So, it was all a lie?

  1. I think there is just a council of 10 dentists who control the toothpaste market and one of them just doesn’t like toothpaste.

  2. Those toothpaste brands are referencing studies from decades ago, and the “4 out of 5” and “9 out of 10” stuff is kinda misleading

  3. Have been working as a dentist for 10 years. When I run out of free samples I buy the cheapest toothpaste I find on the supermarket. Hope this information is useful enough for you.

  4. People used to brush their teeth with coals left over from a fire, and a dry stick split into shavings with a knife, I however buy the most bargain toothpaste on the market

  5. Every single one of those "4 out of 5" or "9 out of 10" dentist recommendations used in commercials leave out the most important part. The recommendation is against not using toothpaste at all. 4 out of 5 dentists recommend using this brand of toothpaste over not using toothpaste. That's actually what is being compared.

  6. You’re telling me I no longer need to resort to using activated charcoal, vinegar, or fluoro-antimonic acid?! Awesome! Now I don’t have to get a completely new set of teeth every night! That save me a lot of trash bags and axe maintenance money, and energy because I don’t need to run from the police no more! Thank you for enlightening me on these matters, and have a great day/night/remembering those crying things you did as a kid at 3 AM.

  7. So what is your opinion on tooth past? Got any recommendations? Personally use arm & hammer with baking soda cause my teeth are discolored.

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