what was the worst “healthy meal” you’ve seen?

  1. Oooh this is a James K quote! I’m tired of eating fish and chicken Lisa! Order me Cha-neese! Egg rolls and rahce- frahed rahce! 🤣

  2. One gal was having pizza and it was okay because it had spinach and sausage, sausage is a protein that's what dr now said she should eat lol

  3. When I was 25 the bus I was riding broke down (last bus of the evening) so a supervisor in a van had picked us up. I lived next door to a shopping center with a pizza buffet. I told him I really liked their salads -which I did. I was a single parent and couldn't afford the 15 different fresh produce & topping ingredients. He said When you are my age you don't say you go to Pizza Buffet Name for their salad.

  4. I have a friend, she’s 200 at 5’3”, who eats these little Bobo’s brownie things as snacks. They’re “healthy” because coconut oil and whatever, but they’re 320 cals for two bites. This girl is not an idiot, I don’t know why I can’t seem to get through to her about why they’re not a good thing for her.

  5. Penny’s husband making her wontons at home “which are healthier bc they’re not from a restaurant”

  6. They missed the part where it’s only healthier if you make them at home if they aren’t fried lol. Something

  7. I love that you put a time stamp. Thank you. TWO 16Oz jars of the cheezwhiz brand name on some frozen broccolli and cauliflower. Yes, that is de diet.

  8. And yet had she cooked the veggies in the oven and sprinkled shredded cheese over it, that would have been ok! Even a small slice of ham, also in the oven could have been acceptable. But no she had to take enough fake cheez to turn your blood into motor oil and make the veggies cry

  9. I love cheese so much but that stuff looked absolutely appalling. We import a lot of American foods over to the UK but jarred liquid cheese has yet to cross the Atlantic, I can only hope it stays that way.

  10. This one patient said she couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t losing weight because she had added a salad to every meal. Like, she was eating her normal, & adding more

  11. Its a common phrase I've seen in the HAES (health at every size) and Fat Acceptance crowd, that eating healthier means adding something of benefit in to one's diet, rather than taking away something nutritionally worthless aside from the fat and sugar.

  12. Yep, friend’s sister was like this, she really fucking thought that adding vegetables tk meals would help her lose weight. She was like 37. The mind boggles.

  13. I just want to say… I have a friend who is mildly overweight… nothing crazy…well he went to get blood work and found out his cholesterol was too high. He literally did just that. Added a salad to all of his meals. Didn’t change his diet, just added a salad. Next doctor visit, his levels were closer to normal! I still to this day cannot understand this.

  14. It's sad though. Like. He could have bought longer grain rice with more nutrients (though I doubt its on the diet) or cauliflower rice when he needed rice.

  15. The countless unseasoned skinless boneless chicken breasts that are thrown on a baking sheet or into a skillet and come out dry af (or, the boiled ones...) The "salads" consisting of some lettuce, a mountain of shredded cheese, and a cup of low cal dressing. The broccoli....microwaved without seasoning and dipped in the inevitable low cal honey mustard snot dressing. The taco salads....which look to have more fat and calories than the fast food they order.

  16. YES. Like my dude…you can season healthy foods so they taste good. People are just out here suffering to not be 600 lbs.

  17. There are so many great recipes with chicken and veg but ... I suppose you need energy and motivation to try and fail and try again in the kitchen ! ... also I live in Europe and have access to fresh locally grown produce for a decent price which I don't think is the case for most of the 600lbs life people

  18. Fresh herbs —basil, oregano, thyme, etc—are my go-to for flavor. They’re easy to grow in small pots & you can freeze them for future use.

  19. My secret for getting away from salad dressing is olives. They have so much flavor. I could eat a bowl of spinach and as long as each bite has one olive in it, I will love it.

