is ~45 years older than her youngest cousin) and it was so hard to control the emotions.

  22. Me and my best friend had our kids about 6 months apart. Neither of us wanted to know what the sex was, and we weren't telling anybody names. He picked the same exact name (first and middle) as we picked for a boy! Our last names even start with the same letter! We had a girl, so it wasn't an issue, but it was kind of weird lol we have never once discussed baby names and we both picked the same one lol

  23. My cousin's baby has the name I have wanted to use for my child since I was a little kid (our great-grandmother's name). He didn't know, and the likelihood that I have a kid of my own is vanishingly miniscule. Still, if I do end up having a kid, I'm not changing my plans. There will simply be two Evelyns in the family.

  24. I hope the friend used the name anyway.... And still ended the friendship. Can't let a selfish bitch like that change your naming plans.

  25. When my step mom was pregnant with my brother, they decided on the cane Reece. My cousin, who was not pregnant, trying to get pregnant or in a relationship was pissed because that was supposed to be her baby’s name. A handful of family members would call my step mom frequently to ask if she had changed her mind and she didn’t. Fast forward to brother arriving. The whole family thought he was Reece and they proceeded to not talk to our family for months. My parents were actively telling them that they went ahead with naming him Reece.

  26. I don't recommend it. Friendships aren't guaranteed, and you don't want to look at your kid and be reminded of a broken friendship.

  27. Whenever I hear people say I wish I had friends, etc. I've always wanted to ask... What kind of effort are people putting into trying to make or keep friends that have this issue? Is it expected for people to gravitate towards you and not do the work required to build and maintain relationships?

  28. I had a couple of friends who had a baby born on Halloween, so they named their baby Casper. Then a couple of days later the baby died - something SIDs related. They joke about it now but fuck was that bleak.

  29. Protip if you see an imgur link ending in .gifv, just replace .gifv with .mp4 and it will then play the sound, if the original had sound :)

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  31. I think it’s the second middle name—Raeva (or however it’s spelled)—that’s the best friend’s name. It’s where the mother puts the dramatic emphasis, and you can see the friend react to hearing it, but first as though she’s just hearing her own name.

  32. I think it's actually Mireya, because the Mom says "your name is miracle". Mireya has Spanish and Latin origins meaning miracle and admired.

  33. Since no one else has said anything... some gif/vids don't ever have sound, but a lot of the ones that do, don't have sound available in the official Reddit app.

  34. Ahhh, its "Mireya", I was wondering why she was saying it means Miracle, I was sitting there thinking "What? No it doesn't, Juniper doesn't mean Miracle".

  35. My sister surprised everyone by giving my first name as her 3rd childs middle name. No one knew until the naming ceremony and I had this reaction too and started bawling. They made (heartfelt) fun of me afterwards and I felt a bit embarrassed.

  36. That’s nice, but if my friend named their child after me, it would be a mistake. The world does not need another Jeff.

  37. My best friend abandoned me during my pregnancy after 19 years of friendship. This kicked me in the heart :(

  38. Can someone transcribe? I’m having a hard time understanding them. To me it sounds like her name is Rachel? And then she says “her name is Miracle”? And now in the comments people are saying other names lol I’m so confused help computer

  39. Free baby sitting forever. What a way to show how much you love your bestie. Giving new baby you love so much your bff’s name!

  40. I’m glad no one has named a baby after me. I’d be flattered and hell, even honoured, but my reaction would be like “oh wow, thank you!” instead of this level

  41. Same here. I'm hoping it's just because of my depression, but I honestly can't see myself reacting that strongly to anything. No matter how meaningful it was I'd still probably just be like "what, wow, thank you!"

  42. Gosh, I forgot how light my daughter was just shy of a year ago. I can’t believe I held her just like this.

  43. I’m naming my first daughter after my mom, and if I have a second she’ll be named after my best friend, my first son will be named after my dad and if I have a second he’ll be named after my fiances best friend

  44. My brother named his daughter after me. Let me tell you, I bawled my eyes out. She is my princess. Luckily enough, I was able to repay the gesture by naming my son after him. They also share the same birthday so I feel like I won 😂

  45. I have two best friends and their first names are my 22 year old daughter’s first and middle names… I met both of them after she was born.

  46. I named my firstborn after my grandmother who cared for me like a mother for much of my young life. I'll never forget her and my daughter gets to grow up and here about "great grandma me".

  47. 25 years ago I got to stand in a hospital room and tell my little brother that the baby he was holding was named after him. One of my most treasured moments.

  48. Back when I was open to having kids, I wanted to name my daughter after my grandma, Emilia. When I told my aunt (grandma's daughter) about it, she said "Ew, that's an ugly name." lol.

  49. Awwww...we surprised my sister who was in the OR with us during my C section by giving our daughter her middle name. She was our egg donor and made it possible for our little girl to even exist. I was still on the OR table being sewed together when I told her and we both burst into tears

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