1. Only thing I would want changed for a remaster would be combat. Don't touch the dialog system, the spell selection or any quests. Just change the melee combat so it's using the modern approach

  2. i'm a skybaby and i never had any problems with combat when i played the vanilla game, only when i went to see the communities i found that people hated combat, to be honest i prefer morrowind combat to skyrim and oblivion.

  3. The combat in Morrowind truly sucks, but just in a way that I think it'd be better as an isometric turn base game.

  4. Soft disagree. Good design means that people understand something pretty fast. Al these hidden aspects do not improve the combat.

  5. I grew up playing KOTOR, once I realized that it was basically just KOTOR but first person and you were in control of the swings it helped me get a handle on the system.

  6. I personally love the rpg dnd aspect of old elder scrolls games, too bad they don't make elder scrolls games like that anymore, and I can't play the previous games cause Xbox is uncool like that

  7. I don’t mind it either really but it’s nothing to write home about. Honestly none of the elder scrolls games are great in that department lol but that’s not what we play them for

  8. But the mechanics need to match the visuals. That's what makes a game satisfying. In a TTRPG (or isometric) you just animate a miss as a miss because you can roll the dice first, then represent visually what the player sees based on the results.

  9. That’s my entire problem with it. Dice rolls have no place in arpg combat outside of secondary effects. It should bot determine hits or evasions or other such things when there are literal hitboxes that could be used instead

  10. yea the true bell curve here is that the ones on the left and middle are melee users while the right is the giggga chad mage demolishing everything within site, realizing chim, and truly beating the game by dragging it into the recycling bin

  11. I have no problem with the never-hit-anything combat mechanic. My only real beef with the Morrowind combat system is no active blocking!

  12. Elder Scrolls combat is really not that different in each game. From Arena to Skyrim you basically just click to attack or spam spells, pop some potions and do a little kiting around until the thing is dead. It is pretty bad in all the games, and was pretty much always a knock against them in reviews.

  13. Completely agree, I don’t think Morrowinds combat is outstandingly bad. Every Elder scrolls game I have played has always had boring broken combat lol

  14. No particular feature is that great in tes games. It's the fact that all theese bad ingrediens add up to a really good soup togheter.

  15. The true chad answer is that all Elder Scrolls games have shit combat. They’re still fun and immersive tho.

  16. I like the combat a lot. It’s one of my favorite things about Morrowind. It feels classic, and is a nice change of pace from other games.

  17. I'll take Skyrim combat every day over Morrowind's, however it is far from a deal breaker to me...just needed to hit rats and mudcrabs for a few hours outside Seyda-Neen before start questing properly.

  18. Skyrim's combat isn't even that much better than Morrowind's, really. But the animations are smoother, you get those cool kill cams that can be really satisfying, and Skyrim doesn't have the irritating miss mechanic that plagues the first few hours of a new playthrough.

  19. Note: I first played elder scrolls with daggerfall and spent literally thousands of hours playing Morrowind and beating it across hundreds of characters. I have played every Elder Scrolls game and love them all, and all the Fallouts, and most of their back catalog (everything post-The Terminator minus their sports games).

  20. At least full/power attacks actually work more than half the time. I can count on one hand the number of times I've hit an enemy in Oblivion with a power attack other than the forward one.

  21. Each powerattack moves the weapon towards a certain direction, learn them and compensate insted of pointing your crosshair towards your enemy and hoping for the best

  22. I've played Morrowind since it came out and still love it. Its 100% understandable that someone new to the game would think the combat sucks. Its based off an archaic mindset that every RPG had to have DnD dice roll elements in it, and alot of rpg's pre 2005 had that style. You can't expect everyone to like that, especially younger people that have played games like Skyrim FIRST then go back and play morrowind to like it. Thats like giving someone a crotch rocket motorcycle then showing them a moped and expecting them to be impressed. Sure its still fun but why would you expect them to prefer the former over the latter?

  23. I enjoy all combats, except for oblivion, but the combat mechanics of oblivion are great, it's just the absolutely shit leveling system that defecates on the combat system, seriously fuck oblivion.

  24. It sucks because diceroll/TTRPG combat doesn't work well in a game like TES. It can work without being turn-based by being pseudo-turnbased like DA:O I don't think I've ever seen it work well for a first person game tho

  25. Combat is the exact same as many other RPGs of the era where you have a hit chance. Only thing different is that Morrowind is first person.

  26. It literally says in game that Agility affects your chance to hit when attacking when you hover over the stat. It’s not like it’s a secret that’s hidden. Do people just not read what stats do? Lol

  27. You can't tell me the combat in morrowubd doesn't suck. As much as I love the game, until you have decent weapon stats you're fucked.