  20. wtf is with all the honey mustard...that doesn’t go on salad 🤢🤢 you dip it in chicken tenders

  21. 🤢 do these people know that salad even w/o dressing tastes alright? if you’ve seen amberlynn reid i think some of these people get anxiety about their food potentially tasting not super-delicious so i think that’s why their knee-jerk reaction is to overcompensate on the flavor

  22. It wasn't Kraft; it was Walmart brand but yes the WHOLE bag!! I had to rewind like seriously!!! Yes. She ate a large bowl of salad and a bag of cheese plus a whole chicken leg and white and some of the white meat. Her healthy meal was also a salad COVERED in high sugar salad dressing.... plus a regular coke.... and some chips.

  23. Ashley R from season 6 had a pretty healthy and tasty looking meal after she started her diet. Really nice looking chicken and leafy veggies & tomatoes. But her whole family decided to do the diet which probably shows how big of a difference having others diet alongside can help

  24. For me it's whenever a salad is just one of those takeout side salads that's just some lettuce, sweet corn, and shredded carrot and cheese, all in a plastic bowl. Of course it doesn't taste that great and ends up getting drowned in a cup of honey mustard dressing to suit the patients' taste which immediately makes it not that healthy anymore and also really gross...

  25. i cringe whenever im at a restaurant and see people eating literally ice berg lettuce,cheese and croutons. i don’t think we should even consider that a salad.

  26. Honestly a lot of the meals once they are on the plan are not perfect, but still not bad. Most of the time the issue is just portion control.

  27. I saw a preview for a show not long ago and these people were going to a supper with family, stopped and got large pizzas to eat on the way to supper!! They literally ate all the pizzas in the van then went and ate another full-on meal!

  28. Holly ordering Chinese food because it had vegetables in it and “as far as I’m concerned, it’s my last time eating out” saying this as she uses her large tongue as a shovel.

  29. Her voice was so whiny and annoying. Dr. Now was on point when he said that she feigns obliviousness to make her enablers give up on making her take responsibility for her life. I wouldn't be surprised if she's either still huge at best or dead at worst.

  30. I haven’t watched one episode yet where one of them grew up in anything other than a low-income household in which the parent fed the kid a diet of poor nutrient food. I wonder how much dietary education these patients receive before the surgeries because it doesn’t seem like any of them know how to cook tasty, nutrient dense food. Every time I see one of those awful Facebook memes “I grew up on white bread, bologna, etc, and I turned out just fine,” I think of these people.

  31. I really think they just send them home with Dr Now’s book. That they promptly throw on a table and never look at I’m sure.

  32. My late Mum was a master of Stone Soup - There were a lot of lean times but she could make delicious, healthy meals out of nothing. Yeah, we had Wonder Bread, baloney and soda in our house but stuff like Hamburger Helper or InstawhatNot never crossed our threshold.

  33. We grew up not poor but pretty tight. We always had a home cooked meal (other than pizza on Wednesday before church school) that had a protein, starch and veggie on our plates. We never had ramen, hamburger helper, boxed mac and cheese, hotdogs. Having hotdogs and mac and cheese was a BBQ type treat. Being healthy doesn't mean being rich.

  34. Who was it that was obsessed with tater tot casserole? I think it has cream of chicken soup and tons of cheese mixed with frozen tater tots and baked in a casserole dish. Bleh!

  35. I’m a Minnesota transplant and the locals call it “hot dish”. My kids wanted it and we added ground beef and canned veggies as that seems to be the norm. It is tasty but I still can’t figure out how much of it she ate to derail her pending surgery

  36. Cream of mushroom soup, onions, mixed with ground beef and green beans. Top with tater tots. Absolutely the best comfort food. Staple item in western WI and MN.

  37. Can’t remember who it was, but one of the patients was excited about the zero calorie/zero carb tortillas. They were holding a bag of regular old mission brand flour tortillas….

  38. Seana's cousin/caretaker making her potatoes and corn. Not only did it look unhealthy but it didn't even look tasty. 🤢

  39. This is what gets me about a lot of the meals on this show. If you’re not going to follow ze diet why would you choose a mountain of plain potatoes?

