Oh! WOW!

  1. Thor, White Tiger, Odin, the golden threesome, currently running an inkified White Tiger who spits out black and white tigers all over the board. Loving this game.

  2. Well, Angela would make more sense in relation to Daredevil. Personally I prefer Ava and would love to see DD mentor her and maybe throw in Victor Alvarez into the mix somehow as a Power Man legacy. But that's unlikely.

  3. Reminder that the Tiger God recently was retconned into becoming the arch-rival of the Phoenix, and both gods exist outside Eternity and the known cycle of the Universes. (We knew Phoenix existed outside of Eternity in the past, but all this Tiger God stuff is new).

  4. Probably as a cop that finds her aunt's tiger amulet and struggles with the concept of balancing lawful justice with vigilante justice, only to be encouraged and helped by Daredevil who happens to be an expert in the matter.

  5. I’d like an adaptation of the storyline where Matt has to defend White Tiger from murder charges - which eventually serves as a prelude to Matt’s own outting in the press and eventual imprisonment.

  6. I've been reading comics for like forty years, mcu is starting to dig in to a bunch of characters I've never heard of. Curious how this will go.

  7. Reading Marvel comics for forty years and never came across White Tiger? There are like three or four(?) generations of the character.

  8. From what few comics Ive read with White Tiger she looks alot older than Jenna and kinda native american. Not sure if she actually is or just looks like that but either way, Im not sure Jenna is a good fit. Heard they were also looking at Zendaya for the part (sounds unlikely as shes in the Spiderman movies but who knows) which I think would be a better fit.

  9. She crushed it in X and I'm really looking forward to Wednesday, I heard it's one of her best outings.

  10. Of course they will. Marvel can't help themselves. How many d list heros do they need to introduce and do nothing with before they realize that it's bringing the overall quality of their content down?

  11. Jenna Ortega is getting a bunch of great roles and I’m so excited for her. She’s been doing wonderful since her Disney Channel days.

  12. Nothing against White Tiger…but why can’t we get introduced to any X-Man? If we’re trying to establish mutants as a thing, we’ve had a few years to do so and we’ve only barely seen a few mentioned.

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