Some extra info on Metroid Dread Sales: Metroid Dread is set to become the best selling title in the franchise.

  1. Super notably sold really poorly in Japan. It also came out in 1994 on the Super Nintendo, which is the same year the Sega Saturn and the original Playstation came out. I doubt there was a ton of hype for a 2D side scroller on 16 bit hardware when newer systems were marketing 3D games. As a 90’s kid, I remember how exciting the new 3D systems were, even if they haven’t aged as well as the 16 bit era.

  2. As someone who was wishing every day would be the day the store called to tell me my reserved copy of Super Metroid was in - it had been delayed in my area with no updated release schedule - I was just as baffled as you that no one else I knew even cared. Early to mid 1994 was two things and two things only: NBA Jam and Mortal Kombat 2. The reviews for Super were through the roof. It quickly started showing up on goat lists. Still - the mainstream didn’t want it. The tv commercial was so bad, and it was on constantly. It happened again with Final Fantasy VI later that year (it only sold 450K total on snes in North America). If only I had Reddit back then…

  3. not really that surprising because well back then there were fewer gamers in general. SO while plenty bought Metroid 1 cause well it was new so gotta try it. Not surprised that sequels didn't sell as well. Specially in the era of some amazing other SNES games too.

  4. I love that a franchise that has still consistently sold over a million copies is somehow considered “extremely niche” just because it’s not pushing AC or Mario numbers.

  5. I’ve heard Fromsoft games get called niche despite Dark Souls 3 selling over 10 million. Some people have weird standards for what is considered niche.

  6. People really exaggerate Metroid's "low seller" status. It doesn't pull Mario or Pokemon numbers but barely anything does so it's not a fair comparison to make. In reality Metroid sells fine and always has. People just like to pretend it sells like dirt because that creates more drama and makes it look like the underdog.

  7. You have to take into consideration the success of the console and the gaming population. I hate to be a wet blanket, but if Dread only sells just over 3 million in lifetime sales, it still wouldn't be as impressive as the 2.8 million Prime 1 sold, 20 years ago on a poor selling console.

  8. Might have to do with how it releases. Given Nintendo IPs like Mario get, like, five new games a year, and we've gotten a new AC game every so often with each new console since the GameCube, and Zelda has had steady releases on consoles and handhelds since the NES.

  9. I'm interested in knowing why Prime 2's sales dropped SO HARD from Prime 1. That seems pretty unusual to me.

  10. The second game in the same console almost always performs worse than the first one, Fusion to Zero Mission saw a fairly similar drop. Super Mario Galaxy 1 to Galaxy 2 and Twilight Princess to Skyward Sword also saw a similar decreases. Its no coincidence that Nintendo rarely launches flagship titles at the end of their console's life cycle.

  11. According to surveys and final boss achievements/trophies, the vast majority of people don't actually finish most of the videogames they buy.

  12. It's the same reason why Metroid Zero Mission sold worse than Metroid Fusion, Metroid: Other M sold worse than Metroid Prime 3, and Metroid Prime 4 will likely sell worse than Metroid Dread. Having a sequel of a game on the same console is very hard to sell.

  13. The first Metroid prime was the only reason I bought a Game Cube back in the day (not saying this was the only good GC game). Recently tried playing it using an emulator and it still holds up really well in my opinion.

  14. I'm replaying the Prime Trilogy on my WiiU, and so far Prime and Echoes are still amazing. Got to the Omega Pirate fight and had to take a break though haha. So onto Echoes

  15. Assuming Prime 4 is released only on the Switch, I don't see it doing as well as Dread due to it being the second game of the series and it potentially releasing pretty late into the console's lifespan.

  16. with data like this, I always wonder—is this worldwide sales? does it include physical & digital? How are Prime Trilogy sales factored into this? what about re-releases on Virtual Console, etc?

  17. These are worldwide shipment sales, money that went directly into Nintendo's pockets, it includes digital and disregards whatever retailers do.

  18. Knowing nothing about VC sales, I am curious how these numbers would shift if we included the rereleases we do know the sales numbers of.

  19. smh this chart doesn’t even mention Metroid Prime Pinball. Obviously that’s the highest selling game in the series, everyone else is just playing for second.

  20. I pre-ordered Dread last Summer. I was so excited, because Super Metroid is my favorite game of all-time, and it was awesome to finally have a new 2D game on the Switch!

  21. It's amazing to think how Dread somehow managed to be released after nearly 15 years of development hell, was criticaly aclaimed by both critics and the audience, AND sold well enough to become the best selling game of the franchise.

  22. Honestly, I loved this game and I want this series to succeed, but these don’t feel like as amazing numbers as people make them out to be. The switch sells games like nobody’s business. Franchises that historically undersold are often having their Switch releases sell as much as 3x. I wasn’t expecting Animal Crossing numbers, but I was kind of hoping all the people who got Hollow Knight on Switch would consider trying out Dread.

  23. I'm going to bet the majority of the Switch owners are people who exclusively play Mario/Kart, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon - in fact, the best sellers they showed actually prove that - but the people who play Fire Emblem and Metroid, the more "hardcore" Nintendo game base, are not as numerous as you'd expect.

  24. It's only counting Metroid games that sold over 1 million. Zero Mission, Pinball, Federation Force, and Samus Returns are also not on this chart.

  25. Contrary to the popular belief perpetuated by VGChartz, Other M never managed to ship 1 million units, that's why Nintendo never gave accurate sales numbers and hence is not included in that graph (among Zero Mission, Samus Returns, Pinball, and Fed Force). All we know thanks to Reggie's comment is that the game was somewhere in between 500000 and 999999 until Nintendo stopped keeping track of its sales.

  26. I was hoping for the “Metroid Dread, 3.5 millions copies sold, is now the best selling title in the franchise” headline but I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit longer. Announcing a DLC soon would definitely pump those sales up.

  27. That wouldn't look good. It would stack up better against other niche series like Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles.

  28. GameCube's and Wii's demographics weren't the same, Corruption is even among the best selling shooters on the console, ironic for a console so well suited for such genre.

  29. Great! Personally I was hoping for more. The GCN sold about 20 Mil, compared with the Switch that is about 100 Mil. With this large base, I thought more Switch owners would have grabbed a copy of Dread

  30. You could say the exact same thing about all the Metroid games on the Wii and DS that barely sold 1 million lmao. Prime is a major outlier, not the standard. This is a huge success.

  31. I think it’s pretty cool how Dread is one of the very few games to pass the 2 million thereshold. I hope the next time we see the game’s global sales it’ll be 3 million

  32. Strange how Prime 2 sold so low after 1 became the best selling in the series ever. Prime 3 too is surprising. Well, Super as well, but I guess Virtual Console and emulators would blow it up. Anyway, I hope Dread keeps selling, so Nintendo decides to produce more Metroid games.

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