This is the one of hottest cast on tv, change my mind

  1. I guess everyone else is attractive in their way but Saanvi though...Parveen Kaur is trip over your own feet and make you forget how to talk pretty.

  2. Saanvi is by far the most beautiful of the cast (and one of the strongest actors). I watch her scenes with extreme attention.

  3. Melissa Roxburgh has had a major glow up from season 1 to season 3, and season 4 looks even better. Shoutout to the makeup and hair department. The cast is seriously good looking, every single one of them. You’re missing a few!

  4. Lol oh of course. I could be hear all night adding everyone 😂 I just added the people from the most recent episode I watched since they were fresh on my mind

  5. I like the Ben most. He is handsome and good at acting. Police girl is very hot but kinda sucks at acting like a policeman. I dont like other police guy either, or the other girl officer. I like the doctor girl and I hate Ben's wife.

  6. The entire cast? I dunno about that. Saanvi and Michaela are pretty, Jared is handsome-ish but not a 10, and that’s about it. 😬

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