Can we talk about Cindy's episode pls? (S9 E4) (contains spoilers)

  1. She gained weight at Sandy’s, which meant Sandy or her family overfed her. That made me think maybe sandy had less than altruistic reasons for “helping “. But yeah, Cindy clearly didn’t want to do the program. So I’m not sure why she bothered.

  2. Yeah, Sandy didn't think things through at all. She went from 'we have a bed' to 'it's coming' to Cindy going home. Cindy couldn't access Sandy's bathroom, use a commode; the last shower she had was when Sandy arrived with the ambulance and was pressuring Cindy to leave.

  3. Yes, I found that episode very uncomfortable to watch. Wasn't Cindy an ex-care worker of Sandy's? They became friends apparently, but it seemed like manipulation to me. I think Cindy (and her husband) wanted to get the care-givers allowance (it whatever the benefit is called for people who care for disabled people) and wanted to be on the show, maybe. It was awful how they convinced her to go, when she clearly had misgivings about it. And also her current care worker was trying to convince her to stay, and I'm not stuff any of them really had Sandy's best interests at heart, or just the money. Very sad situation.

  4. The episode was really depressed. You can tell Cindy had given up on life. Nobody around her truly cared for her and only used her for their own benefit.

  5. That episode was hard to watch. Even though I felt bad for her I was still somehow amazed with her friend Sandy before I came on here and everyone pointed out how manipulative she was. 😭

  6. I worked in care work for 9 years and while I understand that the carers shouldn’t be over feeding her it is their obligation to do whatever the person wants - you can be accused of abuse or assault or even theft if you don’t do what they request or do more than they request (I’ve personally had accusations from clients for giving them food and they told management they’d asked for something else - case was unfounded and total BS). It’s a difficult job as well and you have to go in and deal with whatever’s thrown at you - probably quite literally in this case as well as deal with their abuse due to mental health issues etc.

  7. Wonder how Cindy is doing now. She was in rough shape on that episode and that was a couple years ago wasn't it?

  8. IMO Cindy was resigned to her fate but Sandy talked her into it. Maybe Sandy made a deal with her if she went through the motions but have zero evidence of that allegation, Anyway, the only thing Cindy was adamant about was having a bed and Sandy kept assuring her not to worry about it. When Cindy wanted to see a photo of her bed, Sandy blew her off.

  9. I have a feeling Sandy coordinated this whole scheme for Medicare fraud. As a South Texan, I can attest that healthcare fraud is endemic here.

  10. This was an interesting, yet sad episode. It was clear that Cindy didn't want help and had accepted her fate, but Sandy wouldn't listen.

  11. Sandy was shady as fuck, probably a scammer of some sort. She kept trash talking the other caregiver, despite her (Sandy) feeding Cindy equally unhealthy food. Also: blatantly lying about the medical bed, first saying she already has one, then saying it was on the way, but months later, there was still no bed.

  12. I have nothing to add to this conversation except that I thought this post was on the orange is the new black sub and got really confused halfway through reading it 🤣

  13. To be fair, there's any number of ways Sandy could have gotten a bruise. It doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with Cindy.

  14. I’m not even halfway through this episode (this post made me watch it) and I’m cringing . Sandy gave sketchy vibes from the jump, being so damn pushy (in a non-motivating way). Her reaction to Cindy’s “I guess I’m gonna go” was weird af

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