  28. Combat sucks because of the lack of impact, and satisfying visual feedback. The animations are poor and silly and your hits lacks the feeling of 'weight'. But hey the game is old and was more about rpg dice'n'paper like mechanics, if you were looking for more action combat in that time, the Gothic was a good option. Compromises were made and it's not ideal, but the system works and make sense, and if you understand it, it can be pretty satisfying. Maybe the could do a better job in explaining how combat works in the game, but those were times were game manual was a common thing, and in manual it is covered. If Morrowind was made these days, and the devs would still stick with a chance based combat, they could add doge animations to your opponent when you misses, so you would know why your attacks does not deal damage, and make combat more responsive overall with better animation. Either way what we have i the end is the working combat system that is not great not terrible, that can be enjoyable.

  29. morrowind combat is more weighty than hitting someone 100 times in oblivion without them flinching, much less dying.

  30. morrowind’s combat is definitely shit when you start, but it gets more tolerable later on. The biggest downside for me is the fact that stamina determines accuracy so I have to walk around slow as hell the whole time

  31. It’s good because if you spend time building a good character then that will be reflected in the combat. Morrowind’s somewhat-convoluted skill/attribute system is actually interesting to figure out, unlike Skyrim where the more you wack things then the harder you wack things. This is true in Morrowind too, but it requires strategy to level efficiently which just isn’t true in Skyrim

  32. Morrowind’s combat is the best in the “modern” series (i.e., Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim) because it’s the only one that isn’t lazy imo. Oblivion’s combat is by far the worst (spongy enemies, weird staggers, bandits coming in with Glass and Daedric gear at high levels, etc.), but Skyrim’s is just boring. The only feeling of progression you really get is putting perks into weapons so you can do more damage or whatever.

  33. I don't know if it's because I come from playing the old wrpgs like Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, but I haven't had much problem with the combat really.

  34. Honestly, the combat isn’t bad, but it isn’t exactly good either. It’s mechanically sound, but kind of a failure in presentation. When playing a TTRPG or most modern games with hit chance, you effectively just give the order for the attack, but you aren’t actually doing it, so if it misses it’s easier to reason, the character missed, not you. But in Morrowind, you see yourself hit, and then it’s a miss. It’s not the other guy missing, it’s you, despite your eyes saying differently. I’m not saying anything revolutionary here, Morrowind’s combat needs more feedback for its design, everyone has said it a million times, I’m just rambling cause it’s 3 am and I can’t fall asleep

  35. The combat mechanics are fine. The problem is the way you as a player have your character engage in combat is extremely dissonant with said mechanics.

  36. I fully understand how the combat works. It still fucking sucks. And a major reason for that is the fact that your starting weapon isn’t based on your chosen skills, it’s always a dagger. Veterans will know how to easily get a better weapon but new players will venture out of Seyda Neen and get curb stomped by low level mobs cuz they can’t even hit anything

  37. I'd bet my own(Savior's) hide that a roll of the dice deciding attacks, blocks, and spell casts has turned more newcomers of all eras off the game than anything else. And it does not matter to that end that building your character right, reaching higher levels, and finding weird cheesey strats alleviate it.

  38. Even as a lover of Morrowind, I can acknowledge that the combat system is clunky, but I think that's really the point. You're not SUPPOSED to be great off the bat, you have to earn that skill.

  39. Low luck: you get hit every single time and never hit anything. skill doesn't matter. Average luck: you can sorta block, you have to manage your stamina or get your ass kicked which is actually a cool mechanic, but still sort of a dps race, at least you can hit people. Some skill. High luck: you one shot everything and nobody can touch you. Skill doesn't matter.

  40. Replace this with the glowing brain meme where the final transcendent brain says, "The combat sucks and is both perfectly comprehensible and befitting a classic RPG that focuses on embodying your in-game avatar."

  41. The quests of Morrowind with Elden Rings combat and magic would be amazing. All Bethesda games combat has been boring. The magic system was cool if just add some spells and I’d keep that and flying.

  42. My only complaint with the combat is the disconnect when you miss though you were in their face. Nothing major mind you it just has more of a table top feel rather than action rpg when it happens.

  43. When I played this game as a kid and I was always very frustrated with the combat. I didn't understand why shooting something with an arrow or a dart did nothing when I aimed perfectly (I didn't realize low marksman meant low chance of landing a hit). It's a lot easier now that I understand the mechanics and I know how to train skills up when needed. It's not completely intuitive though.

  44. If they ever remaster/remake the game, combat needs to be fixed. It’s incredibly clunky, even for the standards of when it released. Even other “true rpg” (as some people like to call Morrowind) games that released years before, have better systems that involve similar mechanics

  45. The only TES game with interesting combat from this century is ESO, all the others do mostly come down to two, maybe 3 buttons at most no matter the oponent.

  46. Just because the manual explains it, doesn’t mean it’s good. It’s a pain in the ass. An annoying, janky, thoroughly explained and simple to understand PAIN IN THE ASS.

  47. I'll agree here I'm not a fan, but it isn't all bad. If you optimize your build correctly it's hardly noticeable or even not a problem at all.

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