Adele gets Spotify to remove the shuffle button from album pages

  1. And let us remove songs from playlists via the currently playing songs options.. So fucking annoying when you realise you don't dig a song and want to easily get rid of it

  2. And "Add to playlist" from the song title itself in the player. It blows my mind how many user friendly features Spotify has removed, and how few they've added. I'm ready for a new streaming service that actually considers its users needs. Suggestions?

  3. Grrr! For some reason I can't follow this legend! I don't want to miss anything, but I don't know how else to keep track of you!

  4. This was stated explicitly already back in 1979 by Swedish punk band Ebba Grön and their debut album We're only in it for the drugs opportunity to influence corporations on terrible UI decisions.

  5. Ok you can still shuffle albums if you want too but it isn’t the default choice for the giant green button which i am honestly fine with i always thought the giant default green button shouldn’t be shuffle on instead just play.

  6. Youtube music does the same thing. It's a big shuffle button. I always wished it was play. Instead you have to click on the first song to begin autoplay.

  7. the few albums I listen to repeatedly all the way through are either Musicals or Metal (specifically a band called Gloryhammer) where the listening order is kind of part of the experience and the default shuffle always gets a groan from me

  8. I disagree. Tapping a song plays the album in order like it always has. You basically already have 1-12 play buttons on average depending on the amount of songs and 1 shuffle button that wasn't hidden behind a menu all on the same screen. Now they have the shuffle button hidden behind a menu which requires an extra tap all so they could add an extra play button to the multiple that already exist on the page. Did people not realize tapping a song would play the album in order like it has on pretty much every music application that has ever existed with album support?

  9. I do agree the button should be play on albums....but i usually want my playlist i don't think the shuffle button should die

  10. If you just go to an album and tap the first song, it'll continue through the album in the right order. I only ever use the big green button if I'm playing a random playlist. I also use Spotify as much on my desktop as I do on my phone, and it's kind of weird how different both versions are.

  11. Seriously, and the first song is a quarter inch below the old shuffle play button. This is such a frivolous and pointless change. And why is it so different from PC to mobile, ffs, I remember I could play any song any time on PC while mobile would only let me shuffle, prior to paying for premium. Wtf is up with that

  12. Can they remove podcasts from my homepage and make desktop and mobile work like each other? So dumb we already could listen to albums without shuffling them.

  13. They had some stupid amount of revenue growth off podcast ads last quarter and their stock popped on the announcement, so I'm sorry to tell you that podcasts aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

  14. Does this apply for free users too? It's been a while since I switched to premium so maybe I'm remembering wrong but I thought that was one of the reasons I upgraded. I thought on the free version of Spotify it was forcing me to listen to albums and playlists shuffled, and it was annoying me not getting to choose the order so I upgraded.

  15. Thank you. Having the play button start shuffle play is one of the stupidest UI decisions I've ever seen. Spotify does seem to make a few stupid UI decisions every time they update the interface

  16. I can finally listen to pink Floyd on my way to work with a simple button press rather then hoping I have shuffle off then finding out after the song ends it was not

  17. Well it seems like any rational person would have realized this happens after the first time like I did then just hit the first song to play in order.

  18. It was already like that before (as long as you paid, who cares about the free users lol). You could click the shuffle button or the first song in the album. Now if you wish to shuffle anything it takes triple the clicks.

  19. Albums are listed in chronological order on both the iOS app and the Windows app, at the very least.

  20. Do you like Huey Lewis and the News? Their early work was a little too "New Wave" for my taste. But when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost.

  21. They Might Be Giants’ album Apollo 18 has a bunch of little mini-songs near the end, all little 5-13 second tracks. The point was, if you had the album on a CD, to put it on shuffle and the mini-tracks would pepper themselves among the others. Not that it’s the norm, just saying… Edit: cd, not xd

  22. Shuffle is the worst with albums that have interludes and such. Like you're jamming along to your favorite album and oh look here's 50 seconds of car sounds or whatever, which would make perfect sense if you had listened to the song before and are gonna listen to the song after... but you aren't and so it doesn't make sense.