  40. Depends on the veggie and the dish. I can eat carrots and cucumbers unseasoned but I’d consider it a snack or a side rather than an actual meal. But if I’m throwing them on the grill with salt and herbs, that’s a meal. But seasoning isn’t just salt. Some veggies season other veggies. Onion, garlic, and thyme are technically veggies. So is cinnamon and oregano, I think. I’m also a fan of ratatouille, the dish, the rat, and the movie.

  41. yes! my mother in law still brags on my husband and kids eating brussels and broccoli and trying to figure it out what i do lol

  42. I don't remember the show or even season but a mother of the patient asked her if she wanted some bacon. (It may have been for her salad I'm not sure.) The camera then showed the mother bringing a huge plate of bacon to the table! A huge plate it was probably 2 pounds worth. I thought it was going to be 2 or 3 pieces.

  43. The most memorable for me was (and I can’t even remember who did it) the one who was like ‘I have followed the diet exactly! All I eat is salad! Then it showed her making a salad and it was a bowl of lettuce with a massive amount of shredded cheese and ranch dumped on top.

  44. Dominic's healthy meal of a fried chicken patty sandwich with honey and some fries. Also regular soda.

  45. I'm guessing he never understood how he could simply fast for a week or two until he could acquire real food. He could probably sustain himself for at least a month with just his fat reserves alone. It's baffling how even a homeless person can be at such a weight.

  46. I feel like most people on the show could really benefit from a dietician. I would like to see one that was good and had a recurring presence, like Dr. Paradise.

  47. Early in the series some dude orders McDonald’s breakfast because “he needs lots of eggs.” Eats it outside and throws up.

  48. A few of them go home after their first visit w/Dr Now and decide protein bars or protein shakes are a good weight loss food 😳Dose are not on de diet!

  49. Not in my 600lb life, but on other dieting / overweight people TV shows I have seen countless people making disgusting "green juices", usually with vegetables they do not like (such as broccoli and celery), and then making faces while forcing it down. It is as if it has to be disgusting to be healthy.

  50. I've been rewatching the Assanti brothers saga and I was watching the first WATN last night, and for some reason I was just so grossed out by Justin's "soup" that he made lol which was basically from what I could see, boiled chicken and boiled beans in water. Like, I'm sure you could've found an actual can of soup that was more nutritionally sound and tasted better than that. Or even make an actual soup with stock and some veggies that's healthier and tastes way better, with just a bit more effort.

  51. Not healthy, but I nearly died when Samantha had her daughter go out and get her “that coffee she likes” and her daughter came back with a venti Frappuccino with extra whip and drizzle. That’s like, 2000 calories in a single drink! It just blew my mind someone could get that and not realize they’re drinking the caloric equivalent of a cake lol

  52. Number one rule of diets is DONT DRINK YOUR CALORIES. Sweet coffee like that, milk shakes, soda, ALCOHOL.

  53. It’s always the salad with shredded cheese and ranch dressing that does it for me…just have a burger at that point haha

  54. Who was the chick whose boyfriend yelled at her to “eat death”? I remember in the scene before that they were eating plain boiled chicken salads lol. You can tell most of these people have never actually cooked anything that didn’t go into a microwave

  55. It’s not the same show but the one that offended me the most of these obesity shows was when Tammy and Amy made their like spaghetti squash thing

  56. The “it’s fried rice so it’s better than regular” one and the woman who put about a stick of butter on some broccoli and couldn’t understand why that was wrong.

  57. Wedge salads. They're covered in blue cheese and dressing and toppings like bacon. So unhealthy you may as well not add any lettuce.

  58. Damn. This hurts. I just ate a wedge salad absolutely smothered in blue cheese last night. There were also tomatoes on it?? In my defense I am not supermorbidly obese and am trying to add variety to my vegetarian diet.

  59. The one that got me was actually from 1000 lb sisters when she said if they drink Diet sodies it cancels out sugar they ate.

  60. Might have been good ol Dolly - I remember melted cheez whiz basically smothering a bowl of broccoli

  61. I wish there was an equivalent to the early 2000 weight watchers Winning Points. At least in my experience they gave you a ton of ideas for easy to prepare balanced meals.

