The most emotionally devastating experience

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  2. Bro that one scene was so devastating, I absolutely was not expecting it at all, I was literally in shock with my mouth hanging open

  3. I find it a little sad how I got more emotion out of a dumb little flash game that got put on steam, than I did watching several multimillion dollar sequel films to one of the best parts of my childhood.

  4. Didn’t cry at first two (dont know where second one is from) i always get a bit emotional in the duel at Mustafa (after it gets through all the memes. But i tear up every time on that last one. Pretty sure i started balling the first time i saw it

  5. I'm so fucking tired of seeing memes about this. He's a fictional character in a flash game about stick figures. Move the fuck on. I actually like the game and am invested in its story but my god, people need to stop taking this ending so seriously. It's been a year and a half, you can't still be hung up on Charlie Calvin's death.

  6. I disagree, he was a legitimately well written character that was beloved by many and was killed off in an incredible way. people being sad over charles' death is indicative of the developers ability to write a great character.

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