  23. Can't say I've ever pressed the shuffle button but it's a bit weird to not let people have that option.

  24. That's the point. Albums autoshuffled. Now you can manually shuffle if you want to, but the album will default to playing in order

  25. Only time I really use the shuffle button is when I'm playing my liked songs list. I certainly don't want to listen to those in any type of order lol

  26. that's not what this is about. the play button used to be a shuffle button and you would have to select the first song on the album instead for it to not shuffle. now you can just hit play and turn on shuffle if that's what you want but it won't default to shuffling now.

  27. If you're a Spotify dev, tell your boss to have someone look at this damn thread. There's a bunch of other common UX problems that are summarized very neatly in here. It's a free gold mine of user feedback--don't waste it.

  28. Someone that's listened to the album hundreds of times previous and enjoys hearing it in a different order from time to time

  29. They Might Be Giants' album Apollo 18 has the experimental song "Fingertips". It's made up of 21 short "songs" and explicitly mentions being designed around the shuffle feature on CD players. You can listen to it straight through (it has an intro and outro that coalesce it into a complete thing), it's been played live that way, but it was also an experimental idea to throw tiny snippets in between other songs at random.

  30. Depends on the album. Especially if I've already listened to it all the way through a few times. Shuffle can be nice.

  31. Depends. Some albums are simply a connection of songs. Others are made to be in a certain order or even flow into one another.

  32. Wait, is this not normal? That’s like 95% of my music listening. I don’t have time to listen to an entire album most times, so I just want to hear some songs from an album I like. If I started at the beginning every time I’d only ever get to hear the first 4-5 songs. And picking up the album later seems weird. Shuffling let’s me hear all the songs at various times.

  33. I mean, some albums you're fine listening on shuffle. Then there's some albums where the middle don't really matter, but you can notice which is the first song with that opens everything and sets the tone as well as the last song with the opposite effect. Then there's Pink Floyd and the likes that cut tracks in half and you're an absolute psycho if you shuffle those.

  34. Yes, exactly, thank you. I have occasionally left shuffle on after listening to a playlist and switching to an album and it completely fucks up your day

  35. Amazon music shuffles sometimes it is weird. Then it will just switch artists. It plays the most popular songs over and over. Oh... you're listening to Drowning Pool. I bet you never heard the song Bodies.

  36. If I'm super into it and I've already listened to it in order a couple of dozen times, then it ads some variety. But not for a FIRST LISTEN

  37. How do you typically discover artists? Listen to an entire album of theirs in order? That has to be extremely rare.

  38. Do you guys not know that if you select the first song in a playlist/album, it would play the songs in order?

  39. Yes, but UI should be intuitive. If you dont use spotify everyday or mostly for podcasts or playlists, you probably always use that big green button. I can see why artists would want their albums to be listened to properly as the default.

  40. From a design perspective though, the giant green button with a play icon is what most ppls brains would default too.. should only make sense that play means play, not play with the condition of shuffling the album

  41. Not 100% sure but I believe if you have or had a playlist on shuffle and then click the first song in an album it'll put it on shuffle

  42. I did know, yes, but having a giant play button that only shuffles is a dick move. Have a shuffle button or play, not some misleading shit.

  43. But I don’t always have time to listen to the entire album. Shuffling is good for quickly making a small selection. As long as you’ve heard the album top to bottom in order before, you don’t have to do it every single time you listen to it.

  44. A dedicated shuffle button actually made sense. Having to select a song on an album prior to having it shuffled defeats the object of having an album shuffled; whereas if you wanted to listen to an album in the order the artist intended, just pressing the first song on the album would give you that.

  45. I heard that loseless audio is almost imperceptible unless you have really good audio equipment and even then is not the biggest thing. Is it really worth the investment?

  46. Well to be fair not every album is as conceptual as something like The Wall. Some albums definitely are a collection of disconnected tracks.

  47. Meanwhile I can't have a collaborative playlist with just me and my friend, instead I have to hope no random user decides to come in and delete all of the songs or add thousands of their own on a whim.

  48. I’m very happy about this. It always pissed me off that the default was shuffle. You can still turn it on afterwards if you want (maniac!), so it hurts no one.

