If That's What You Really Want, Karen

  1. I had a similar job when I was 18. I had someone try to use a 30% off coupon on something that was already 70% off.

  2. I had a friend, my manager actually, who called our a customer like that. Christmas Eve, around 4pm & we’re trying to close so we can have an hour to tidy up & start preparing the sale for after Boxing Day. Guy starts yelling at her that he “just needs a card for his wife”

  3. i hope you greeted her with "Oh im sorry maam, when you said you were never coming back, was that a lie?"

  4. Someone who has actually decided to never come back doesn't have any reason to tell you about it.

  5. Is there a "friendly" retail way to call her out on always coming Back? If she's a regular, I would be petty enough to remember her name and always loudly announce how surprised I am to see her "after last week" while maintaining prolonged eye contact

  6. Every week I would greet her. "Oh welcome back! We weren't expecting to see you again. Isn't this a surprise?!" Or something similar. She always twisted up her mouth and glared at me about it but couldn't do anything. She can't exactly report an employee for greeting her

  7. I used to loudly exclaim "Hey! Welcome back!" At the offending shopper any time I ran into these situations.

  8. If you kept pulling this on a grocery store I worked for our management would eventually make it perfectly clear they’d call the police and have you permanently trespassed so you can’t come back

  9. I worked in retail a few years and it always seems like the people who threaten to never come back are exactly the people you never, ever want to see again.

  10. They get the coupon. They save the coupon. They bring the coupon. They present the coupon. They will USE the coupon. Math doesn't matter.

  11. I have a customer like this too. Always bitches and wants the lowest price possible (heavy duty parts sales, asking for discounts is normal). I used to genuinely do my best to give him the lowest price I could give without taking heat for it. Until he stopped accepting that I couldn't go any lower, and said he'd never be back. Only to be back within a few days, doing the same song and dance.

  12. Former Hobby Lobby employee here....the holidays brought out the meanest and most entitled people, I swear. Ironic, since it's supposed to be a time of thankfulness and joy. I'm really glad your supervisor had your back. We had a CSM that simply didn't tolerate bad apple customers, and her support really kept us cashiers sane.

  13. Interestingly, she didn't even celebrate Christmas. I got yelled at about that one too on a few other visits from her. I chose not to really mention that part because it was irrelevant to the story at hand and I didn't want to invite trolls belittling her religion. Her behavior was not because of religion but because of meanness. But for real, the insane people that were actually shopping for Christmas got nasty!

  14. remember when the 1/3 pounder didn't work because people thought it was smaller than a 1/4 pounder?

  15. I worked at kids' clothing store through college, and I can't tell you how many times people INSISTED on paying more than the sale price because they had a coupon. I gave up ever trying to explain after this one woman who I tried to tell that using her coupon was a worse deal, and she just kept yelling at me. Finally, I said, "Ok, do you want to pay $16 or do you want to pay $21?" and she screamed in my face "I WANT TO PAY $21!" Sure, why not.

  16. I can tell this is a Michael’s. I go there to restock on my embroidery floss and I always profusely apologize to the cashier because I feel so bad she has to ring up a big pile of each individual floss (But that 20% makes a big difference). I even try to go during times when it’s not busy so I don’t make a big line. I couldn’t imagine being so cruel to a cashier. The level of entitlement from some people is insane. And 9 times out of 10 it’s someone middle aged or old.

  17. With such a big spender, it’s a wonder your manager never asked corporate for the okay to have her banned from the store.

  18. In her head she hoped she's get the 20 percent off of the sale price. Instead you took 30 percent coupon off and a plied a lower one.

  19. Ahh that type, my favourite way to deal with that is as long as it's under cost to give in and then ban them from the store for ever more. It's not something I've done often but some people are so toxic and cause my staff so many constant headaches that it's worth it. It only works with the absolute worst though as all the staff are unfortunately unable to forgot them. These are people I would recognize now 10 years later due to nightmares.

  20. Something I neglected to include is that this crazy woman didn't even have a tree or celebrate Christmas. She was clear about that one of the many times she was screeching at me that the store was too overrun with Christmas stuff and I needed to do something about it

  21. Where do you work that someome would ned to utilize your store every week. The only place I can think of is a grocery store or gas station...........

  22. It was a large craft store. Most weeks she was buying yarn. I believe she witnessed the extinction of the mammoths and occupied her lonely existence in old age by screaming at retail employees about coupons. I would have felt bad for her since she was always alone and seemed to only get out the one day a week if she didn't handle it by being a raging bitch

  23. Wonder what would have happened at my wifes work. They resently got new 30% off stickers for meat, but there is no button on register yet for it so the cashiers are still using 50% button.

  24. Was hoping to get 20% off of the already reduced price 😂 would have resulted in her getting a 44% discount if she had gotten you to fall for the trick she wanted to pull

  25. What Karen if she was smart what she should have done was to keep silent and leave the coupon in her purse then she would gotten the better deal but karens are not smart so she didn't get the best deal

  26. Yeah there's something wrong with her. Even if she couldn't do math, I would still say never mind and ask you to ring it up again under the sale price.

  27. I really dislike the craft shop coupon/sale stuff. There's one chain I just won't go to because of the massive checkout delays the coupon/sales and returns take. Seems like many others won't go there either, as they closed their nearest location. C'est la vie.

  28. That’s what these asshat Karens do. They throw a temper tantrum to get what they want, because they know most places will give in & give them whatever they want, to avoid a scene.

  29. oh, the absolute hell of dealing with Craft Ladies at Michaels. I still have nightmares about working there - no exaggeration. I will forever hate glitter, burlap, and chalkboard paint.

  30. I had a guy demand I price match the cost of grapes. We were selling them for $1.79 the other store was selling them for $1.89. Yes sir, whatever you want. (Cost him more to price match than we were selling them for.)

  31. I had one lady (before Karen's were known as Karen's) demand I print her a duplicate receipt . Our system did not allow this, I was their trainer. I knew the system and was a supervisor. She needed a receipt for a mail in coupon reimbursement (didn't want to use the original? Probably to return it and still get the reimbursement$$) (hated those deals, but we weren't responsible for them). I told her I could and did, make her a photocopy. She kept screaming at me and my poor register clerk that it's our fault and I'm lying etc etc. She kept saying she would never return..They always do. Oh she also said I would personally owe her the $$ if she didn't get it and I would be fired.

  32. I love how people like this always say “I’m never coming back” as if we’re gonna be like “omg I’m so sorry your business is way to valuable to us please come back!”

  33. You are right! Whatever the intent, it is now just leveled against women in general. If a woman complains, "she's a kArEn."

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