It’s finally getting respect

  1. I remember having an idea of something called a Gold Golem where it would take a lot of blocks to make it but it would lead you to other ores, but it walked slow so it would take time.

  2. Copper and emerald ores are probably the most useless ones now. Emerald ore is so hard to find that it's useless, but emeralds are very useful, so I'd say copper is the most useless.

  3. Copper can be used to make telescopes, which I find them handy. But also lightning rods which can be used to get lightning to create Charged Creepers to kill other evil mobs and get mob heads

  4. Hot take, on singleplayer (on smp this doesnt aplly because of economics based on diamonds) diamonds are the most useless ore, after making one set or diamond/netheritr armor and tools(which you don't even need diamonds for because of villager trading) diamonds become useless, gold can be used to make 2 best foods in the game golden carrots (best saturation 14.4 and 6 points of food make golden carrits best food for pve and pvp without golden apples) and golden apples (still good food source and gives you regeneration and absorption effects), moreover you can use gold to trade with piglins for a lot of items and villagers for emeralds which considering high efficiency of gold farms makes gold very decent emerald trade. Another benefit of gold being easily farmable is the fact that gold can be used as a beacon base, and thanks to that you can get full beacon pretty much on irl day 2 or 3 of playing (speaking from experience), and yes you can farm iron but I hate moving villagers so gold farms are better.

  5. Guys golden apples, carrots, and glistening melons have existed for several years. Gold just isn't used the same way as other ore's but it's not useless.

  6. Well tbh if the coper golem got voted it said when its fully oxidised or however u spell it it would become a statue so that would also be cool we also would get copper buttons that the golem could press sad times

  7. even before they started giving gold more use it had more usability than copper currently does. you could make clocks, light weighted pressure plates, powered rails, golden apples and carrots, and though it's not super useful, the tools though fragile were (and i think still are) the fastest tools in the game and get better enchants easier, allowing for players with excess gold to excavate quickly without using the durability on their normal tools. now you can barter with it, making it easy to get ender pearls for the end and leather for bookshelves and thus enchanting. right now copper is used to make a spyglass (which is cool), a lightning rod (don't know why it's necessary but it's probably useful in some way), and copper blocks which i don't think too many people will use in their builds but i could be wrong

  8. Gold got a major face lift in the nether update. It just had to become more abundant than iron and have a bottomless sink.

  9. Okay here is the thing tho Gold is one of the key things to make a golden apple if u don’t want to kill piglins So technically it is and isn’t useless

  10. for the last fucking time, none of the ores are useless. you all focus on the tools and armour, not what the ore can actually be used for. Just because golds tools and armour are dogshit because of durability, doesnt mean gold is useless. It can be used for golden apples/carrots which are some of the best food items in the game, its used for bartering, which is the best pre-end way of getting ender pearls, the list goes on. Its uses dont stop at tools. For the same reasons, copper isnt useless either, even though it doesnt even have tools or armour, its main use is for building, which is one of the main parts of minecraft, but it can be used as a zoom for people without optifine or zoom mods/bedrock/console players. Yes, its uses are a little but more niche, with things such as lightning rods and spyglasses, but its main use is a staple of minecraft, so by the logic that bad/no tools or armour makes something useless, most of the game is useless for you. It may not fit your interests, sure, but none of them have ever been useless.

  11. The pool was able to be used for apples and carrots in the past even before the nether update while quartzs is completely useless other than as a building block and I guess XP but it's not like anyone uses it for that.

  12. Gold was always good for powered rail... Lots of us still enjoy Minecart systems even though we have elytra. It's a relaxing and peaceful way of travel, especially useful in the nether

  13. Lapis and copper are now both the most useless. Lapis, because everyone just gets enchants from villagers, and copper, because... well, it's cool but just ok.

  14. Its speedy, its golden carrots, and its required for the nether. Copper is a good building block though, unlike gold.

  15. what about lapis at least with gold you can make food and trade with piglens and copper is a really beautiful building block

  16. Everyone hating on copper, just curious, are you the same ones that hate on Diorite? It's cool if you are, I'm just curious, it was only recently I learned there are people actively hate Diorite.

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