  49. Go back to the old radio with the like and dislike, that was so much better than just making a playlist that’s 20 songs that aren’t even close to what you asked for

  50. They also made this change on playlists... Which I have to disagree with. I have playlists of a few thousand songs, I want the play button to go through it randomly* -- albums, sure, go in order, but playlists should have the shuffle button. If you want it to go in order, just press the top song

  51. I don’t understand why she’s getting heat for this - people saying they aren’t as big of a fan anymore (other parts of the internet) Nobody took away y’all’s right to shuffle the songs, it’s just not the default. Such a tiny tiny tiny tiny “issue.”

  52. Now bring back Spotify running. Custom playlists to your music taste at specific bpm. It made running so nice and they ruined it for no goddamn reason. They already had the code and they dropped it. I’m still pissed.

  53. its best to always have the option like you say, adding the extra step rather than forcing you to make a playlist to shuffle is definitely the best way to say "its intended to be listened to as one thing"

  54. My very first thought were reading this is that some poor asshole somewhere is listening to Pink Floyd on shuffle.

  55. That was my exact thought seeing this too. it’s great Adele has this sort of power over a shuffle button, but why isn’t she using her influence to push for better artist royalties?

  56. If you want to play an album in order, you select the first song. If you want to shuffle an album, you hit the green shuffle play button. I don’t know why this is such a hard concept? I guess it was for Adele, who thinks her opinion means everything.

  57. I had the same thought. I've always tapped on the first song but apparently lots of people don't really know how to use the app.

  58. A giant play button is easier to hit by my giant meat fingers. It may be a tiny bit of friction, but it grinds my gears.

  59. Now how about adding the ability for me to have Spotify "forget" the Adele songs my wife listened to so it stops suggesting them in my playlists?

  60. Okay, weird flex. Now why doesn't she stand up to them about how much artists get paid and how Spotify is trying to cut it even more?

  61. When something is made for the general populus you have to make it as simple and unfrustrating as possible. I expect plenty of people who use technology regularly to understand how to avoid it shuffling, but im sure a good chunk of users just got frustrated and some possibly stopped using spotify which is obviously bad for spotify.

  62. This might be one of the worst software updates across the board, I love album shuffle and now I have no clue how to get back to what I use to love. How do you please someone help?

  63. I work in music tech—shocking that a company that prides itself on loving music didn’t have this from the start.

  64. That's a thing? God that sounds awesome. I love using queues, but half of the time I try to add a song to the queue, I don't quite hit the triple dots and accidentally start playing it instead.

  65. I rarely use Spotify so I was confused, lol. I thought it meant Adele only wanted you to listen to her music in order and not shuffle. Silly me.

  66. For some reason I had to read this 4 times to understand that "Adele gets Spotify" didn't mean, she signed up for an account.

  67. Exactly! They should change the design of the button to either a play symbol for playing in order or a shuffle button for shuffle play.

  68. Are we actually meant to believe that most artists actually organise the track listing on albums themselves? Seems like the bigger names just have it put together for them by the label.

  69. Now I want it to shuffle my albums, play each son in the album in order, then move to the next random album. iTunes had this and no one else has since :(

  70. Watching these streaming services constantly shit the bed with UI changes for the sake of change makes me so grateful that downloading music and playing it with a music player has been and will always be available.

  71. I’m gonna be honest here, I prefer it the old way (I know, I know, I’m a terrible person) but what would be awesome is if they did it like Apple Music, which has both a shuffle and play button.

  72. I thought the shuffle button was their shitty way of getting you to subscribe and then you get more options. It's why I never listen to music on Spotify...I listen to fucking albums from song 1 til the end as it was intended.

  73. I came here expecting to see other people complaining about pretentious artists removing features just because they don't like them. Instead I found out that this solves a problem I didn't even know existed just because I pay for premium and I always play my albums and setlists by clicking on the first song. 🤷‍♀️

  74. I love the shuffle button. It’s not like I listen to her music anyways but probably won’t now that shuffle is gone

  75. Seeing all the shuffle hate is so interesting. I basically never listen to anything without shuffle. I had no idea anyone even had an opinion on this strong enough to articulate. It’s very interesting.

  76. It’s not been removed. Shuffle was set to default and now it plays in the correct album order. If you want shuffle you just need to select shuffle.

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