  62. I’m not sure who it was, but I always laugh when a patient says, “we got Chinese take out with veggies to make it healthy”.

  63. It kills me because there are lots of bariatric cookbooks out there with tasty recipes- hell, even SkinnyTaste would be a great option for them. Most of them don’t work, so you think they would have plenty of time to look up recipes and meal plan. Granted, healthy versions of pizza, Chinese, etc. aren’t going to give them the dopamine hit, but it’s better than eating plain, boring food.

  64. can’t really think of any specific examples atm but some people aren’t educated enough about foods and the difference between eating things that contain healthy nutrients and eating to lose weight. like people who go vegan and gain weight or just don’t lose any because they don’t understand that even though it can be healthy, it’s still calorie dense foods that you can just get away with eating a bunch of. or like a salad with a ton of dressing.

  65. A salad with half a pound of shredded cheese, 50 croutons and half the bottle of ranch dumped over it. Yummmm...healthy salad!

  66. Right! They have no concept and that's why alot of them fail, then keep making meals of unseasoned chicken and iceberg lettuce as a salad. (Or they do make nice steamed veggies then completely cover it in a litre of cheese sauce)

  67. I forget who it was but they were like “we’re only eating salads” and I thought nice!! Good job, lady! That’s how to do it! And then they showed her and her caregiver making salads and they full on put a cup of cheese and half a bottle of dressing on the salad 😅

  68. It's all weird slop with iceberg lettuce. Always iceberg. When I was a kid in the 60s growing up in Chicago, that was pretty much all we had. It's 2022, these people need to expand their horizons

  69. Every time they try to eat healthy I get so pissed because it’s all fucking gross. I eat healthy like 90% of the time and my food is amazing. tooting my own horn

  70. Yeah that drives me nuts. Like eat food that actually tastes good and the diet won’t suck as much. They pour frozen nasty looking vegetables unseasoned in a pan for 3 minutes and eat it lol I understand if they can’t add seasonings due to sodium or something but at least add some onions, garlic, peppers, and brown them at least.

  71. I've seen it in the show and plenty of restaurants from my city: A healthy salad with ONE TON OF SAUCE (Specially mayonnaise or who knows what). That was not a salad anymore, it was sauce with vegetables. I can't remember the specific patients who did that, but I've seen it several times in the show and it happened to me too when I went to restaurants.

  72. Idk about healthy meal, but Penny absolutely needing Wontons. She just couldn't function without them. She said they were better than eating nothing

  73. Anyone who says "health food" is not eating healthy. One piece of fruit a day, or a protein shake, is not going to make you lose weight when all your other meals are terrible for you.

  74. My friend is very heavy. He wanted to eat at subway for healthy food..what did he order? A fruit punch and meatball sub

  75. I don’t remember who it was, but one of the patients ate the largest breakfast 🥞 breakfast 🍳 I have ever seen, and finished it off with 1/2 gallon of 🥛milk! Her head alone must of weighed 50 pounds 😳

  76. I'm late commenting, but have been inspired by this thread and have a question. I keep seeing salads pop up. Obviously they're unhealthy with all the cheese, bacon and dressing. But what are some good, light, healthy salads? My husband hates lettuce and I know traditional salads in the South are horrible for us. So I've just stopped making them. I'd love some alternatives to roasted veggies every now and then!

  77. i just had one, i put some creamy caesar dressing (plain spinach leaves taste good too, you don’t need enough to coat every leaf. a hard boiled egg, and some feta cheese or other sprinkled cheese. tomatoes and cucumbers go well but i happen to not have any cucumbers and wasn’t thinking about tomatoes

  78. Dolly pouring a pound of melted cheese on broccoli. She genuinely thought she was following ze diet.

  79. This show should include more scenes of Dr Now and/or a nutritionist going through what is healthy and what is not healthy with the contestants. Because their ignorance is astounding. I forget the episode but one time Dr Now had to explain to someone that orange juice is not healthy just because it comes from oranges, and has just as much sugar as soda. And the person was so shocked.

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