What song reminds you of the one you love?

  1. Everlong by Foo Fighters. We met at a festival where she went to see them. She walked down the aisle to it as well.

  2. There's a lot. I use music to express my feeling allot, when we were 'dating' I used to send her song lyrics to express myself to her.

  3. I spent quite some time developing our wedding playlist to fit our relationship and the mood of the evening. Even though they're love songs meant for a wedding, I go back to and listen to these songs because they make me think of my wife or we have shared special memories with the song as our soundtrack.

  4. I saw them last weekend, standing beside my wife of 34 years. This was the best song of their set, and I had a blast of that "damn, I'm so lucky" feeling.

  5. There's a back-to-back combo of songs on The Cowboy Junkies' fourth album that, together, feel exactly right about me and Mrs. 1LW.

  6. When a family member my aunt who was passing away from a sickness, it was a song from post Malone I kept playing on repeat while I had my time to be alone and let it out. It’s not the lyrics that was the reason, the song just reminded me of how just amazing this woman was to everyone, even if she wasn’t my blood family. It reminded me that even as she is resting in heaven, her mark on all of us will be carried forever.

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